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The Community Council have put together a helpful list of useful information and links to health and well-being and County Council service sources.  Please click on the Coronavirus / Covid-19 button on the left-hand menu (below the home page button) to access this information. 

We hope all our residents stay home and stay safe.  Please protect yourselves and the NHS.



Goetre Fawr is an electoral ward in the County of Monmouthshire, Wales, UK and consists of the villages and hamlets of Penperlleni (Goytre), Little Mill, Mamhilad, Nantyderry, Pencroesoped and the surrounding countryside.

Over the years the name of this area has had many spellings. The original Coed Tre was a hamlet near Ty Cooke farm which was wiped out by plague. The electoral area is named as Goetre Fawr, the village of Penperlleni is also known as Goytre where the name has been anglicized, and on very early maps it is named as Goytrey.

There is only one Penperlleni in Wales, but two villages called Goytre, the other one being near Port Talbot.

If you wish to contact the Council please email the clerk at theclerk@goytre.gov.uk 


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Goetre Fawr Community Council is a sight loss friendly organisation

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