15 June 2018
EWCC Meeting with ERC Head of Roads and Transportation

Jane Corrie the ERC Roads and Transportation Controller, has kindly agreed to meet with EWCC on the 19th of June 2018 to discuss local concerns. The community submitted questions on our Facebook site and at our last next meeting on the 12th of June. 

Suggested points - there are further submissions that will be added on the day.

1. Car speeds in the village area and whether a 20mph limit is a possibility. I would be keen to have her view on that specific idea

2. Carrot parking and the possibility of a constructed car park

3. Zebra crossings to be upgraded to pedestrian crossings – I’ve personally witnessed too many people driving too fast through the village and not even slowing at the crossings with people standing waiting. Especially outside the Montgomery Hall which is used by a lot of the kids and elderly in the village.

4. Change Eaglesham to a 20mph speed zone. This is Scotland’s first Conservation Village, how do we make it the first all 20mph zone. The layout of the village is not designed for modern day vehicles and agricultural machinery. It would be innovative and leading the way for ERC to change Eaglesham to be the first 20mph enforceable speed zone throughout. All roads are an issue, however Polnoon Street and Montgomery Street need some sort of measures to slow vehicles travelling down the hills.

5. Polnoon estate is Scotland’s first shared space residential housing development and has been winning awards and visited by various architects/planners etc, however the reality of living in Polnoon is that very few, if any, drivers with a British driving licence have ever been tested or taught about shared space and what it means. The theory is great but the speed limit in this estate is 30mph. The layout is aesthetically very pleasing, however I know the residents would prefer there to be more ways of slowing/calming the speed of vehicles in the estate as our kids play, scoot and cycle on the shared space area with cars, vans and lorries going too fast. I would like ERC to work with the developer to make improvements to the site which create naturally ways to force traffic to slow down and take more care, before they adopt the roads from MacMic.

6. Jane is Roads and Transportation Controller…is this an opportunity to raise public transport/transport for those who need help in and around the village for the elderly and less able.

7. Speeding off the Belle Craig Roundabout. More signage required to remind of a 30mph zone in Waterfoot to Busby. 

8. New signage put in place next to school pick up/drop off points to highlight dangers of children crossing where there are no school crossing patrols. The most dangerous appears to be at the Waterfoot Barlae/traffic lights area where traffic exits and enters Belle Craig at speed. There is no school crossing patrols in this area at all.

9. There has been quite a bit of chat about belle craig roundabout.  What about the posibility of traffic slowing screens put up to slow the approaching orbital traffic?

10. Is there a possibility of converting the short section of road, from Holehouse Road to Alexander Avenue outside the shops, to a one way system - similar to the Broom shops.

11. Zig zags on opposite side of road outside Eaglesham primary. Currently there is a six metre gap for the school crossing patroller while cars manoeuvre in and out of spaces right next to where children are meant to safely cross the road.

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