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Marton West Community Council.

Minutes of Meeting held on 14th May 2015

in the Methodist Church Hall, The Grove, Marton

1. Attendance:

Present – 15

Apologies – 15

Welcome and introductions - Lorna Sutcliffe (Chair) welcomed everyone and

congratulated Chris & John Hobson on being re-elected as our ward councilors for

Marton West. She also thanked Vicky Guest for standing in as Secretary and taking

the minutes for this evening meeting.

PCSO Helen Baron reported on crime int he area.


2 burglaries at Cambridge Avenue and Stokesley Road; 1 shed break-in. 1 male arrested

and charged

Criminal damage-1 damage to a house caused by son; 1 slashed tyre; 1 damage to a taxi

at Marton shops

Theft - 1 theft of a pedal cycle at Marton shops; 1 theft from Tesco

ASB - 2 neighbour disputes; youths lighting fires at Fairy Dell; youths kicking fences and

throwing stones. Visit http://www.police.uk/cleveland/Marton%20West/crime

a) 'Priority list’ - parking issues in Buxton Avenue and Knaresborough Avenue for

Lingfield Primary School to remain as a priority. Difficulties are caused by

parking on both sides of the road. PSCO Helen Barron explained that it would

be difficult to bring in enforcements unless cars were parking on yellow lines or

blocking drives. If so, then keep a record of any car registrations so that

warning letters can be sent out to the car owners.

b) Report from Chief Inspector Dave Sutherland: He has recently taken over and

is impressed by the hard work and commitment, but also the variety of tasks

that were being dealt with. However, there has been an increase in crime and

antisocial behaviour in the last 12 months. Operation Impact (anti-social

behaviour), Operation Hawk (burglary) and Operation Boost (retail theft in town

centre) have been set up. We are reminded that the public can help by using

Crimestoppers to report any suspicious behaviour; keeping doors and windows

locked; by using Twitter and Facebook to follow the local neighbourhood police



3. Speaker: Sarah Fishburn Sarah Fishburn – Larchfield Therapeutic Crafts Activities

Sarah explained that Larchfield Community is a charity, funded through Social

Services and the Camphill Village Trust. It is situated on the Stokesley Road from

Hemlington, before Cherry Hill Nursery. It is a working community farm that

provides work centred training and opportunities for individuals who have

learning difficulties and / or mental health issues. Many individuals are supported

at Larchfield. Twenty five people are resident, while others who reside in

Middlesbrough, Stockton and North Yorkshire attend as day placements.

Individuals are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge to gain an

understanding of their work based activities. In return this gives them a feeling of

self-worth and fulfilment, creating a sense of ‘belonging’ in society.

Sarah then described how felt is made, the different types of wool that are used

and how wool is dyed using natural items, for example, daffodils and onion skins.

Andrew Jameson gave a demonstration showing how to press down the felt.

Larchfield Crafts are well staffed and have 5 volunteers who provide 1-1 support

to the individuals.

Sarah showed the excellent types of the crafts that are made at Larchfield, from a

rug using scraps of old t-shirts through to a tea cosy. Everything is sold and all the

proceeds go back to the charity.

Larchfield Crafts is open Monday to Friday 9-4pm. It has a shop, selling its own

farm and bakery produce and other ‘organic’ items and a café which uses its own


Further information is available on the website –www.cvt.org.uk/larchfieldcommunity

or phone 01642 579800 for the main office and 01642579804 for the

shop and café.

4. AGM followed – separate Minutes were taken which will be distributed before

the next AGM.

As current Chair, Lorna Sutcliffe gave a brief resumé of last year’s events.

The election of Officers was as follows:

Chair: Lorna Sutcliffe

Deputy Chair: Cllr Chris Hobson

Treasurer: Cllr John Hobson

Deputy Treasurer: Vicky Guest

Secretary: Jeannette Bowen (Reserves Neil Guest, Vicky Guest)

Executive Members: All Officers plus Yvonne Shanahan, Dawn Guest

Lorna Sutcliffe continued as Chair and gave a brief resumé of the previous year’s


5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting on March 12th 2015:


6. Matters arising:

a) Item 5 – Neighbourhood Watch - one resident had seen alerts regarding

Neighbourhood watch on Facebook by Susan Gill. Lorna asked the resident to

contact Susan Gill and report back at the next meeting.

b) One other resident said that Neighbourhood Watch seemed to be dying down


in this area, although he has been invited to attend an all-day event at the

Police Headquarters on 3rd June to discuss future Neighbourhood Watch plans.

c) One resident commented on the loss of police helicopter and the subsequent

response from the Police Commissioner regarding the letter from the

Community Council meeting, sent in by the Secretary. The meeting agreed it

was a very disappointing response from the office of Police Commissioner Barry


7. Treasurer’s Report: Cllr John Hobson

The current balance is £2,340.93p

8. Planning Issues: Cllr John Hobson

a) 96 Gunnergate Lane – a planning application has been passed

b) Land owned by Ford Close Riding School – a planning application for 6

bungalows has been rejected for the second time because of the narrowness of

the road at that point

9. Neighbourhood Plan for Marton West Ward: Cllr Chris Hobson

No further progress because of the elections


Local Issues:

a) The meeting was told that a Wildflower Walk will take place in Fairy Dell on

Thursday 21st May 10-12pm

b) One resident commented that the new footpaths in Bonnygrove Park are

starting to crack. The Councillors are already looking into this. They have

contacted Area Care but have not yet heard back from them.


Chris &




Any Other Business:

a) One resident thought that some new trees had been planted near the Gentoo


b) The same resident has noticed the footpath near Sudbury is sliding away due to

the amount of rainfall. The Councillors will investigate.

c) Cllr Chris Hobson advised that Northumbria in Bloom judging will take place on

July 8th. She asked that everyone help by tending their own area.

d) The meeting closed at 8.50pm with the Chair’s hope for more people at the

next meeting.


Chris &



12. Date of the next Meeting:

Thursday, 9th July 2015 at 7.30pm

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