Section 6 Biodiversity Duty Reporting

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 introduced an enhanced biodiversity and resilience of ecosystems duty (the section 6 or s6 duty) on all public authorities in the exercise of their functions in relation to Wales. The s6 duty requires that public authorities ‘must seek to maintain and enhance biodiversity so far as consistent with the proper exercise of their functions and in so doing promote the resilience of ecosystems’.

As part of this responsibility, Public Authorities are required to produce a report on what they are doing to comply with their section 6 duty. The first report was published towards the end of 2019 with a full review due every three years (the first being in 2022).

You can see Goetre Fawr Community Council's report for 2022 and future plans via the link here.  A larger print version in Word for those residents with sight loss or who use screen reader software is available here.

The previous (2019) report is available here with the larger print version here

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