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Neighbourhood Plan Minutes


Minutes of Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

8th July 2014


Present: Ian Graham                                                           Apologies: Rita Sinclair

                Dorothy Bone                                                                          Carol Graham

                David Johnson                                                                         Angela Crampton

                Pat Mussett

                Jeannette Bowen

                Lorna Sutcliffe

                John Hobson (Secretary)

               Chris Hobson (Chair)

                 Charlton Gibbon Mbro. Council

                Katherine Whitwell Mbro. Council


The chair opened the meeting by telling members that she had met with Angela Crampton and they had looked at The Sequential Task Schedule produced by Chris Anderson and they had ticked off various items which the forum has already achieved and this took us half way down the schedule.  Angela has sorted out all of the evidence files and this will be kept at her home. 

It was mentioned about community involvement and the chair said that we have a community council website, and a facebook account.  The chair is going to speak on the Neighbourhood Plan at the next community council meeting.  This will ensure that it will be given to every house in the ward on the following community council newsletter. 

It was decided that we need to work on policies for planning with a few of the members to get together to write some projects.  Charlton suggested the Nunthorpe Design Statement may be useful to extract background information.

John posed a question to Charlton about the percentage increase of footprint allowed for extensions and a discussion took place regarding this.

Katherine suggested perhaps a quality control officer could attend the next meeting.  John thought that this was probably better to leave this until a later date when we have more questions to ask. 

Middlesbrough Council are reviewing a community development support programme.  It was suggested that if we had the proper support at the beginning of this neighbourhood plan we would be a lot further on than we are now. Charlton responded that legislation was still new to the council at the beginning of the process as it was to us also.  He thought that the planning minister was looking at ways to speed up the process.

Consultancy support – Chris was going to look into further funding to see if we can get help from a Planning Consultant.




A discussion on the Ethos and Character of the area was read by everyone and appeared to be acceptable.  Charlton asked if policies would be written at these meetings.  He was told no they will be written by a small group and then brought back to the meeting for discussion.


A discussion took place regarding Education and Transport as to whether there was any merit in writing a policy for these subjects as we would not have any influence over either.



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