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Posted by belitakin123 on 02 May 2018
Defibrillator in Hunter's Quay
Hello, I have seen that there are many places in the area that have defibrillators and as far as I am aware, the nearest to Hunter's Quay is either in Dunoon or Sandbank. I wondered if there would be any interest in raising funds for one to located in our area, I note that Innellan have already started fund raising. I would be willing to get involved and I am sure that some of my neighbours would be interested too.
Posted by Kathryn Maclean on 08 November 2017
can anyone tell me why the slip at western ferries is taped off as I keep my boat there and can no longer take my car down the ramp
Posted by billy borthwick on 29 February 2016
I understand that it was taped off because of some weeds that could prove dangerous to dogs if they ate them.
Posted by Susan McInnes on 29 February 2016
This is correct.
As long as you are aware of this you can untie the tape to access your boat provided you retie it subsequently and obviously do not allow a dog to be loose in this area.
Posted by Fulton McInnes on 29 February 2016
boat moving
looking possibly for someone to move 12ft dinghy from dunoon to the slipway at western ferries if I buy it this weekend if possible
Posted by billy borthwick on 01 July 2015
is there anywhere in hunters quay to launch and store small dinghy I have noticed a small slipway next to western ferries can anyone advise if its possible to use this slip and also chain dinghy up when not in use
Posted by brian borthwick on 29 June 2015
boat access
Posted on 21 June 2015
Posted on 18 January 2013
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ooh24/7 review
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ooh review
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ooh health review
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local health sevice review
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gp ooh review
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review of out of hours medical service
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The out of hours medical service
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my favourite
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guess what?
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s w
Posted on 18 September 2009
water concerns
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continuing water struggle
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scottish water
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water concerns
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Western Ferries
Posted on 22 July 2008
guess what
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scottish water
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Manor Park
Posted on 13 September 2007
the water
Posted on 07 September 2007
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