Goetre Fawr

Goetre Fawr is an electoral ward in the County of Monmouthshire, Wales, UK and consists of the villages and hamlets of Penperlleni (Goytre), Llanover, Mamhilad, Nantyderry, Pencroesoped and the surrounding countryside.

Over the years the name of this area has had many spellings. The original Coed Tre was a hamlet near Ty Cooke farm which was wiped out by plague. The electoral area is named as Goetre Fawr, the village of Penperlleni is also known as Goytre where the name has been anglicized, and on very early maps it is named as Goytrey.

There is only one Penperlleni in Wales, but two villages called Goytre, the other one being near Port Talbot.

The ward of Llanover, which includes Llanover Village is situated between the River Usk and the foothills of the Blorenge. It lies on the busy A4042 between Pontypool and Abergavenny and is bisected by the Monmouth and Brecon canal. Originally named Rhyd-y-Meirch, much of the village now forms part of the privately owned Llanover estate.

If you wish to contact the Council please email the clerk at theclerk@goytre.gov.uk 


More about the Community Council

Our area has recently changed.  Following a boundary review in May 2022, GFCC retained its name of Goetre Fawr, and now consists of four electoral wards, being Goytre (4 Councillors), Goetre Wharf (covering Mamhilad) with two Councillors, and Nantyderry and Llanover, each with one Councillor. Currently the Council serves a population of around 1800 residents in 1021 properties and is funded by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) through a tax known as the precept. This currently provides £45,000 which is equivalent to £37.02 per year for a Band D property and is less than 2% of your council tax bill.

The Chairman for the current year is Cllr. Nigel Morrey and the Vice-Chair is Cllr. Lewis Carter. The Council employs a part time Clerk as well as two members of staff who maintain the Goytre public conveniences. 

The Clerk, Jonathan Lazenby, can be contacted by email at: theclerk@goytre.gov.uk  The Community Council’s web site is at: www.goytre.gov.uk

The main activities of the Council include the running and maintenance of the following:

  • Goytre Public Conveniences
  • Dog waste collection (16 bins)
  • Monthly village cleaning / maintenance of Goytre and Llanover
  • The wild flower garden in Goytre park and other areas
  • Regular reporting of issues requiring intervention by MCC – pot holes / other repairs, playground equipment etc
  • St Bartholomew’s Graveyard, Llanover
  • Maintenance of defibrillators
  • Installation and management of the traffic speed indicators on School Lane and Plough Road.

We also undertake the following:

  • Advising/commenting to MCC on planning applications
  • Sponsoring the attendance of the Post Office on a Friday afternoon by covering the Village Hall room cost.
  • Making donations to the local community and supporting agencies e.g. Village Halls, Wellbeing Café, Welsh Air Ambulance, Citizens Advice etc.
  • Advocating on behalf of residents where services fall under the remit of other agencies or providers e.g. Welsh Government re the A4042, Aneurin Bevan Health Board e.g. Goytre surgery, and MCC re the improvement of our current playground equipment.
  • Applying for, and recommending the spend of, Section s106 funding, which developers are required to pay to the Local Authority for improved infrastructure to support new housing projects.
  • Signposting events of interest to the community.

Following an engagement event in April 2018, the weekly Post Office in the Village Hall was established and community groups set up a Book Exchange and Wellbeing Café. Adult Education classes also took place in the Community Centre until the start of the pandemic.



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