21 November 2018Eaglesham Parish Church Guild Christmas Cracker

Eaglesham Parish Church Guild Christmas Cracker

Please come along to a wonderful Christmas themed morning in the Carswell Centre Eaglesham. 10am - 12pm Saturday the 24th of November.

Christmas Stalls
Lovely Home Baking

Everyone very welcome

Adults - £2.50
Children - 50p

15 November 2018Problem with your bus? We want to hear about it!

EWCC has been informed of the frustration of many commuters in terms of the service they are receiving from busses within the local area. 

We have created a Google Form which can be used by any of the people in the local area to log any problems with their bus. The link can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/HN1lS78uxAUm8oKo2

Please complete this as accurately as possible. We aim to collect the data and present it to the relevant transport groups and bodies. This will be done wholly to improve the level of service offered in our area. 

Thank you.

02 November 2018Poppy display in Eaglesham

30 October 2018Inky Pinky Park Progress

New drainage system complete and MUGA surface appears finished. ERC are hoping for this phase to be completed by next mont.

30 October 2018Winter is coming!

Please check your lights, tyres & wipers to make sure they're all in a suitable working order for the winter weather.

The official guides from Police Scotland are here:


30 October 2018Eaglesham Shop Canopy Repairs.

The factor Redpath Bruce have updated EWCC after the matter was raised by community members at Septembers meeting. 

They have advised that is has been made safe as a temporary measure, but a permanent repair on the canopy is due to commence once contractor quotes have been finalised.

30 October 2018Polling Station Consultation

Statutory review of polling districts & polling places. Primarily the use of Eaglesham Primary School.

Please see the link below and let us know your thoughts.

This will enable us to convey them to ERC as well as completing the review.


08 October 2018Community Council Meeting Venue Change

The EWCC meeting will take place in the Eglington Arms Hotel at 7pm in the main events room behind the reception.

The decision to move the meeting was taken as we are expecting a large audience than normal to discuss ERC's school admissions.

ERC Director of Education Presentation.

Mhairi Shaw (Director of Education), Mark Ratter (Head of Service), and Joe McCaig (Quality Improvement Officer) will be attending. They will be discussing with those present ERC schools admissions policy.

Should you wish us to forward questions to Mhairi to be answered at the meeting please email ewccchairperson@gmail.com or ask on the night.

08 October 20184A Bus During Roadworks 13-21 Oct 2018

4A bus - shuttle route and timings to Eaglesham during roadworks.

Email received this morning from ERC Roads Dept.

Dear Mr. Henderson,

Thank you for your email of 5 October regarding the bus service to and from Eaglesham whilst works are ongoing to resurface Glasgow Road.

As previously promised, I now attach details of the route and timetable the shuttle bus will be using whilst Glasgow Road is closed as supplied by SPT.

SPT are currently seeking prices from operators to provide this service.

Your sincerely,

Technical Coordinator 
Roads and Transportation Service 
Environment Department

25 September 2018Toilets in Eaglesham Park

Parents were asking a week or so ago about the possibility of the toilets being opened at the park. Jim McLean has spoken to the relevant department and the council have agreed to replace the door with a metal door and keypad.

Once this is done the combination will be passed onto parents.

Please ensure that door is always closed as any vandalism will result in the toliets being permanently closed again.

25 September 2018New Waterfoot Park update from ERC

“Contractors will start work on the all-weather play area next Monday 1st October with hand over scheduled for 12th November. The rest of the programme will follow on when the contractor clears the site”.


13 September 2018Eaglesham McColls Post Office

Great news in response to the many requests/campaigning by everyone involved to get backa Post Office in Eaglesham.

As you know the community Council contacted McColls and the Post Office again recently to ask for an update about post office facilities in Eaglesham.

We received a phone call this morning from Jenny at McColls head office to confirm that McColls in Eaglesham will be opening in late November 2018.

Well done!!

11 September 2018Zebra crossings in Eaglesham

More positive updates from EWCC’s meeting with the head of roads in June.
Both Zebra crossings and adjacent road markings in Eaglesham have been revamped and newly painted - making them stand out much better.

10 September 2018Handrails at Brackenrig Crescent fitted

As requested by EWCC the new handrails have fitted at Brackenrig Crescent steps leading onto Glasgow Rd.

Also the damaged fence along the footpath on the main road have been fixed.

07 September 2018Eaglesham and Waterfoot Community FTTP (fibre to the premises)

As a community we have an opportunity to join together and take forward an ambitious plan to bring “Fibre to the Premises” to every household and business in the Community that wants to participate. At this point we are trying to establish what the demand would be.

If the response is good, we intend to lead the process for the community. Please read through the attached document. Hopefully it will provide most of the information you need to decide if you want to be part of this exciting plan.

Please return the form by 01/11/18 to Gordon Davidson, and we will ‘start the ball rolling’.


29 August 2018Handrail for Steps

Following local residents requests - EWCC met with ERC in June on site to discuss the fitting of handrails at the steps of Brackenrig Crescent Waterfoot.

These steps are quite steep and lead directly onto Glasgow Road/traffic lights.

We are very glad to announce this morning that ERC have agreed to fit handrails at the top and bottom steps.

22 August 2018Defibrillator (AED) update

We have had a very generous offer by a local resident to fund a new defibrillator in the village. Yesterday a local business agreed ‘in principle’ to site the new unit with 24/7 access - thank you to everyone involved. We are meeting at the end of the week to discuss further details. 

17 August 2018East Renfrewshire Local Development Plan 2

Land Development Plan 2 (LDP2) will be implemented in May 2019 in our local area. Please see below the proposed new build development sites in Eaglesham and Waterfoot. There will be further opportunity later this year to submit comments on this issue in the Main Issues Report (MiR). The community council meetings are an excellent opportunity to voice planning concerns/support. 

The MIR is the first stage in preparing a new Local Development Plan for the area. This is an important plan that will shape development in the area for years to come. LDP1 was adopted in June 2015 and will eventually be replaced by this new Plan ("LDP2").

All comments received to the MIR will help to inform the next stage in the process, the 'Proposed Plan'. There will be a further opportunity to comment on the Proposed Plan in Winter 2018.

Proposed LDP2

15 June 2018EWCC Meeting with ERC Head of Roads and Transportation

Jane Corrie the ERC Roads and Transportation Controller, has kindly agreed to meet with EWCC on the 19th of June 2018 to discuss local concerns. The community submitted questions on our Facebook site and at our last next meeting on the 12th of June. 

Suggested points - there are further submissions that will be added on the day.

1. Car speeds in the village area and whether a 20mph limit is a possibility. I would be keen to have her view on that specific idea

2. Carrot parking and the possibility of a constructed car park

3. Zebra crossings to be upgraded to pedestrian crossings – I’ve personally witnessed too many people driving too fast through the village and not even slowing at the crossings with people standing waiting. Especially outside the Montgomery Hall which is used by a lot of the kids and elderly in the village.

4. Change Eaglesham to a 20mph speed zone. This is Scotland’s first Conservation Village, how do we make it the first all 20mph zone. The layout of the village is not designed for modern day vehicles and agricultural machinery. It would be innovative and leading the way for ERC to change Eaglesham to be the first 20mph enforceable speed zone throughout. All roads are an issue, however Polnoon Street and Montgomery Street need some sort of measures to slow vehicles travelling down the hills.

5. Polnoon estate is Scotland’s first shared space residential housing development and has been winning awards and visited by various architects/planners etc, however the reality of living in Polnoon is that very few, if any, drivers with a British driving licence have ever been tested or taught about shared space and what it means. The theory is great but the speed limit in this estate is 30mph. The layout is aesthetically very pleasing, however I know the residents would prefer there to be more ways of slowing/calming the speed of vehicles in the estate as our kids play, scoot and cycle on the shared space area with cars, vans and lorries going too fast. I would like ERC to work with the developer to make improvements to the site which create naturally ways to force traffic to slow down and take more care, before they adopt the roads from MacMic.

6. Jane is Roads and Transportation Controller…is this an opportunity to raise public transport/transport for those who need help in and around the village for the elderly and less able.

7. Speeding off the Belle Craig Roundabout. More signage required to remind of a 30mph zone in Waterfoot to Busby. 

8. New signage put in place next to school pick up/drop off points to highlight dangers of children crossing where there are no school crossing patrols. The most dangerous appears to be at the Waterfoot Barlae/traffic lights area where traffic exits and enters Belle Craig at speed. There is no school crossing patrols in this area at all.

9. There has been quite a bit of chat about belle craig roundabout.  What about the posibility of traffic slowing screens put up to slow the approaching orbital traffic?

10. Is there a possibility of converting the short section of road, from Holehouse Road to Alexander Avenue outside the shops, to a one way system - similar to the Broom shops.

11. Zig zags on opposite side of road outside Eaglesham primary. Currently there is a six metre gap for the school crossing patroller while cars manoeuvre in and out of spaces right next to where children are meant to safely cross the road.

17 February 2018New Community Council Members

The Community Council welcome new members to join our team. Please contact us if you are thinking of joining and want to make a positive difference to the community.


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