Tap O Noth Community Council 2024 Meeting Dates

(May be subject to change) Meetings to start at 7.30pm


22nd January       The Tin Hut, Gartly

4th March            Fourteen, The Square, Rhynie

15th April            Clatt Village Hall

27th May (AGM)   The Rannes Hall, Kennethmont

8th July               The Tin Hut, Gartly

19th August         Fourteen, The Square, Rhynie

30th September

11th November

16th December



Tap O Noth Community Council 2023 Meeting Dates

(May be subject to change) Meetings to start at 7.30pm

9th January          The Tin Hut, Gartly 

20th February       Fourteen, The Square, Rhynie 

3rd April               Clatt Village Hall 

15th May              Rannes Hall, Kennethmont 

26th June (AGM)   The Tin Hut, Gartly 

7th August           Fourteen, The Square, Rhynie (CANCELLED)

18th Sept             Clatt Village Hall (Later start at 7.45pm)

30th October       Rannes Hall, Kennethmont 

11th December    Online (Joining Details on Agenda)


Tap O Noth Community Council 2021/22 Meeting Dates

(May be subject to change) Meetings to start at 7.30pm

8th November 2021        Clatt Village Hall

20th December 2021      Rannes Hall, Kennethmont


Webex Joining Link 

Or by telephone 020 3478 5289
Meeting number (access code): 2395 277 7010

31st January 2022          The Tin Hut, Gartly

14th March 2022            Number 14, Rhynie

25th April 2022              Clatt Village Hall

6th June (AGM) 2022      Rannes Hall, Kennethmont

18th July 2022               The Tin Hut, Gartly

29th August 2022           Number 14, Rhynie

10th October 2022          Clatt Village Hall

21st November               Rannes Hall, Kennethmont


Tap O Noth Community Council Provisional Meeting Dates 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic meetings may need to be held remotely. Remote meetings will be held using Cisco Webex Meetings and details will be provided. 

Should any members of the public have any questions or concerns then we would ask them to send them as normal through this website. It will be possible for members of the public to attend remote meetings although notice of any request to speak on community matters should be sent via this website at least 3 days prior to the meeting.

No form of recording is permitted during the meeting, without prior permission. 

Meetings to start at 7.30pm.

13th September AGM

27th September (No 14 The Square, Rhynie)

Face to face meeting at No.14.  Webex online/dial in facility will also be available.

Meeting Link to Join from Desktop or Mobile App

Or join by telephone by calling 020 3478 5289
Access code : 2399 264 9166




Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting Dates 2020

Meetings to start at 7.30pm with the exception of Kennethmont which will start at 8pm.

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic- meetings have had to be cancelled.

The AGM will now be held remotely on 28th September 2020 at 7.30pm.

Members of the public unfortunately will be unable to attend this meeting however are invited to send any questions or concerns as normal via this website. 

27th January:           The Tin Hut, Gartly

16th March:              Rannes Hall, Kennethmont: Meeting cancelled

4th May:                   No 14 The Square, Rhynie: Meeting cancelled

22nd June:                AGM Clatt Village Hall: Meeting cancelled

10th August:             The Tin Hut, Gartly: Meeting cancelled

28th Sept                  Rannes Hall, Kennethmont: AGM Remote Meeting 7.30pm

16th Nov:                  No 14 The Square, Rhynie: Meeting cancelled

4th January 2021       Clatt Village Hall: Meeting cancelled



Tap O Noth Community Council Meeting Dates 2019 Amended 21/09/19

7th Jan   Clatt Village Hall

18th Feb  Tin Hut Gartly

1st April   Rannes Hall Kennethmont

13th May  No 14 The Square Rhynie

24th June  AGM Clatt Village Hall

5th August Tin Hut Gartly

16th Sept  Rannes Hall Kennethmont

28th Oct    No 14 The Square Rhynie

9th Dec     Clatt Village Hall

7.30 pm (except for Kennethmont 8pm) Venues may be subject to change. 


Tap O Noth Community Council Meetings

 2018 Revised Dates (07/08/18)

7.30pm except for Kennethmont Meetings


29th January                 Village Hall Clatt

12th March                    Tin Hut Gartly

23rd April        8pm       Rannes Hall Kennethmont

4th June                        Community Centre Rhynie

25th June  AGM 8pm     Rannes Hall Kennethmont

16th July 7-7.30pm      Village Hall Clatt EGM (Extra-ordinary General Meeting)

This is a private meeting to be held before the normal meeting                                 

16th July                        Village Hall Clatt

27th August 7.30pm      Tin Hut Gartly EGM

This is a public meeting to be held before the normal meeting

27th August (immediately after EGM) Tin Hut Gartly

8th October     8pm        Rannes Hall Kennethmont

19th November               Community Centre Rhynie

7th January 2019            Village Hall Clatt



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