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Draft Minutes

Hunters Quay Community Council

Meeting : Thursday 5thSeptember 2019.


Present were: R Zielinski, J.Gill and T.Law

Apologies:- F.McInnes and J.Bell

Present :- Councillor A Reid

Declaration of Interest :- None.

Minutes :- Were accepted.


Police report :-No report received.

Councillors Report :-

Reply from Assessor : “I refer to your enquiry regarding the properties owned by Cowal Leisure Ltd. at Sandbank. I can confirm that the current RVs applicable to the Caravan Park and the Self-catering Units operated by them are £312,000 and £114,500 respectively giving the combined RV of £426,500 referred to in your message.

 “I can also confirm that my understanding of their liability for rates this year, based on the current rate poundage and including Large Business Supplement, would be £220,074.  I should add, however, that I am not aware of any reliefs or reductions that might apply as all matters relating to billing and relief are dealt with by your own Council.

“In general terms, the chalets will be entered into the Council Tax Valuation List where they are the sole or main residence of an individual or where they are mainly used only for domestic purposes (e.g. second homes), whereas they will entered into the Valuation Roll where they are not a main residence and they are available to let on a short-term basis for a minimum of 140 days per annum.

 “Any property which is entered into the valuation roll with a rateable value of less than £15,000 will, on the face of it, be eligible for Small Business Relief. This is, however, complicated by the occupier as the relief is dependent upon the total RV of properties occupied by any individual or company. Again, the details of which properties are in full or partial relief would be a matter for the NDR billing section of the Council, though much of this is likely to fall under the category of ‘personal data’.”

Parking on double yellow lines at the foot of Eccles Road : Parking Services replied saying, “Wardens patrol this area and issue Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles in contravention of restrictions.” I’ve emailed back asking how many tickets have been issued this year.

Weeds on all pavements : The strimming and sweeping of the streets at Hunter’s Quay is planned for tomorrow (Wed 4 Sep).

Painting of Railings :The Council haven't painted any railings as these are galvanised. They don’t know who carried out the painting.

Planning : Planning application for more caravans was granted.

Damaged Street Light Column in Marine Parade : Response received, “Street Lighting have advised that they have made a structural and electrical assessment of the column and found that it presents no danger to the public. The column will be replaced when resources allow, we are unable to provide a specific date at this time.”



Councillor Reid in relation to an earlier question later clarified :

 “Health Boards are responsible for the cost of A&E services provided within their Board area. This is referred to in SGHD circular CEL 06 (2013) which relates to charging for NHS services. Paragraphs 91 and 92 confirm that host Health Boards are responsible for the cost of treatment provided in their A&E departments. In patient admissions are chargeable but A&E attendances aren't.”

In response to a request by Tom Law, Alan Reid said he would do a freedom of information request to Highland Health Board requesting the total number of attendees at Cowal Community Hospital casualty department and the number of attendees non-resident in Cowal from outwith our area.


Planning :-Ref.19/01225/PPP Renewal of planning permission in principle ( site for the erection of one dwellinghouse ) land to north of 309/311 Marine Parade. No objections.

Treasurers Report :-No current report available at this time . 

Woodland Walk:-The Community Council are moving forward with A & B Early Years Re. outdoor play area and will continue updating on progress. 


AOCB :- The menace of illegal and inconsiderate parking across on George St adjacent the Post Office continues to be a problem.

The approval of planning consent at Hunters Quay Holiday Village was discussed and it was unfortunate that on this occasion the relatively small number of objections presented were undoubtable a contributory factor.

The Chair would again remind all our residents that forthcoming Community Council by-elections will be held shortly . Timetable as follows, 

3rd September – Publication of the Notice of Election

23rd September – close of nominations

26th September – Notice of Poll or Notice of Uncontested Election

10th October – Issue of postal ballot papers (if required)

24th October – Final date for Receipt of Postal Ballot Papers/Election Day

25th October – Count of Votes

Please remember Community Councils do have an important role within our society and fully depend on your support.




Date of the next meeting :- The next meeting will be held in the Royal Marine Hotel at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rdOctober 2019



Declaration of Interest

Police Report

Councillors Report

Treasurers Report

Planning Applications

Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting

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