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Draft Minutes

Hunters Quay Community Council

Meeting Thursday, 5th April, 2018.


Present were: Capt Jas J Wilson, F. McInnes, R Zielinski, J Bell, A Kennedy and A Kerr

Apologies:- C Kennedy

Present :- Councillor A Reid, Constables Finnan and Carr, and local resident Mrs J Gill

Declaration of Interest :- None.

Minutes :- Were accepted. 

Tom Law :- Tom reported on the poor state of our local health service. It is now necessary to call 111 or 999 to get access to A&E. Just turning up is no longer accepted. Reports by different departments are less than truthful. The Finance Committee used an outdated bylaw to ban members of the public from attending. It has been stated that the Out of Hours Service is costing about £2.00M whereas the actual costs would be nearer £4.00M. Tom was thanked for his continuing support of this Council.

Police report :- The report only covered the last four weeks. There had been eight reports. one of a suspicious male, 2 assaults at the holiday village. The Police are assisting the Dog Wardens in an attempt to curb dog fouling. If you see a dog fouling dial 101 and give a description of the person with the dog. The Traffic Meeting has still to have a new date confirmed. The turning area at the top of Cammesreinach Crescent was discussed, some are using this area as a parking place making it impossible for lorries to turn. It may be necessary to line it or sign it. Councillor Reid would look into this.

Jim Crow :- It still has not been painted but will be done as agreed at the last meeting. Concerns were raised about a report in the local paper that could have been construed as having come from this Council and not as an opinion of the chair. The chair apologized for the use of the word 'we' instead of 'I' 

Councillors Report :- Councillor Reid submitted his report in the form of a leaflet and the following were discussed:- The new wall above the boat shed has some sharp protruding stones which may need cropping. Manor Park overgrown trees, it is hoped that the Council will clear the area and present the bill to the owners. Potholes are still a problem, some have been filled only for them to open a few days later. The planning department information on TPO's was noted. Dog Fouling also noted. The turning circle at the top of Cammesrainach Crescent needs to be signed to stop wayward parking. A member of this council wished to praise the approaches to the Queens Hall, he felt that it would enhance the area.

Planning :- 18/00506/PP the demolishing of one shed and replacing same, no objections. 17/00078/PP Western Ferries, this application was approved on 9th February without any notification to this Council. Mr Reid would enquire.

Weed killing :- Waiting for spring.

Marine Parade Rails :- Painting is in abeyance due to weather etc.

Marine Parade Seats:- Mrs Kerr reported that another two seats had been refurbished and replaced using three hold down bolts. It was agreed that we would continue the work for the next four seats and hope that money would be available to complete the process.

Treasurers Report:- There was £381.39 in the account with £140.00 committed towards four more seats agreed by the council.

George Street Bus Shelter:- The bin is still being used by householders.

Assets Register:- As Callum will not be applying for reelection to our CC. we will need a new need a member to take this on

Scouts:- It was reported that the Scouts would seem to have found pastures new.

AOCB :- It was noted that some of the local street lights were lit at odd times. It was also noted that the pampas grass along Marine Parade needs to be dealt with.

The chair thanked the members for their support and the Council was dissolved.

Date of the next meeting:- The next meeting will be held in the Community Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd May, 2018. If called by Argyll and Bute Council.

Agenda :- Election of Office Bearers..





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