07 December 2017Letter from MP to Police Scotland

Please click this link to view letter sent to Police Scotland from Jackson Carlaw MP and Paul Masterson MSP regarding alleged incident in Waterfoot on 4th December 2017.

29 November 2017Gladman's Waterfoot Development Update

29 November 2017

We have received notice from the head of planning that Gladman Developments has appealed to the Scottish Ministers against the Council not having determined the planning application for residential development (major) (planning permission in principle) at Glasgow Road, Waterfoot (2017/0367/TP). The appeal was received by the Scottish Ministers on 24 November 2017.

The Council’s Planning Service will prepare the Council’s Statement of Case to be submitted to the Scottish Ministers by 15th December 2017. The community council and all those who objected will be advised and their objections will be sent with the councils statement to Scottish Ministers.

Where a valid application has not been determined within the relevant statutory period (or such other period as has been agreed in writing between the local planning authority and the applicant), the applicant has a right to appeal to the Secretary of State against non-determination.

The community Council will provide updates through our various social media platforms as we get them.

All documents regarding this application can be found here.

12 October 2017

Formally accepted submission of Eaglesham and Waterfoot Community Council Planning Consultation Request Form Response - 2017/0367/TP - Gladman's Waterfoot Development.  See the EWCC response here.

The Planning Application Documents associated with the above proposed development are available to view on East Renfrewshre Council's website and can be viewed here.



28 November 2017Road Closure between East Kilbride & Eaglesham Update

28 November 2017 Update

Please see the following correspondence from Johan Gillespie of SP Energy Networks - 

I have received notification from our contractors advising a second period of road closure is required to complete our works on Eaglesham Road in order to maintain public and working safety. The second closure is due to run from Monday 8th January 2018 for 5 weeks between Peel Road and Ocein Drive roundabouts.

Our contractors worked on the section on Eaglesham Rd (between Greenhills Rd and Peel Rd) under 2 way lights and they felt it was not as safe as it could have been.  Their area of work was restricted by the running traffic lane and also the constant flow of traffic / vibration putting their track at risk of collapse – to ensure the safety of the workers, work was completed at a slower pace than previously planned. 

The original plan was to keep the road closures to a minimum, but now that the job is up and running they feel this closure is a necessity to keep the workforce and community safe, it will also allow the works to be completed efficiently as possible preventing further disruption. 

20 October 2017

SP Energy Networks are upgrading the electricity network in the Jackton and Eaglesham area by installing a new Primary Substation.

The planned work will lead to traffic restrictions as detailed below, although these may be subject to change. 

This document details SP Energy Networks plans and contact details.

Planned road closures:

B764 Eaglesham Road closed between Jackton Road and Ocein Drive, Jackton from 8am on Monday 6 November to 11pm on Sunday 10 December for resurfacing work. Alternative routes:

Main alternative route - Redwood Drive, A726 (Glasgow Southern Orbital - GSO), B767 Glasgow Road, Gilmour Street and Cheapside Street

GSO restricted route - Greenhills Road, A726 (Strathaven Road), Glasgow Road, Barn Street, Green Street, Townhead Street, A71, A719, A77 and B764

23 November 2017New Community Council Members

The Community Council is delighted to welcome Danny McKendry and Judi Ritchie as full co-opted members and look forward to their input.

Alistair Black has resigned from the CC and we thank him for his support and help in getting us up and running.

15 November 2017Waterfoot Open Space Update

15th November 2017 - Mark Brand of ERC has contacted us to advise that some trial pits will be getting excavated over the next week to test the ground conditions.  This check is important to ensure that the kickabout area is specified to the correct requirements.  At this stage, although there will be some equipment on site, this is just investigation works.

Mark has advised that he will continue to update us on the progress of the site.

17th October 2017 - Mark Brand of East Renfrewshire Council attended the Community Council meeting on 9th October 2017 to discuss the proposed open space development at Waterfoot, which is a legacy of the Cala Homes housing development completed in 2013.  The open space will be adopted by the council who have advised that it is easily maintained.

The design is based on community feedback which was attained at three consultation events including one for local youths and is intended to be a space where children can play safely and which residents can enjoy.

The new open space will be created with money from the Waterfoot Community Benefit Fund, and the design brings together different features in an understated way that is sympathetic to the natural setting.  These are:

• A small kick about space with an all-weather surface carefully integrated into the wider area

• An exciting play space using natural play features and a dog walking path

• A better access path which will be accessible to wheelchair users and incorporates “Access to Countryside” standards.

 • An assessment was conducted regarding the river and natural barriers including 1000 trees will be incorporated into the design to discourage access to the river.

• A community orchard established in the sheltered dip by the river. The intention is to create a space that balances local demand for healthy outdoor play alongside quiet recreation in keeping with the edge of village location.

Mark has advised that the plans are now in motion and he will update on timescales and progress.



11 November 2017New EWCC Suggestion Box in Library

The Community Council now have a suggestion box in Eaglesham Library.  Please feel free to use this box to give any suggestions for issues you would like us to look at or for feedback.  Please also pass this on to any members of the community who are not online or on facebook.

Remember you can also give feedback and suggestions through our Facebook page and through this website on our Contact Us page.  You can also email us at eagleshamandwaterfootcc@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can come along to one of our monthly meetings, details of which can be found here.

03 November 2017EWCC Update

The Community Council have been very busy since our last meeting and on behalf of our community we have engaged in the following:


Six members attended an ERC Planning Department training session led by Graham Shankland and Julie Nicol (Principal Planners), held at Eastwood House, Giffnock - presentation can be found here. There are currently planning proposals for eight sites within our CC area, and these will need scrutinised on every application.

We are currently focused on the Waterfoot Gladman application which is 1st in the planning queue. The CC will let you know when we receive a date for the Planning Application Committee meeting. This is the next stage of this application where the CC will have the opportunity to present the submitted objections in person.


Several new sub-committees have been established and meetings held with CC members who are subject matter experts, being either experienced, qualified, employed, or formerly employed in the area. 

Please see below for direct contact details to the members leading them. Kindly note these sub committees are only for community council related business where issues may need elevated or for guidance and support on how to seek help. All matters will be treated in the strictest confidence.

a. Policing - ewccpolicing@gmail.com 
b. Health and Families - ewcchealthandfamilies@gmail.com
c. Social Care and Housing - ewccsocialcare@gmail.com
d. Veterans – ewccchairperson@gmail.com

ERC Budget Consultation

The Community Council has been invited to attend an ERC led Budget Consultation meeting on the proposals by the Corporate and Community Services Dept on the 15th November 2017.  This will be discussed at the next Community Council meeting with any questions being noted and asked on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us if you have ay questions you would like us to ask on your behalf.


Community Council website is up and running:


Please remember our mission statement:

"To work in partnership to create a more informed, supported and connected community for everyone"


19 October 2017ERC Budget Consultation - Closing Date 28 November 2017

East Renfrewshire Council are consulting on their budget for 2018-21. Your responses to this consultation will help shape councillors' decision making about how the budget will be spent over the next three years.  Closing date for the consultation is 28 November 2017.

EWCC will consider a response to ERC on the Budget Proposal based on feedback from the community.  If you have any comments you wish to be considered, please do so through our Contact Us page.

Download the Budget Consultation Booklet here.

To consult with ERC directly on this follow this link.