Draft Minutes of Public Meeting
Fourteen, The Square, Rhynie
Tuesday 2nd August 2022 at 7.30pm
Forestry Proposal at Mains of Rhynie

Present: Paul Manning (Chairman), George Beverly (Vice Chairman), Janice Smith
In attendance: Councillor Goodhall, Iain Anderson and John MacKay (Treeline
Forestry Ltd.)
This public meeting was hosted by Tap O Noth Community Council to give an
opportunity for Treeline Forestry to provide more information about the proposed
development at Mains of Rhynie, to answer questions from the public, and to hear
any concerns or comments made.
Iain Anderson of Treeline Forestry Ltd kindly introduced the proposed forestry
scheme for Mains of Rhynie which is in close proximity to the village. Maps and
information had been made available at the meeting venue.
Iain explained the background of government policy which is to plant trees to
counteract climate change using land rated 3.2 or worse. He went on to say that the
proposal was at an early stage with research and surveys still to be completed. The
type of tree species was as yet not determined.
Scottish Forestry regulate the process. Research and fact finding start the process and
then it is publicly documented. Treeline Forestry speak to the public and research
bodies and then facts are collated and submitted.

The floor was opened to questions.

Members of the community raised numerous concerns and many questions were
raised throughout the meeting:
Impact on water supplies: Iain stated that investigations had been carried out and
results show there should be no affect on water supplies.
Surveys to take place: Bird surveys are almost complete having been carried out
between April-August. Mammal surveys may be carried out after a walk through to
determine whether or not this is required.
Has any preparatory work been completed to date: It was confirmed that no
preparatory work had been carried out as this was not allowable.
What are the benefits to the local area: As a part of the Local Development Plan
2017 woodland creation has been noted to benefit the public. Community members expressed doubts that there would be any jobs created by the proposed venture. Concerns were raised about heavy lorries impacting the local area.
Comment was made that the proposal was all about taking things from the
community rather than any benefits.
It was asked whether this proposal was to do with carbon credit and it was confirmed
that this was definitely on the plan. Iain confirmed that the owner of Mains Of
Rhynie had taken steps to improve their carbon footprint by installing a biomass
Archaeology concerns: Serious concerns were raised about the impact of the
proposal on any archaeological remains as yet undetected as well as already known.
The Rhynie area has a wealth of archaeology the extent of which is only just
becoming apparent. Treeline Forestry were directed to make contact with Dr Gordon
Noble to gain further information. Kate Beverly to supply contact details at the end of
the meeting. Dr Noble has carried out a lot of research and conducted numerous
archaeological digs in the area. Treeline Forestry explained that there was a process
to follow contacting Aberdeenshire Council and Historic Environment Scotland to
ensure that there would be no impact on the underlying archaeology.
Rights of Way: Iain reported that there were no rights of way through the area.
Re-instatement of land: If trees are felled in the future then there would need to be a like for like replacement planted.
Impact on neighbouring properties: Iain stated that there would be a buffer zone
around neighbouring properties. Normally this would be an area of native
broadleaves on the edge within 2 m of the fence. This was described by community
members as aggressive proximity especially for those properties already impacted by
a shortage of light in the winter months. Iain stated that mitigation may be possible
by leaving open ground of approximately 20m with a further 25-30m of broadleaves.
Concern was also raised about property values being negatively impacted by the
Timber transportation route agreed as A97.
Timescale for the application: This is expected to be ready August- September
2022. The application would be sent to Scottish Forestry and from there to the public
register. This is then open for public comment for 28 days.
Disruption to wildlife during the surveying period: Concern was raised that
agricultural practice of spraying and flailing would disrupt wildlife and birds during
the surveying period. This would lead to inaccurate surveying.
Seller accountability: Comment was made that regulations should be in place to
hold any sellers accountable to avoid this type of development practice.
Tree Density: Concerns raised about the density of tree planting in the proposed
development with relation to wildlife habitat and fire risks. Iain stated a planting
density of 1.8-2m apart. He went on to state that studies show that even Sitka
plantations have a wide biodiversity.

Further discussion took place regarding the buoyancy of the forestry industry in
general. In recent years and with government policy tree planting has become popular
and is taking off in all areas including Aberdeenshire.

Once the application goes live Kate Beverly confirmed that she would flag this up on Facebook Rhynie Online.

At the end of questions and answers Paul Manning (Chairman) confirmed that the
Community Council is always open to ideas and any concerns the community might
have. This forestry proposal would be on the agenda for the next Community Council
meeting on the 29th August to be held at Fourteen, The Square, Rhynie at 7.30pm.
At the end of questions Paul Manning thanked both Iain and John from Treeline
Forestry Ltd and all members of the public for coming along and then closed the



Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting

Minutes of Meeting
Rannes Hall, Kennethmont.
6th June 2022 7.30pm

Present: Paul Manning (Chairman), George Beverly (Vice Chairman), Janice Smith (Secretary/Treasurer), David Grant, Peter Johnston, Vicky Briggs, Tony Smith, Morven Muirden, Sharon Stoneman,

In attendance: Cllrs Goodhall and Petrie
Apologies: James Grant and Diane Ord
Minutes of Previous Meeting: Proposed: Paul Manning; Seconded: David Grant

Matters Arising:
       Rhynie Football Pitch/Community Orchard: George reported that despite Rhynie Charitable Trust requesting consultation over the planting of the orchard, the planting has gone ahead regardless and the trees have been planted inappropriately. This means that the area is not useful for anything else. It was agreed that the trees should be replanted in the autumn in a better location. Janice to find out who to contact at Aberdeenshire Council and to liaise with George.

       Kennethmont Distillery footpath update: Cllr Goodhall will find out what progress has been made and report back.

       Kennethmont School Benches: Now in position and in use.
       Village Noticeboards: Grant application is in with Foundation Scotland. 

       Roads and Landscape Services Dept Updates: Continued problems trying to make contact with these departments. Paul has tried to speak to Landscape Services and has left a message but no reply. Cllr Petrie suggested emailing Derek Murray directly at Aberdeenshire Council.

       Queen’s Jubilee Medals for Local Schools: Now distributed.

       Poster re Aberdeenshire Council contact phone number for safe disposal of discarded syringes: Vicky to put up in the noticeboards.

       Mosswood renovation/tidy up: Paul and Sharon to meet up to discuss. George will repair the broken planks in the bridges.

       Greenspace Provision of Perennial Plants: Plants finally received.

       Queen’s Jubilee Trees and Plaques: Still awaiting a response from Landscape Services as to approval of the planting plans. Janice to make contact.

       Rhynie Jubilee Celebrations: Rhynie celebrations including the beacon on Tap O Noth were all well attended and enjoyed.

       Microgrant Update: £500 grant was awarded to RCT for jubilee celebrations, £300 was awarded for exterior pointing work at Clatt Auld Kirk. Balance remaining in the fund is £3,788.75 Vicky to advertise on Facebook that there are grants available for the Tap O Noth community.

       Village Defibrillators: Paul confirmed that all defibs were registered. No further relocation plans for the Gartly defib which is currently at Gartly School. Annual costs to maintain the defibs need to be estimated with a view to looking into grants to cover these costs.

       Proposed Mothballing of Clatt School: Further discussion along with a request to speak by local resident Russell Rennie. He confirmed that all the parents of the school children affected by the closure of Clatt School had been contacted by Aberdeenshire Council and had been offered places in a choice of schools. A possible public meeting may be arranged as it was felt that the school closure affects the whole community.


       Community Grant Allocation (noted)

       Police Report (noted)
       Rhynie Chert letter from the BBC (noted)

Planning Applications: No comment.

Individual Area Reports:

       Clatt: Collapsed verge/road at Knockespoch and open drain cover near Mains of Seggieden. Vicky to take photos of both and send to Janice to escalate where necessary.

       Gartly: Grit has not been cleared by the roads dept.
       Kennethmont: Nothing new to report.
       Rhynie: Pothole near the halt sign in Rhynie which has been reported many times. Drain blocked at St Mary’s also reported many times. Sharon and George to send the reference numbers to Janice so that these can be expedited. Drain blocked outside Rhynie toilets- new action.
Holly hedge at 16, The Square, Rhynie now encroaching the pavement- new action. AOCB: 

Census forms reported as difficult to complete but unfortunately nothing further can be done about this.

Next Meeting 18th July 2022 The Tin hut, Gartly at 7.30pm



Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting
Minutes of AGM
Rannes Hall, Kennethmont
6th June 2022 7.30pm

Present: Paul Manning (Chairman), George Beverly (Vice Chairman), Janice Smith
(Secretary/Treasurer), David Grant, Peter Johnston, Vicky Briggs, Tony Smith,
Morven Muirden, Sharon Stoneman.

In attendance: Janelle Clark (Marr Area Manager), Cllrs Goodhall and Petrie

Apologies: James Grant and Diane Ord

Minutes of the Previous AGM: Approved previously by James Grant; seconded by
Tony Smith at the 27th September 2021 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report including the Annual Accounts: Verified accounts have been
sent out to the whole community council. The bank balance at 31st March 2022 is
£21,260.54 (includes Wetland Legacy £4,900.56, Microgrant Fund £5,088.75 and
Rhynie Defib Fund of £1,595.18)
Accounts approved: George Beverly; Seconded: Paul Manning

Election of Chair: Janelle Clark (Marr Area Manager) kindly ran the proceedings.
Paul Manning was proposed by David Grant and seconded by Tony Smith. Paul
accepted the position.

Election of Vice Chair: David Grant proposed George Beverly and Morven Muirden
seconded. George accepted the position.

Election of Secretary/Treasurer: George Beverly proposed Janice Smith and David
Grant seconded. Janice accepted the position.

Normal meeting followed immediately after the AGM


Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting
Minutes of Meeting
Clatt Village Hall
25th April 2022 at 7.30pm

Present: Paul Manning (Chairman), Janice Smith (Secretary/Treasurer), David Grant,
Peter Johnston, Tony Smith, Morven Muirden, Sharon Stoneman, James Grant, Diane
In attendance: Cllr Petrie (later)
Apologies: George Beverly, Vicky Briggs
Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Approved: Tony; Seconded: Morven
Matters Arising:
        Rhynie Football Pitch/Community Orchard: The community orchard has
now been planted with apple trees.
        Kennethmont Distillery Footpath: No Further update.
        Kennethmont School Benches: George and Paul will arrange for these to be
delivered to the site. James will organise installation.
         Village Noticeboards: An application has gone in to Foundation Scotland for a
grant to renovate and replace these. This will be decided mid June.
         Gartly School Future Plans: No further news.
         Roads and Landscape Services Dept Update: Flashing lights at Kennethmont: Problem still ongoing. Problems with the supply of parts in order to repair them.
Rhynie potholes: Reported.
Paul reported that there were considerable problems contacting the Roads Dept by
         Queen’s Jubilee Medals for Local Schools: 142 medals have been ordered
and should be delivered during May. Any school closure dates should be forwarded to
Janice to relay on to the supplier.
         Issues of Dog Mess in Rhynie: No further progress at the moment.
         Poster re Aberdeenshire Council contact phone number for safe disposal
of discarded syringes:
 Vicky advised by email that these had been printed and
laminated. These can now be put up on the village noticeboards.
         Planning Application APP/2021/2259 Application under Section 42 for
Formation of Quarry for Extraction and Processing of Hard Rock Including
Formation of Bund and Access Without Compliance with Conditions 3 (Noise)
and 8 (Blasting) of Planning Permission Reference APP/2018/267:

This went to Marr Area Committee and has been approved.

         Tap O Noth Community Council Website update of arrangements for
Admin access:
 Vicky sent an email with an update. Access is still not available and
there are no concrete plans as to how this can be resolved. The Community Council
voted by majority to reinstate the old website and to mothball the new.
         Rhynie School Boiler problems: Sharon reported that a new boiler has been
installed and is working.
         Mosswood renovation/tidy up: This is work in progress. Some bridge planks
were reported as missing. Paul and Sharon to meet on site to discuss.
         Greenspace provision of perennial plants: These have not yet been picked up from the depot. Paul to sort out.
         Queen’s Jubilee Trees and Plaques: Some confusion as to who will need to
authorise the planting of the saplings in the Kennethmont area. Janice to contact
Landscape Services again for clarification.
         Rhynie Jubilee Celebrations: A variety of events are being planned for the
celebrations in all of the villages. Further details to follow.
         Empty properties in Rhynie and Gartly: Cllr Petrie reported that the Gartly
property in question still had insulation work to be completed before it would become
available. The Rhynie property has people moving into it shortly.
        Concerns regarding proposed increase in officer-delegated powers-
Aberdeenshire Council Planning delegation report: Cllr Petrie confirmed that this
was being discussed at the Thursday meeting and that changes had been incorporated
into it. Further updates will be available after this meeting.
        Revised Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils now
available on Aberdeenshire Council’s Website (Noted)
Planning Applications: No comments.
Individual Area Reports:
         Gartly: Peter raised the issue of the school football pitch/outside area
which is in a poor condition once more. This needs to be routinely cut and
maintained. Janice to report this to Landscape Services.
         Kennethmont: Potholes on the Duncanstone road- James to report online.
         Clatt: Considerable concern about the mothballing of Clatt School after
the summer. The school has been running for 170 years. Discussion followed about
the way this has been implemented with no consultation and very poor
communication. The Community Council will consult and write to the Head of
Education in this regard.
         Rhynie: Nothing further to report

Defibrillators: Confirmation from Paul that all the village defibs have been
registered with the ambulance service. Paul confirmed that he will continue to look
after the defibs. No further news as to where the Gartly defib will be relocated to.

Next Meeting:
Monday 6th June
AGM followed immediately by the normal Community Council meeting
The Rannes Hall, Kennethmont at 7.30pm


Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting

Minutes of Meeting
The Tin Hut, Gartly
14th February 2022 at 7.30pm

Present: Paul Manning (Chairman), George Beverly (Vice Chairman), Janice Smith (Secretary/Treasurer), David Grant, Peter Johnston, Tony Smith, Morven Muirden, Sharon Stoneman, Vicky Briggs.

In attendance: Cllr Petrie.
Apologies: Diane Ord, James Grant
Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Approved: George; Seconded: Peter.

Matters Arising:
Rhynie Football Pitch/Community Orchard: No further update.
Tap O Noth Footpath: George reported that the water had been drained and

there was a big improvement already. The invoice for the work would be sent shortly.

Clatt Kirkyard Wall: Now repaired.
Kennethmont Distillery Footpath: No Further update.
Kennethmont School Benches: James has now completed the bench bases

ready for the picnic benches to be installed.
Village Noticeboards: George declared an interest as he was quoting for the

noticeboard repairs/new noticeboards for all four villages. The quote is £5,995.20 incl VAT. It was agreed that the Community Council would look into the possibility of getting a grant for this. Janice to arrange this.

Gartly School Future Plans: Cllr Petrie reported that the consultation process was continuing and an in person meeting was arranged for 15th March at 6.30pm at The Tin Hut, Gartly.

Roads and Landscape Services Dept Update:
     Flashing lights at Kennethmont: Problem still ongoing.
     Cemetery tap: This has now been fixed and the water has been turned off for the Winter.
     Rhynie School Car Park Fence: This is in the process of being fixed.
     Potholes on Richmond Avenue, Rhynie and Gartly Road Repairs: No update.             Land on Richmond Avenue: No update. Cllr Petrie will chase this up with Environmental Health.

Queen’s Jubilee Medals for Local Schools: Accurate figures need to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Issues of Dog Mess in Rhynie: Paul has been in contact with the dog warden to resolve this. More information from the community is required to help sort this out. Details such as specific times, dates, breed and colour of dogs, names etc would be very helpful so that this can be reported appropriately.

Poster re Aberdeenshire Council contact phone number for safe disposal of discarded syringes: Vicky to email this to George for laminating and distribution.

Greenspace Provision of Perennial Plants: Janice to make contact to get more information.

Planning Application APP/2021/2259 Application under Section 42 for Formation of Quarry for Extraction and Processing of Hard Rock Including Formation of Bund and Access Without Compliance with Conditions 3 (Noise) and 8 (Blasting) of Planning Permission Reference APP/2018/267:
Cllr Petrie informed the Community Council that this was recommended for approval but going to Marr Area Committee this month.

Police Report (noted)

Concerns regarding proposed increase in officer-delegated powers- Aberdeenshire Council Planning delegation report: Cllr Petrie said that generally Councillors were not in favour. She will keep the Community Council updated.

Planning Applications: No comments.

Individual Area Reports:
Clatt: Concern expressed about the possibility of the school closing. 

Kennethmont: Dangerous potholes near Kennethmont on the road towards Duncanstone to be reported. No news still about the wall at Mansefield Cottages. 

Gartly: Peter raised the concern about a house left empty for more than a year.

Peter to supply the address and Cllr Petrie will find out more.
Rhynie: Properties in Rhynie also empty. Addresses to be sent to Cllr Petrie

for investigation. Sharon reported that there have been boiler problems at the school. She will supply dates so that Janice can report this.


For the record the decision was made between meetings by email and phone to hold this meeting face to face. 8 Community Councillors voted for face to face, 2 voted for a remote meeting and 1 did not respond. This was a clear majority vote for a face to face meeting.

Website Issues: A lot of discussion regarding content, timely updating, and lack of access for the office bearers which had been previously agreed at the September meeting but had not been implemented so far. Vicky to supply a login as a matter of urgency so that Janice can access and amend the website as required to avoid future issues.

Hybrid Meetings: How to move forward with this was discussed at length. The Community Council wishes to continue with in person meetings. It was decided in the first instance to investigate whether or not the 4 halls would be interested in

internet provision. Tony said that Number Fourteen in Rhynie would likely need an upgrade to be useable for hybrid meetings. Clatt has a new internet connection and this should be checked out. Kennethmont and Gartly currently have no internet. It was thought that the Community Council could help support the installation/ upgrades. Huntly Community Council are expecting to run hybrid meetings shortly. Paul and Tony hope to attend in person and others could trial the meeting online. This would be a good start to see how it would work in practice.

Mosswood renovation/tidy up:

Paul consulted Sharon regarding the possibility of the Rhynie children helping with cleaning and tidying the Mosswood area. This is to be discussed further.

Queen’s Jubilee Trees and plaques: Janice to look into this as David is interested in tree planting in Kennethmont.

Rhynie Street Party and beacon: RCT is planning a street party in Rhynie for the jubilee and there may be plans to light a beacon. Further discussion at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:
Monday 14th March 2022

Number Fourteen, Rhynie at 7.30pm.


Tap O Noth Community Council AGM

Minutes of Skype remote meeting held on

Monday 13th Sept 2021 at 7pm

Present: Janelle Clark (Marr Area Manager) Paul Manning, Janice Smith, George Beverly, Peter Johnston, David Grant, Diane Ord, Morven Muirden, Sharon Stoneman, Tony Smith, Victoria Briggs, James Grant.

In Attendance: Councillors Gwyneth Petrie and John Latham.

Apologies: Diane Mathieson

1) Welcome and introductions Janelle Clark from Aberdeenshire Council welcomed everyone to the AGM of the re-established Tap O Noth Community Council.

2) Election Results:

The following have been elected as Community Councillors for the Tap O Noth area:

Diane Mathieson, George Beverly, Paul Manning, Tony Smith, David Grant, Janice Smith, Peter Johnston, Victoria Briggs, Diane Ord, 
Morven Muirden
, Sharon Stoneman,
 James Grant.

3) Election of Office Bearers

Election of Chair: Paul Manning was nominated by George Beverly and seconded by Peter Johnston.

Election of Vice Chair: George Beverly was nominated by David Grant and seconded by Janice Smith.

Election of Secretary/Treasurer: Janice Smith was nominated by Paul Manning and seconded by George Beverly.

4) Adoption of Constitution:

After discussion the constitution was agreed. Please see Tap O Noth Community Council Constitution document provided separately for details.

5)  Financial Arrangements:

Tap O Noth Community Council needs to set up a bank account. Janice to look into this. Once opened, funds held by Aberdeenshire Council can be transferred. Funds held from the previous community council- £21,546.34.

2021/22 Admin grant in addition of £540

6)  AOCB


David Grant questioned whether insurance should be extended to include cover for legal representation, based on past issues and the level of support received from Aberdeenshire Council. Janelle confirmed that such cover would need to be funded by the Community Council.

This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Website and Social Media:

The existing website is in need of improvement. Suggestions were put forward to create a new website and Facebook pages. Vicky to look into this and report back. Janice raised the issues of getting correspondence with attachments onto the existing website. This has been a significant issue in the past. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Mosswood area:

To be discussed at the next meeting.

7)  Date of Next Meeting:

Monday 27th September 7.30pm at No 14, The Square, Rhynie.

This will be a face to face meeting with additional remote access being trialled.

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