18 May 2019Minutes from 13th May 2019

Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting

Minutes of meeting held at No 14 The Square Rhynie

Monday 13th May 2019

Present: Paul Manning (Chairman), Colin Mumford (Vice Chairman), George Beverly, Janice Smith (Secretary/Treasurer), Maxwell Wallace, Alistair Rennie, Peter Johnston, David Grant, James Matthew

In Attendance: Councillors Gwyneth Petrie, John Latham and Robbie Withey.

Apologies: Duncan Connon, Verona Groves.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Approved: George Beverly; Seconded: Colin Mumford.

Matters Arising:
        Gartly School Closure.

Officials invited to attend the meeting offered their apologies. Councillor Petrie explained that a public meeting had been arranged for week commencing 20th May and that a Community Council representative would be invited to attend.

Further testing is ongoing but the intention is still for the school to reopen once it is safe to do so. Concerns were raised again about the time being taken to resolve the issues and the possible detrimental effects on the pupils’ education.

        Light Touch Review-Community Council Scheme of Establishment.

General discussion resulted in there being no specific issues to be raised in the June report.

        Community Council Elections.

The posters have been put up and are also on Social Media and the Tap O Noth Community Council website. Nomination forms have been emailed out to Community Councillors. The closing date for nominations is Mon 3rd June at 4pm.

        Community Council Insurance.

The details on the policy have now been updated.

It was agreed by all Community Councillors present that the statement discussed at the last meeting be amended to:

The Community Council agrees to reimburse any individual Community Councillor both past and present for any excess charged against them as a result of any claim.

        Community Run Toilets- Rhynie.

Ongoing- insurance policy to be supplied in order to receive the payment.

        Community Council representation at monthly meetings with the Roads Dept.

Paul reported back on outstanding issues. Progress is being made with some issues resolved. The next meeting with the Roads Dept is 19th June. Any new issues should be reported to Paul before then.

        Safe Pathway to Kennethmont School from houses near Ardmore Distillery/Review of Speed Limit.

Paul reported that the Roads Dept is still looking into this although there are concerns that it may not now go ahead. Cllr Latham advised that he would follow this up as he had been assured that consultations were ongoing.

        Garden Competition

There is a problem this year as there is no suitable location to leave leaflets and entry forms. It was proposed that leaflets and entry forms be sent out to the schools. Verona to deal with Kennethmont and Gartly, George- Rhynie and Alistair- Clatt. Costs for printing these will be reimbursed by the Community Council.

        Tap O Noth Community Council Website.

Colin to arrange to meet/discuss the website with Verona.

        Tap O Noth Footpath

A quote is now in to improve/renovate the footpath- £7860 incl VAT. George is looking into the possibility of getting a grant/grants to enable the work to be carried out. There are several options to be explored with the Community Council agreeing to make up the shortfall should the grants not add up to the total amount needed. All Community Councillors in agreement.


        Environmental Health’s response regarding Corvids at Essie Rd Rhynie.

There was a general discussion and it was agreed that it was too late to tackle this this year. It would need to be looked into in early Spring.

Planning Applications:

David Grant declared an interest in APP/2019/0711 which is for full planning permission for 32 dwelling houses and infrastructure at Kennethmont. The expiry date for comments is 23/5/19.

After discussion the Community Council decided not to comment.

Individual Area Reports:

Gartly: Gartly Community Asssociation is holding its AGM on Thurs 16th May at the Tin Hut. Draft plans for renovations to be revealed.

Clatt: Nothing to report.

Rhynie: The gate at the top of the footpath near the Surgery is broken. George will have a look at this and hopefully repair it.

Kennethmont: Concerns were raised previously by householders as to how the additional bins that are coming into affect shortly could be accommodated. Cllr Petrie explained that a 3rd bin was no longer an option and that there would be a further reassessment as to how the refuse collection would work.

Janice to look into making sure all the defibrillators have been registered with the ambulance service.


Next Meeting: AGM

Monday 24th June 2019 at 7.30pm

Clatt Village Hall.

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