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Draft Minutes

Hunters Quay Community Council

Meeting Thursday 7th March, 2019


 Present were: Capt Jas J Wilson, F McInnes, J Gill, J Bell and R Zielinski  Apologies :-  A Kerr and A Kennedy

Present :-  Councillor A Reid and Constables Gary Gladwell and Andrew Taylor

Declaration of Interest :- The Chair declared an interest in a planning application. 

Minutes :-  Accepted

Police Report :- It was reported that there were 9 incidents in the last month only one of which had raised a report. They included, complaints about noise, one road traffic incident, one child causing trouble in their own home and various complaints at the Holiday Village. It was asked that the minutes be sent to Inspector Douglas Wilson. We again complained about queueing on the main road at the Terminal and parking on yellow lines at both the north and south of the entrance. We were reminded that this was no longer a Police matter but it was pointed out that this was Dangerous and did come under their remit. They were asked about the costs to the Police in connection to Brexit and indicated that it would not be a problem in this area. They were thanked for attending and left the meeting.

Health and Social Care :- Mr Law gave a report on the continuing problems and monitary failings in this local field. There had been changes at the top with more related costs to Highland Health Board and they were attempting to structure a new group possibly to replace the IJB. This IJB Group has 34 members and almost all have changed. There was to be a meeting on Friday 8th March at which Kate Stevens of the planning group would meet with the Coccus of Argyll Community Councils which the chair agreed to attend.

Councillors Report :-  Councillor Reid reported on the Council Budget indicating that we would pay higher taxes but would receive less services. There would be cuts to Youth services, Music teaching and Amenity Services. It should be noted that Social Services and Health Costs are not controlled by the Council. He would investigate the pot holes on Cammesreinach cressent. There is to be a Transport Forum on Monday 11th March at 10.00 in the Pier building to which Mr Bell would attend.

The Small Animal Rescue Centre.:- An e mail from Dick Walsh to Alan Reid was read to the meeting giving a distinct reason why this Centre does not meet planning requirements and expressing his dissapointment that nothing has been done to rectify this. Mr Reid said that he had been in contact with Mr Howard Young of the Planning Department and had received the usual excuses of new man in the job, pressure of manning and ‘no obvious planning or environmental problem’ He would follow this up as there would seem to be a flaw in the Planning Department when this item has taken so long to be actioned.

Marine Parade Seats :- To be painted in the spring.

Page two.

Treasurer’s Report :- Mrs Kerr reported by e-mail that there was £179.87 in the account. She also tendered her resignation due to other commitments. She would complete the annual statement at the end of the month and hand over to the next Treasurer. The Chair thanked her for her valued service and wished her well for the future. Mr J Bell agreed to take up the post.

Friends of HQ :-  Roland and Juliette had held a meeting prior to this meeting at which it was decided to try to find a way to raise the spirit of the community. In the first instance it was proposed to hold a table sale in the Hall. A date and time to be found that does not clash with other organisations doing the same thing

Jim Crow :-  No progress.

HQCA :- The letter written to the Scouts had not been acknowledged.

Post Office :- A notice for sale is on the door. It was noted that the Coffee Shop was also closed

Planning:- No applications this month. Still no hard copies being sent out. Mr Reid indicated that the Hoilday Park application would most likely go to a public hearing and possibly the Western Ferries application could be the same.

AOCB :- None.

Date of the next meeting :-

The next meeting will be held in the Community Hall at 7.30pm on Thursday, 4th April, 2019.

Agenda :-


Declaration of interest                                        

Police Report.    

Councillors Report

Treasurers Report

Planning Applications                                          

Any Other Business                                                

Date of the next meeting


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