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     Chair - Douglas Beard

    Secretary - Liisa Hepworth

     Vice Chair - Stephen Towill

    Treasurer - Graham Crombie


Councillors - Area Represented

     Margaret Ferrier - Halfway

     Jim Walker - Drumsagard

     Janis Orr - Drumsagard


           Gilbert Feron - Overton


           Bob Murphy - Cairns


     Andy Dixon  - Cairns

     Shona Glaister - Flemington/Loanend

     Louise McWhinnie - Newton Farm

     Shona Taylor - Westburn


Ex-Officio Members

     MP:  Gerard Killen

     MSP:  Clare Haughey

     SLC Councillor: Walter Brogan

     SLC Councillor: Katy Loudon

     SLC Councillor: Alistair Fulton



Meet our local police

PC Arthur Hailstones and PC Tim Hunter every month to discuss any local issues and how we can work more closely in the community. Please get in contact with us if you want to raise any issue or suggest how we can work more closely with our local police in the community.

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Lanarkshire Police Division

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