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Draft Minutes

Hunters Quay Community Council

Meeting : Thursday 3rd October 2019.


Present were: R Zielinski, F.McInnes and D.Cooper

Apologies:- J.Bell

Present :- Councilor A Reid & Councilor G.Blair Mr.T.Law and Constable A.Taylor

Declaration of Interest :- None.

Minutes :- Were accepted.


The chair welcomed our newly elected councilor David Cooper and wished him well in his new role.

Police report :- Constable Taylor reported a total of 9 incidents during the month of September including 2 road traffic incidents. There were no crime reports.

There was considerable discussion once again regarding inconsiderate parking at the usual hotspots.

Speeding traffic within the 20mph zone at Cammesreinach Crescent was also brought to the attention of Constable Taylor.

Councillors Report :-

Councilor Reid reported that weeding was well underway along Marine Parade and George St and the remarkable visual improvement was welcomed by all, however it would appear that Eccles Rd remains to be treated.

The area around the flats on George St had been visited by the parking warden after our last meeting and parking tickets were issued to several illegally parked cars.

The Chair questioned the councillors for reason why the railings along Marine Parade have been left unpainted halfway between Western Ferries and James St after exhaustive efforts by our former C.C. Councillor A. Kerr for the paint to be procured by Nigel Potts specifically for this purpose.


Mr Tom Law expressed serious concerns which were supported by all present regarding patient transport within our area. Outpatients, many with serious conditions are having to attend hospitals as far as Glasgow and Dumbarton for ongoing treatment quite often on a regular basis without any means of patient transport. Many of these appointments will be scheduled early a.m. and often requires patients having to arrange overnight accommodation again at considerable expense to them. It would appear that expense claims are permitted on a means tested basis only and requires a major form filling exercise.

There is no doubt that the lack of medical services available within our local hospital and the requirement of patients having to travel so far for treatments at their own expense is a major contributing factor in the dramatic decrease in our local population.



Planning :- Ref.19/01832/PP Erection of replacement 7 George St Hunters Quay. No objections.



Treasurers Report :- The chair reported in absence of the treasurer that after payments of £10.00 to A&B ( car park ) £24.00 to Argyll Print & Design Ltd ( Election Flyers ) and receipt of £120.00 ( Boatshed ) & £454.22 ( Argyll & Bute Council ) a balance of £720.09


Woodland Walk:- The Community Council are still awaiting further progress report.


AOCB :- The menace of illegal and inconsiderate parking across on George St adjacent the Post Office continues to be a problem.

The walled area adjacent the substation on Victoria Rd was requested a safety inspection due to the danger of accidental fall.

The chair wishes to express his sincere gratitude to Juliette Gill and Ruhi & Paul Thallon for all their help and assistance during our recent by-election.




Date of the next meeting :- The next meeting will be held in the Royal Marine Hotel at 7.30pm on Thursday 7thNovember 2019



Declaration of Interest

Police Report

Councillors Report

Treasurers Report

Planning Applications

Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting

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