There are seven Public Access Defibrillators in and around the area which can be used in the case of sudden cardiac arrest.  They require no training to use and will test whether 'the patient' requires a shock.  The units will not shock a patient if they determine it is not required, so cannot be used inadvertently.  

The units can be located (externally) at:

  • Goytre Village Hall
  • Llanover Village Hall - key pad code is 2020
  • Little Mill Village Hall (now situated in Llanbadoc Community Council)
  • Goytre Wharf *
  • The Secret Garden *
  • The Star Inn *
  • Capel Ed Church *

Each unit is located in a wall mounted cover with a door which can be opened by turning the handle.  Those marked with an '*' also have a key (number) pad on the front.  However, with the exception of Llanover Village Hall (code 2020), the doors are not locked and can be opened by simply pressing 'C' and then turning the handle. There is no need to enter a code.

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