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              CLIMATE CHANGE   



      Variation of Earth's Surface Temperature, 1000-2000 and 1860-2000

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1000 Year Temperature Comparison

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    File:Carbon History and Flux

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 Climate change and global warming are probably the greatest threat humankind has ever faced. It is important for each of us to take a personal responsibility for acting in what ever way we can to avoid the slide into the global catastrophy which will occur if we do not act now. Future generations will curse us for not taking steps to reduce the effects of climate change when we had the opportunity to do so. Acting at an individual level is important and effective  because what happens globally is just the sum total of what we do individually. It's what we do as individuals, families and communities which will make the difference. The key is to:



  • Insulate your hot water tank and loft space.

  • Install cavity wall insulation.

  • Install solar panels,  solar PV for electricity and/or solar thermal for hot water.

  • Replace windows with double glazed units.

  • Replace your old boiler with a combi and or condensing gas boiler. Using electricity for heating is bad news for your finances. 

  • Make sure you have good central heating  controls so you only heat the house when you want to and maintain a temperature of no more than 20C. If you are still cold put a jumper on! Don't heat rooms you do not use.

  • Make sure your hot water is no more than 55C.If you use an electric kettle, heat only the amount of water you need for drinks etc rather than a whole kettle full.

  • Don't leave electrical equipment such as TVs computers etc on stand by-switch them off if you are not using them.
  • Replace light bulb with low energy ones. They are more expensive to buy but they will save you energy and lots of money in the long term.

  • Next time you buy a car consider one which uses less fuel and gives a good mpg.

  • Get rid of that second or third car and consider using public transport.It's free for people over 60 in Wales (and for return journeys into England).

  • Get your kids to walk or cycle to school the exercise will be good for them.

  • Recycle as much of our waste as possible.

  • Buy food which is locally grown or produced.

  • Think about holiday travel other than by air.

  • Limit your family to 1 or 2 children.

If you think that your house or flat would benefit from better insulation contact Torfaen Council they will be able to advise and you may get it fitted free of charge!

Why not be a rotter! Start composing your garden waste using a compost bin you can obtain at reduced cost from Torfaen CBC. Phone up and ask for details.

Torfaen's Kerbside Recycling Scheme

Torfaen is now recycling some 500 tonnes of domestic waste per month and is well on the way to meeting Welsh Asembly recycling target of 40% by 2009.Curently we are recycling 37% of our deomestic waste. The twin bin scheme is gradually being phased in across the Borough with New Inn being included later this year. Currently some 24,000 homes now operate the twin bin scheme.This will enable all garden and food waste to be collected for composting in addition to the black box scheme for the collection of paper, glass, plastic bottles and metal. The bins will be collected on alternate weeks. This will mean a weekly bin collection and black box collection every week. The idea is that recycling and composing will mean that your ordinary bin will only need to be collected once  every two weeks. Large bulky household items can be collected from your home by the Council by prior arrangement and the payment of a fee. Alternatively you can take large items and other materials to the New Inn Waste Tansfer Station. Trade waste disposed of at the Transfer Station has to be paid for. 

Anyone caught 'fly tipping' or depositing waste illegally in an unauthorised place will be subject to heavy fines or a prison sentence.

Recycling Tips: Help Us to Recycle Your Waste Efficiently

  • Do not mix recycling materials left in bags, i.e. keep newspapers and magazines separate from glass bottles.

  • Put your black box out before 8am

  • Put your black box out by the kerbside.

  • Squash plastic bottles and beer cans to increase capacity on the lorries.

  • Make sure you know which items go in the black box and use it as much as possible.

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