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Council Documents (updated May 2017)

Nantgyn Community Council Audit Report 2018-19

Nantglyn Community Council Audit Report 2017-18

Nantglyn Community Council Asset register

King George V Playground Asset Register

Nantglyn Community Council Risk Policy

Nantglyn Community Council Risk Register/Assessment

Nantglyn Community Council Statement of Internal Controls


Parish Survey Results

A total of 132 surveys had been posted to households in the Community Council’s administrative area and 50 responses had been received, of which 49 were completed survey forms and one was a letter. This represents a 37% response rate – similar to that obtained by Denbighshire Council when it conducted its Residents Survey in 2011.

Of those responding to the survey

75% thought that the Council should develop a Parish Plan

75% of respondents had access to the Internet and an e mail account

73% of respondents had visited the www.nantglyn.org website

69% thought that the Council should carry out more surveys like this one

67% of respondents would be interested in joining a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

67% would like to know more about the proposed Clocaenog Windfarm and its connection to the National Grid

65% of respondents knew who their Community Councillor was

65% thought that the Play Area should be retained

61% of respondents thought that the Police did not visit Nantglyn enough

59% of respondents would like to receive copies of Community Council Minutes by e mail

57% would be willing to join a register of community volunteers

57% would be interested in forming / joining a fuel purchasing co-operative / club

53% of respondents did not know how energy efficient their home was

41% of respondents were spending 10% of their income or more heating their homes (and were therefore in fuel poverty using this definition)

41% of respondents would be interested in setting up a Community Association to organise events and coordinate some of the ideas suggested in the survey

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