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Cyngor Cymuned Nantglyn Community Council

December 2020

As you may know, with the Support of the Community Council and Cadwyn Clwyd, a study is currently being undertaken to consider the feasibility of providing the community of Nantglyn with an up to date community facility. This builds upon a previous community consultation and feasibility study in September 2019, which identified two potential sites for such a facility.

The focus of this study is to get to understand the community’s needs in more detail and to use that information to develop a feasibility study that’s reflective of what the community of Nantglyn needs.

As residents you know more than anyone what is needed in the community, as such the Consultants undertaking the Study (Cynlas Cyf and Dewis Architecture) have sent out a questionnaire to all houses in the community. However, if you prefer to complete the survey online, please find a link below.

We’d be grateful if you could complete  and return no later than the 7th of December for paper copies, or 10th of December for online responses.


Hysbyseb - Cyfarfod Blynyddol a Cyfarfod Cyffredinol

Notice - AGM and General Meeting

Oherwydd y sefyllfa presennol gyda Coronavirus ac yn dilyn canllawiau i gadw pellter cymdeithasol, byd Cyfarfod Blynyddol y Cyngor Cymuned yn cael ei ohirio nes ei bod yn bosib cynnal cyfarfod wyneb yn wyneb.

Bydd cyfarfod cyffredinol mis Mai yn dal i fynd ymlaen arlein nos Fawrth Mai 5ed 2020 am 7.30yh.  Mae croeso i aelodau o’r gymuned fynychu y cyfarfod, neu i roi eitemau yn eu blaen i’w trafod, ond gofynwn i chi godi eitemau brys yn unig.

Os hoffech fwy o fanylion, cysylltwch gyda’r Clerc os gwelwch yn dda ar y manylion isod.

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus and following social distancing rules, the AGM of the Community Council has been postponed until it is possible to hold a face to face meeting.  

The May general meeting will be held online on Tuesday evening May 5th 2020 at 7.30pm.  Members of the public are still welcome to join the meeting, or put items forward to be discussed, although we ask that only urgent issues are put forward.

If you wish to do this please contact the Clerk on the email address below for further details.


Nia Thomason (Clerk)



07879 047625



Cyngor Cymuned Nantglyn Community Council

Annedd Wen Charity Relief of Sickness & Poverty fund for Nantglyn residents


With the current situation with coronavirus affecting all communities we wanted to make all residents in our community are aware of a financial hardship fund that the Parish of Nantglyn has available to its residents or living very close to the boundary. Unfortunately due to its constitution the fund is not available to residents outside of the Parish.

We would positively encourage you to make an application at this time - this is what the fund is for - financial relief for residents of the parish of Nantglyn in times of sickness and poverty. Please contact our clerk Nia Thomason via email in the strictest of confidence for further information and to request an application form. The fund is over ten thousand pounds and the community council can make decisions fairly rapidly to distribute funds if requested.

Applications will be capped at £250 initially and limited to one application per household to ensure everyone who qualifies receives help.

Nia Thomason (Clerk)

22nd March, 2020



Nantglyn Community Council News

Nantglyn Community Centre Consultation. Spring 2019

Nantglyn Community Council has started looking into the improvement of community facilities and available options for developments and input and feedback from the community.

Draft report on the initial consultation is due out shortly and once this has been approved we can release the findings of the consultation.

Thank you to everyone who responded and or attended the open session



03 May 2014Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol / Annual General Meeting 6th May 2014

Cyngor Cymdeithas NANTGLYN Community Council

AGM 2014

Cyngor Cymuned NANTGLYN Community Council
Annual Report 2013 -2014

It has been a busy year and a lot of work has been done dealing with  issues raised by our auditors. Ian Gardner has drafted and we have adopted several documents, namely: Statement of Internal Controls, an investment strategy and updating the Standing orders and Constitution.
Annedd Wen accounts have been tidied up and funds have been  transferred to a higher interest account than previously given by HSBC Money Manager account. Advertising of the fund to the community has been undertaken but no applications received. The Burial Register has been updated and plots checked by Gwyn Bibby. All internments have
now been stored on a spreadsheet and a plan of plots and numbers has been drawn up. A grounds Maintenance tender and contract has been drawn up and new contracts signed. This can now be reused for future renewals of contractors.

A grant for fruit trees was submitted by Richard Morris to Arian Gwynt for the King Georges Playing field. Trees have been planted and are being cared for by Richard. The area behind the War Memorial has been cleared by Community Councillors and the Memorial had a thorough clean before the memorial service. The King Georges Charity has had it's own bank account set up so that we can proceed with development of the field and getting grants for upgrading the playground.

Our Clerk, Nia has implemented an action list in our meetings to help with dealing with recurring items and prevent issues being dropped unresolved after a period of time. Nantglyn Community Council donated £250 towards the Caban Y Plwyf project at Prion School and Ian Gardner kindly donated a further £250. We have received a grant of £500 for a laptop for the Clerk to use for updating the Community Council Website and towards the site itself. The Community Council Website has been redeveloped on a free hosting site (paid for removal of adverts) www.communitycouncil.

Looking to the future we need to improve on resolving issues brought up at meetings. There are items on our Agenda that have been there for a year or more and still unresolved- for instance the rubble pile in the corner of the graveyard.... We are looking to do more community schemes like a community heating oil buying cooperative and upgrading the village playground.

The Balance Sheet and Annual Accounts presented by Treasurer Ian Gardner

Sam Luhde-Thompson
May 2014

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Cyngor Cymdeithas NANTGLYN Community Council

Cyfarfod Cyffredinol Blynyddol  ***NEWID DYDDIAD***

14eg o Fai 2019

Fe fydd y Cyfarfod Cyffredinol yn cael ei gynnal yn

Capel Y Waen- 7.30 y.h

Fe fydd Cyfarfod Blynyddol Elusen Annedd Wen yn cychwyn am 7.30yh gyda Cyfarfod Blynyddol y Cyngor Cymuned i ddilyn a Chyfarfod Cyffredinol o’r Cyngor Cymuned yn syth wedyn, lle bydd y Cyngor yn trafod newidiadau i’r Cyfansoddiad a’r Rheolau Sefydlog

Mae croeso i breswyliwyr Plwyf Nantglyn fynychu y ddau gyfarfod

Dyddiad yr Hysbyseb 28/4/2019


Annual General Meeting ***CHANGE OF DATE***

14th May 2019

The Annual General Meeting will be held at

Capel Y Waen - 7.30pm

The AGM of the Annedd Wen charity will be held at 7.30pm followed by the Community Council AGM, and then an Ordinary meeting of the Community Council immediately after, at which time the Council will be discussing changing its Constitution and Standing Orders

All residents of Nantglyn Parish are welcome to attend both meetings.


Date of Notice 28/4/2019

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