Agenda / Minutes 2020

The Latest Community Council Agendas will appear here:

Community Council

The meeting minutes and latest agendas for 2020 are listed below. Please note, the Council does not meet in August.

Minutes 14th December 2020

Minutes 16th November 2020

Minutes 12th October 2020

Minutes - 7th September 2020

Minutes - Annual Statutory Meeting 7th September 2020

Minutes 27th July 2020

Minutes 13th July 2020

Minutes 15th June 2020

Minutes 18th May 2020

Meeting 29th April 2020 - Cancelled due to Coronavirus lockdown

Minutes 23rd March 2020

Minutes 24th February 2020

Minutes 20th January 2020


Planning Committee 

Minutes 23rd November 2020

Minutes 2nd November 2020

Minutes 19th October 2020

Minutes 24th August 2020

Minutes 22nd June 2020

Minutes 27th May 2020

Minutes 2nd March 2020

Minutes 7th January 2020

Finance Committee 

The Finance Committee meets quarterly, usually in January, April, July and October.

Minutes 6th October 2020

Minutes 7th July 2020

Minutes 14th May 2020

Minutes 9th January 2020

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