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Killearnan Community Council


Draft minutes of Meeting

Tore Primary School, Thursday 29th March 2018, 7.30pm

   Chair & Secretary                               Vice-chair                                       Treasurer

    Anne Mackay                                  Alasdair Cameron                   Andrew Mackay

    Cnoc Eile Beg                                  Wellhouse Farm                      Swallow House

    Tore                                                 Killearnan                                Tore

    By Muir of Ord                                By Muir of Ord                        By Muir of Ord

    Tel: 01463 811336                          Tel: 01463 870416                  Tel: 01463 811980


Meeting started at 7.52pm as no janitor on site to let members in. This has now happened several times over the last year.


Present                                                          Apologies

Miss C Fitzsimmons – Minutes Secretary       Mr S Hudson  

Mr A Cameron                                                                                                                       

Mr K Mackenzie                                             

Mrs A Mackay                                                

Mr A Mackay

Ms A Dalgetty


Minutes of January 2018 approved by Mr A MacKay and Mr A Cameron.


Matter Arising

Mrs A Mackay attended an event held by ARCH in Dingwall. This was reported to be very interesting and a well attended event.

As yet we have no residents from Craigrory area attending the meetings.

Craig Fraser has informed KCC he will be chasing up the progress of the Killen Road sign.




Copies of emails circulated to members. Items are attached to this minute.

Shona Fleming – Bank closures, see agenda

Scottish Water – Shaping the future survey to be filled in by individuals at www.yourwater.scot

Grass Cutting – This will remain in house at HC and listed in paragraph 5 is the importance level of cuts. This however could still change. For any queries or comments you can contact the service centre on 01349 886606.

Highland Senior Citizens Network – The AGM will be held 25/04/2018 at 9.30 to 3.30pm. Mr and Mrs Mackay to attend.


BICC meeting, March 15th 2018 – Hosted by KCC at Teclan Offices. This was a successful meeting that was well attended and all members agreed with a sense of feeling proud in supporting the parent councils. Updates from discussion between the Mid Ross Joint PCs and Care and Learning ( Bill Alexander) to follow.

Grant cuts and Insurance – In the light of the severe cuts to CC grants, it was determines that the KCC must keep running to represent the residents of Killearnan. With reducing the secretarial payments this would leave KCC with funds for office items. All members agreed. Mrs A Mackay wishes to stand down from Chair this May but offered to remain as secretary. Members will vote at the AGM.  The Insurance for 2018-2019 has been paid to Zurich direct from HC . 

Senior Citizens Conference (Black Isle Cares) – Lochardil House Hotel on Wednesday 25th April, 9.30am to 3.30pm. The title is “Making Better Connections” with a hope to explore ways as to how we can improve communication between ourselves and older people….. Mrs Mackay and 1 other member hope to attend.

Bank Closures – Douglas Robertson of Indigo House Group commissioned by HC wishes to organise a telephone interview with community representatives in order to gain information on local attitudes to the possibility of having no bank within a reasonable distance and what impact this is likely to have.

Police report – None received. PC Fleming to be contacted again.




Mr A Cameron raised concerns from the residents of Drynie Park to Greenhill road that big timber lorries travelling this route to the new building site are damaging the roads. Is there a weight limit? Mrs A Mackay to inform the roads department.


Mr K Mackenzie citied a local resident was concerned about the increase in numbers of loud vehicles that appear to be speeding along the Tore Primary school road at night.


Mrs A Mackay received the polling station update, although there has been no change noted on the report to this taking place in the hall members stated the last two had taken place in the school.


DATA Protection. KCC will issue a privacy notice  on website for residents.


Details of HC public conveniences savings agreed on 15/02/2018, handed out to members.


Treasurers Report

Attached to these minutes



Meeting Closed at 8.43pm                                         Next meeting Thursday 31st May, 7.30pm





Killearnan Community Council


Draft minutes of Meeting


Tore Primary School, Thursday 26th May 2016, 7.30pm


   Chair & Secretary    Vice-chair                                Treasurer

    Anne Mackay                                  Alasdair Cameron                   Andrew Mackay

    Cnoc Eile Beg                                 Wellhouse Farm                      Swallow House

    Tore                                                 Killearnan                                Tore

    By Muir of Ord                               By Muir of Ord                       By Muir of Ord

    Tel: 01463 811336                          Tel: 01463 870416                  Tel: 01463 811980



Present                                                            Apologies

Ms  A Dalgetty                                                          

Mr A Cameron                                                Mr S Hudson                         

Mr A  Mackay                                                 Mr I Fraser

Mr K Mackenzie

Mrs A Mackay

Cllr I MacCallum

Ms Sheena Taylor

Mrs M Steven



Minutes of 31st March 2016 approved by  Mr A Cameron and Mr A Mackay



Matters Arising


  • No application was put forward to the Postcode Local Trust as  funds were more aimed at projects on a larger scale.



Main Items attached to this minute, circulated at the meeting.





There had been a good response to the Newsletter request for details of broadband speeds from residents. The emails had been passed on to the MP.


Cllr McCollum referred  to the widespread concern over poor broadband speeds and informed that HC had rolled out stage one of the programme and had begun stage two. There was no timescale for completion due to State Aid Funding delays. There is a public service order due in 6 months which should improve the position. HIE would be issuing information on progress with the next fortnight.


Ms Dalgetty informed that the BICC meeting had given details of useful websites.

www.blackislecommunitybraodband.co.uk and the company AB INTERNET (www.WIRELESS.abinternet.co.uk .  The cost involve an initial fee of approx £150 and running cost similar to other internet providers. Landline phone calls free.

These details to be included in the Newsletter.


A9 etc

Smart Signs.

Transport Scotland confirmed that BEAR are monitoring the signs and asked KCC to remind residents that pedestrians do not have right of way on the crossing.


The fixing of one of the streetlamps at the crossing is weakening the field fence. This to be reported to Transport Scotland.


Knochbain and Rosemarkie CC are advising drives to use A9 roundabout and avoid the village of Munlochy. This would lead drivers into equally hazardous road conditions with the bottleneck at Tore and the heavy flow of traffic from the North, Dingwall and the west. Recent housing developments have increased the amount of traffic coming the east. Cllr McCallum advised that only two small developments, one at Munlochy and one at Greenside were yet to be completed. KCC asked the Councillor to press for the long requested 20mph limit from before the entrance to the Bannerman’s Transport Filling Station,, Lorry Park and Café.

Cllr McCallum asked whether speeds were being monitored on that stretch of the road.


HC Roads


A Jetpatcher has been hired for 32 days and HC  have purchased one, due in August. Concentration is now to be placed on side roads. There had been a 30 years cutbacks in funding for road maintenance. Residents are encouraged to report potholes via www.fixmystrret.com and www.highland.gov.uk/info/2005/roads_and_pavements/96/road_faults.


The Tore Sign at School road end has still not been moved. It is obstructing visibility and is therefore dangerous.


Police Crime Report

Ward and Local Policing

Plan Priorities. 

Activities conducted over the reporting period to support those priorities.

1. Road Safety


2. Antisocial Behaviour


3. Alcohol/Drug Abuse



The following are the crimes, offences and antisocial behaviour and other incidents of note dealt  with between 31/03/2016 and 26/05/2016:


1 Person  charged with Drink Driving.

3 Persons charged with Dangerous / Careless Driving.

2 Persons charged using mobile phone whilst driving.

3 Persons charged driving with no MOT.

1 Person charged with no insurance.

7 Persons charged with other road traffic offences - This included Insecure Loads, Number Plate offences and minor non-reportable RTCs.


1 Person charged with Possession of Drugs.

1 Theft OLP at Spud Hut, Garguston – Enquiries still progressing into this and other like offences.



Rabbit Infestation. HC replied very constructively to our concerns and some work has

been carried out. It was suggested that a local ferreter be used to help reduce the rabbit population in the nearby wood at the appropriate time of year. KCC is to contact Colin Clerk about other forms pest control possible. A notice  will be included in the Newsletter requesting help from volunteers.




The Tore disused playground is being used as a dumping ground. HC to be informed.


Ferintosh CC has introduced a Link Scheme to help residents access public transport.

BIC – Black Isle Cars.  It is operating in the Ferintosh area.


Telecare Volunteers.

This service was discussed at the last BICC meeting.

In order to provide the service for those in need,  3 volunteer responders are required as keyholders  for each vulnerable person. Item for the Newsletter.






Meeting Closed at 8.50 pm                             Next meeting Thursday 25th August, 7.30pm




BROADBAND  From Ian Blackford





May 4th


Dear Anne

Just to keep you informed on our progress we have written to a number of the constituents regarding the broadband issue to request their full contact details including their addresses.

When I have received their replies we will then contact BT to see what can be done.

thank you again for bringing this to our attention and I will keep you informed of any progress.
Kind Regards
Steven       Steven Brown

Office Manager to Ian Blackford MP
29 High Street
IV15 9RU



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