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Beach Safety
Notice for Beach Users
Welcome to all

Please help keep our beaches and coastal area clean and safe

 Please respect other users and take note of the following safety guidance so all can enjoy the beach in harmony.

 Remove any litter, and place in bins provided. Dogs should be kept under control especially when beach is busy, and all excrement removed and placed in dog or  litter bin.
Parents - be aware of dangers of inflatable water toys/lilos especially when there is an offshore wind. Portmahomack is a safe bathing area but please keep a watch on young children and inexperienced swimmers. Remember Slip Slap the Sun Screen for a Happy Holiday Please ensure that children take care crossing the road from the beach or grassy areas.

Vehicles are only allowed on the Beach for launching access and should be parked in the car park after launching trailers can be left on the beach to the area right of the beach access; no vehicles are to be driven along the beach.
Trail and Quad bikes are not permitted near main beach area when in use by general beach users.
POWER BOATS AND JET SKIS All towing vehicles are to be removed from beach; trailers can be left in the area marked in orange on the chart below.Please launch boats and jet skis in the area marked and keep away from beach and bathing areas shown in green.Jet skiers, Water skiers and boat owners should keep well clear of bathers, canoeists, wind surfers and dinghy sailors.It is important that Jet skiers are appropriately trained and have valid liability insurance.
SWIMMERS Please avoid swimming under pontoon structure and near anchored boats.
The slippy’ is traditionally a recognised diving point/swimming venue please be aware of your own safety and that of others.Remember cold can make you less able in the water, don’t stay in too long-take a break for your own safety.
ALL WATER USERS Please make sure someone on-shore knows where you are and your expected time of return.Fisherman please make sure that hooks and line etc. are removed and disposed of safely.
No Overnight Camping
is allowed on the beach or car parks.
Please take care of BBQ's and make sure that any mess including ash is not left to soil the beach.

Page Last Updated - 10/02/2008
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