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DRAFT Agenda

Members of the public are very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under the guidance of the Chairman


1.   Introductions and Apologies


2.   Declarations of interest


3.   Approval of the minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 5 June 2018 and matters arising from the minutes


4.   Co-option


5.   Treasurer’s report


6.   Correspondences


7.   AOB from Community Council members


8.   AOB from members of the public


9.  Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations


10.  Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues


11.  Dates of future meetings



DRAFT Minutes of the Garve & District Community Council Annual General Meeting

held on Tuesday 5 June 2018 in Garve Village Hall

Community Council members present: Kenny Maclean (Chairman), Jennifer Haslam (Secretary), Eliza Leslie Melville (Treasurer), Bob Moir, Caroline Gamble and co-opted member Joe Stewart (from 7.05pm). 

Also present: Val MacIver (Platform PR), Cllr Dr Ian Cockburn, Tina Hartley & Lucy Beattie (local Development & Engagement Officers) and seven members of the public.

Apologies: Co-opted member Moragh Wylie, Robbie Bain (Ward Manager), Katrina Taylor (HC), Iain Moncrieff (HC) and Martin Macphee (Eneco).

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.00pm and welcomed everyone.  Old minute books dating back to April 1994 were available to view at this meeting.

Declarations of Interest - None.  Community Council members confirmed that they had read all documents due to be discussed tonight before the start of this meeting.

Approval of minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 12 June 2017 in Garve Village Hall were proposed by Bob Moir and seconded by Caroline Gamble.

Co-opted member Joe Stewart joined the meeting at 7.05pm.

Matters arising – none.

Chairman annual report - This report has already sent to Community Council members, sent out via our emailing list and was available at Garve Post Office … “This is my tenth Chairman’s report for the Garve & District Community Council and as ever, there has been plenty going on covering a wide range of issues since my last report twelve months ago.

EDF and Platform PR have continued to be regular attendees of the Community Council meetings.  We have very much appreciated the on-site updates and hearing about their community benefit plans.  The Education & Training fund will also be a huge help to students of all ages from our area for helping them to finance training or re-training.  The Corriemoillie windfarm officially opened on Wednesday 28 June 2017.  Work on the main community benefit fund has been slow due to conflicting legal advice but appears to be heading in the right direction now.

Infinergy have visited us on several occasions in the last twelve months to keep us informed of a possible extension to the Lochluichart windfarm.  Their open days were attended by 26 people on 3&4 October 2017 and 13 people on Tuesday 3 April 2018.  We have also appreciated the updates from Eneco.

A Community Ceilidh was held on Saturday 19 August 2017 which was attended by 58 people of all ages and from all corners of the Community Council area.  There are plans for another Community Ceilidh later this year.  These Ceilidh’s help to bring the community together in a social, vibrant and enjoyable way, something that was highlighted as a need in the 2016 Community Needs Survey.

The summer months were dominated by establishing The Garve & District Development Company, something the community wanted to see as indicated in the 2016 Community Needs Survey.  The inaugural meeting where four Member Directors were elected took place on Wednesday 9 August 2017.  The Company has been a separate entity from the Community Council since this date but we have been grateful for the updates provided to us by their Chairman.

Our website - www.community-council.org.uk/garveanddistrict  continues to be well used since it was first launched in March 2013, receiving around 150 visitors per month.  Minutes from the last three years are available to view or download along with other Community Council documents.

The Community Council has considered one scoping report, twenty-seven consultation documents, three building warrants, six planning applications and one licensing application since the last Annual General Meeting.

Another topic that is a regular one not just over the last twelve months but over many years has been the road network.  The various road issues have included speeding and speed zones, the Stromeferry Bypass, roadside fences, landslides, sight lines, the Jetpacker, damaged crash barriers and road surfaces, white lines, the Gorstan Junction, flooding, blocked culverts/offlets and drains, potholes, resurfacing works, grit bins, road sweeping, grass verge cutting, streetlighting, verge reinstatements work and of course gritting.  With having a trunk road as well as Highland Council roads in our area, we have a lot of liaising to do with different people and organizations.  I’m sure roads will continue to be a regular topic of our discussions.  I was very pleased to show Iain Moncrieff from The Highland Council’s roads department around our area on Thursday 7 December 2017.  This visit really helped him to see our road issues first hand.

We have also addressed or looked into a number of other issues since our last Annual General Meeting including Postboxes, Information Shelters, Garve bus shelter and the Garve football pitch fence, Joint Community Council meetings, electric vehicle charging points, fly tipping, first aid course (attended by 20 people), Wester Ross Biosphere and SHARP project updates, bench plaques, picnic tables, The Strathpeffer Skiff, The Avenue, Highland Council budget cuts, public toilet changes, blue bins and layby bins, fly tipping, Mobile Bank changes, Dog fouling, roadside memorials along with various Network Rail, SF&RS and SSE issues.  The regular Police reports are always welcomed by the Community Council members as are the draft minutes from other Community Councils in the ward.  All these documents help us to stay informed.

The various issues have been discussed at twelve ordinary meetings held since the last Annual General Meeting.  These meetings, which have lasted around twenty-two hours, have been well attended by representatives from different companies, agencies, organisations and the public.  The inclusion of pictures in the official minutes also helps to add extra detail.

Our posters and fliers have been another way that help to keep everyone in the Community Council area up to date with the Community Council’s discussions, decisions and our various events we hold throughout the year.  My thanks to the various outlets in the Community Council area for helping to spread the word.  Their assistance along with our emailing list really helps us to get the information out into the community.

Sadly, The Highland Council decided on Thursday 15 February 2018 to cut the money given to Community Councils to cover their administration costs by around 50%.  Nobody saw such a deep cut coming to any of the Community Councils or for it to take effect so soon especially at a time when The Highland Council itself was encouraging "localism".  We have had to cut our cloth accordingly.

I would like to thank all the Community Council members for the continuing support they give me and may I thank them on behalf of the community for all the hard work they do as Community Council members.  It should always be remembered that Community Council members VOLUNTEER their time to represent their community.

We must thank Jennifer Haslam, who oversees the Secretarial duties.  We must also thank Eliza Leslie Melville who, as Madam Treasurer oversees our accounts. 

A thank you must go to our Ward Councillors and to Robbie Bain, Ward Manager for their input and advice.  We must also thank the Garve and Achnasheen Village Hall committees for being so helpful to the Community Council throughout the year.

Finally, but by no means least, a thank you must go to the people of this community.  Although not everybody from the community has ever attended a meeting and listened in to our discussions, we know by speaking to you on our travels and by the number of you who wanted to be on our emailing list that you do read the minutes and that you appreciate and support the work we do.  That support really does make all the difference.”

Those present had no questions on the Chairman’s report.

Treasurers report – The audited accounts for 2017/2018 have, as usual, been available in Garve Post Office and on the Community Council website over the last few weeks.  Copies were also available from any Community Council member or at this meeting.  The Treasurer noted that £276.00 was left over from the Defibrillator project – this amount will be returned to the LCT.  The Treasurer also noted that our maintenance grant from The Highland Council has been cut from around £880.00 to £359.00 after insurance.  We will need to cut our cloth accordingly.  Those present had no questions on the audited accounts.  The audited accounts for 2017/2018 were then formally proposed for adoption by Eliza Leslie Melville and seconded by Kenny Maclean, all agreed.  Thanks to our auditor.  (Accounts are available in the library section of this website).

Election of Office Bearers – Jennifer Haslam proposed Eliza Leslie Melville continue as Treasurer.  Bob Moir seconded and all agreed.  Eliza Leslie Melville proposed Jennifer Haslam continue as Secretary.  Joe Stewart seconded and all agreed.  Jennifer Haslam proposed that Kenny Maclean continue as Chairman.  Eliza Leslie Melville seconded and all agreed.  Community Council members also agreed that the Chairman continue to deal with any press enquiries, liaison with other local groups and Community Council website administrator.

Dates of future meetings – Due to our maintenance grant from The Highland Council being cut, some Community Council members have suggested cutting the number of meetings from twelve per year to ten per year.  Perhaps a summer and winter break.  One less meeting in Achnasheen, one less meeting in Garve.  Standing Order 1.2 would need amending accordingly.  The dates of future meetings which included reducing the overall number of meetings to ten per year were proposed by Jennifer Haslam and seconded by Joe Stewart, subject to Hall availability.  All agreed.  Standing Order 1.2 will be amended accordingly.

Any other Annual General Meeting business – none.

Date of the next Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 4 June 2019, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the Annual General Meeting at 7.15pm. 



DRAFT Minutes of the Garve & District Community Council ordinary meeting

held on Tuesday 5 June 2018 in Garve Village Hall

Community Council members present: Kenny Maclean (Chairman), Jennifer Haslam (Secretary), Eliza Leslie Melville (Treasurer), Bob Moir, Caroline Gamble and co-opted member Joe Stewart (from 7.05pm). 

Also present: Val MacIver (Platform PR), Cllr Dr Ian Cockburn, Tina Hartley & Lucy Beattie (local Development & Engagement Officers) and seven members of the public.

Apologies: Co-opted member Moragh Wylie, Robbie Bain (Ward Manager), Katrina Taylor (HC), Iain Moncrieff (HC) and Martin Macphee (Eneco).

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting and welcomed everyone.  He reminded members of the public that they were very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under his guidance.

Community Council members were saddened to learn that Jock Logie, a long-time resident of the Lochluichart Estate and former Community Council member passed away a few weeks ago, our thoughts are with Jean, Andy and the family.

Declarations of Interest – None.  Community Council members confirmed that they had read all documents due to be discussed tonight before the start of this meeting.

Approval of minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 1 May 2018 in Achnasheen Village Hall were proposed by Bob Moir and seconded by Eliza Leslie Melville.  Minutes are available at Garve Post Office, Achnasheen Village notice board, on our website or via email.

Matters arising - Eneco – Martin Macphee was unable to attend this evening but has provided us with the following … “All turbines are running well at Lochluichart, Component replacement works involving cranes provisional earliest end of June, but more likely mid-July.  No further info to share at this time.”  We thank Martin for the update.

EDF - Val MacIver updated the meeting that “things on site are as you were”.  Forestry contracts are due to be awarded soon.  Ten up-and-coming green energy stars have been honoured at the 2018 Young Professionals Green Energy Awards including Hannah Greening of EDF who won the Judges Award for her management of the Corriemoillie Windfarm Blanket Mire Restoration Project.  Val MacIver was thanked for her updates.

Infinergy - www.lxxwindfarm.co.uk - no news regarding the Infinergy project but at their open day held in Garve on Tuesday 3 April 2018, a concern was raised about the noise generated by the Beauly-Mossford 132kV powerline which runs close to Garve and, how under certain conditions (generally a westerly wind direction), a noticeable amount of noise is generated from the powerlines.  Nick Sage is still awaiting a response from SSE.  (Post meeting note – it appears SSE have been in touch directly with the local resident who raised the concern).

Proposed Kirkan windfarm – www.kirkanwindfarm.co.uk – Coriolis Energy and ESB (ESB is a state-owned electricity company operating in the Republic of Ireland) will be holding public exhibitions to introduce this proposal to the community.  The exhibitions will be held on Tuesday 12 June 2018 in Garve Village Hall from 1.00pm until 7.00pm and the following day in Achnasheen Village Hall from 11.00am until 4.00pm.  This notice has already appeared in the press.  According to Coriolis Energy’s website, The Government recently asked the renewables industry to consider offering shared ownership of onshore wind projects with communities.  Coriolis Energy would like to find out whether there is interest in principle in this option for the proposed Kirkan windfarm.  Information about the project has been delivered to some properties in the area.  It was noted that the photomontage suggests this project will be more visible from the A835 than Lochluichart or Corriemoillie windfarms.

Highland Council updates – www.highland.gov.uk - School Road in Achnasheen – the potholes were filled in the day after our last ordinary meeting.  The gully sucker was in Achnasheen on the same day.  The Secretary noted the bin at Grudie layby is missing.  Katrina Taylor at The Highland Council writes … “I am sure we have said in the past that we can’t keep replacing bins in this area, there really is not another area where litter bins go missing so often which is such a shame in a nice quiet area, I will arrange for it to be done this time but will have to review this if it goes missing again.”  We thank Katrina for her help.  The Secretary noted that it may help if the bin men made sure the bin was locked into the stand properly however, it appears whoever took the bin also took the rubbish in the bin!  Perhaps the stand needs moving to the other side of the layby.  The suggestion will be passed onto Katrina.  The Secretary has oiled the lock on the stand.  The Chairman noted the bins in Achnasheen Village centre are full before the bins are next due to be emptied.  Katrina Taylor at The Highland Council writes … “As we cannot get to Achnasheen any more often than once a week to service green bins, I will arrange for another bin to go into the carpark.”  Again, we thank Katrina for her help.  An additional bin was installed last week on a stand in the Village centre.

Iain Moncrieff at The Highland Council’s Roads Department has confirmed that they are preparing a tender for the repair of crash barriers and this should cover most of the ones on our list.  The side road at Gorstan will now be added to the program of works following flood investigation works however social media posts over the weekend has highlighted that further drainage works may also be required.  The Chairman hopes to meet with Iain Moncrieff from The Highland Council’s Roads Department later this week on site.

The Highland Council notes that residents should report issues directly to them by calling The Highland Council’s Call Centre on 01349 886606, by visiting Ross House, Dingwall or via www.highland.gov.uk/report  In all cases, you will be given a reference number.  The Highland Council also appreciate photos showing the actual problem.  All road issues we have reported will be attached to the end of these minutes.

BEAR update – resurfacing works are now complete at Loch Glascarnoch, Inchbae and east of Garve.  Replacing the streetlight poles in Station Road, Garve are required as some of the existing poles have 80% surface corrosion as identified within BEAR’s maintenance programme and detailed on the most recent visual inspection.  With regard to verges and pavements, works are still currently ongoing and although they are not currently to the standard BEAR expect from their contractors, this fact has been communicated to the contractors concerned.  Topsoil and grass seed has been ordered, which on completion of the works, will be used to restore any unsatisfactory areas.  We thank Doreen Cockbill at BEAR for the update.  There doesn’t appear to be work on site this week but pavements have been getting tarred. 

There appears to have been two cyclists falling at the Garve level crossing in separate incidents in the last ten days.  It appears an ambulance has been called each time.  It is believed there is only one ambulance based in Dingwall.  As noted at last month’s ordinary meeting, we remind all cyclists that there is signage advising you to dismount as does The Highway Code (rule 82 & 306).  PC Rose and BEAR have been asked for their comments on this issue in light of recent events and the fact this now appears to be happening almost on a monthly basis.

Scottish Water – there appears to have been two separate water main bursts in Garve over the weekend resulting in many properties in the Garve area having no water.  Updates were provided through www.scottishwater.co.uk/contact-us/current-updates or by calling 0800 0778 778.  Scottish Water also set up a collection point at Strathgarve Primary School where bottled water was available.  Gavin Steel at Scottish Water has updated us … “The problem first occurred around 2pm on Saturday afternoon, around the time of a torrential downpour which resulted in an intense period of run-off into drains and ditches.  Our team secured the water that was stored in our tank at Garve in order to sustain supply to the local distribution network for as long as possible.  After experiencing initial challenges with locating the problem, we brought water in using road tankers, both to sustain supply to the local network and to help us locate the damaged section of main.  A leak was initially located and repaired on Sunday morning on a smaller section of water main, but this did not succeed in restoring normal supply to the Garve network.  Around midday on Sunday, a further burst was found where the side of a ditch appeared to have been partially washed away by storm water, causing damage to the water main.  This was repaired a little before 3pm that afternoon and most customers should have been back on supply shortly afterwards.  We are continuing to bring water into the area using road tankers in order to speed up the recovery of our storage tank at Garve.  Please accept our apologies for the disruption customers have experienced over the weekend.  We appreciate it’s difficult in warm weather to be without water and that it’s also a busy time for businesses in the area.”  We thank Gavin for the detailed update.  Some of those present noted the Scottish Water website was not updated until Sunday mid-morning and that in the Little Garve area the water didn’t come back on until Sunday evening as it appears a valve had not been reopened.  It was also noted that a leak and low pressure to the east of Garve village was reported mid-week.  The apology in Gavin’s email was welcomed by all in attendance.

Residents in Little Gave have been in touch regarding serious concerns with poor parking, inappropriate speeding, litter and dog fouling following the opening of the Wyvis Natural Playpark.  Sharon Wright, Chairperson of the Wyvis Natural Playpark group has provided us with the following update and invite … “The Wyvis Natural Playpark was signed off and opened on 24th May and with the great interest shown and the amazing weather the first weekend saw a very large number of visitors.  We do however expect the numbers to decline and settle after this initial peak.  I have been down to collect litter twice and was delighted to see a very small amount in the car park and even less in the playpark itself!  However, after a large number of swimmers over the weekend I did find a beer bottle, beer can and packaging left next to a towel at the bridge.  I do not believe this to be playpark related but removed them anyway.  We will be officially opening the playpark on Monday 25th June at 1.30pm and we would like to invite G&DCC members to join us”.  We thank Sharon for the update.  Eliza Leslie Melville has been asked to take part in the official opening with Isla Stewart.  Other Community Council members hope to attend.  More details of the playpark are available on their social media page including directions of how to get to the playpark.  It was suggested that perhaps this social media page should encourage visitors to use Silverbridge carpark only, taking the pressure off Little Garve however those present felt people will want to park as close as possible to the site.  Perhaps Forestry Commission Scotland who are involved in the project need to enlarge the Little Garve carpark and users should be encouraged to enter Little Garve from the Silverbridge end.  This suggestion will be passed on.  The issue of no bins and no toilets on site should perhaps also be looked at again due to the high number of visitors.  Perhaps chemical toilets are a way forward?  Concern was also raised that signage advising dogs not to be in the playpark is being ignored.  The signs are apparently very small.  Are speed bumps in Little Garve an answer?  PC Craig Rose has been informed of the traffic management issues.  Concern was also raised that parents/guardians are allowing their children to walk on the walls of Wades bridge – this should be discouraged!  There appeared agreement from those present that they are not against the playpark but that these teething issues, like with anything that is new will need addressing by the group who manage the site.  Another member of the group, Jean Bailey, has asked if the group can borrow the Community Council bunting for the official opening, Community Council members fully agreed. 

2018 Community Ceilidh – after securing funding from the LCT, Garve & District Community Council are again holding a Community Ceilidh for everybody (all ages) in the community in Garve Village Hall on Saturday 25 August 2018 from 8.00pm until 11.00pm.  Doors will open at 7.30pm.  Music will be provided by “The Captain Stupendous Ceilidh Band”, back by popular demand!  Soup and beefburgers will be available from around 9.00pm and those attending are welcome to BYOB and plastic glasses.  As the capacity for this event will be 60, FREE tickets will need to be obtained on a first come first served basis from the Secretary by Monday 13 August 2018.  No ticket will mean no entry on the night.  A raffle will be drawn at the end of the night raising funds for the Community Council.  Donations for the raffle or tombola would be welcome and can be handed in to the Secretary or on the night.  A flier has already been emailed/hand delivered to every accessible property in our area advertising this event (between 18-20 May).  Additional hard copies of the flier are available at Garve Post Office, from the Secretary or at this meeting.  15/60 tickets have already been given away.

The Ward Five Joint Community Council meeting took place on Thursday 17 May 2018 in Lochcarron.  Around half the Community Councils in the ward attended along with the Ward Manager, all four ward Councillor’s and PC Craig Allan.  Notes of this meeting are already available in the library section of our website.  Since the meeting took place, further apologies have been received (via Cllr Kate Stephen) from Ali Brown at Applecross Community Council.  HIE have confirmed that they did receive the agenda but not the formal invitation to attend the meeting.  The Highland Council has confirmed that they do not own land at Achnasheen for an additional salt store.  The Secretary, who has not attended one of these meetings before found it interesting and felt it was good to put faces to names.  Bob Moir, who has attended the last three such meetings felt that, at times, the same Community Councils were raising the same issues having not followed the advice already given to them.  Cllr Cockburn agreed.  Our Chairman felt that if Community Councils don’t chase items promptly then they are not helping their communities.

The Garve & District Development Company - Tina Hartley has sent us the link for the Development Company’s website - https://garve.org which they hope to launch soon.  The Development Company are also on social media.  It appears a “Meet & Greet” morning took place in Garve and Lochluichart on Tuesday 29 May 2018 where residents could meet the new Development & Engagement Officers.  Tina felt the “Meet & Greet” went well and confirmed they hope to hold another “Meet & Greet”, perhaps one evening or at a weekend.  Improving communication will also help to spread the word.  Our Chairman thanked both Tina and Lucy for attending our meetings this evening.

Police report - www.scotland.police.uk – No report received but it was noted that speed checks continue to be carried out on the A832 Gorstan to Achnasheen road and the A890 Achnasheen to Lochcarron road both in marked and unmarked cars.

Press reports inform us that Police Scotland are encouraging residents in the Highlands & Islands to sign up to a free app which provides community alerts of a person with dementia who has been reported missing.  Purple Alert was launched by Alzheimer Scotland last year and creates a way of sharing information which could help return vulnerable people home safely.  The app - endorsed by Police Scotland - works best if a number of people in a community have downloaded it in order to share details and possible sighting of the missing person.  The app uses GPS technology to send an alert to all users within a 30-mile radius.  To find out more about Purple Alert and to download the app, go to www.dementiacircle.org 

Treasurers report – The bank balance on 17 May 2018 was £2,431.71 but there appears to be a deposit of £638.50 that doesn’t belong to us.  The Treasurer will speak to the bank and make further enquiries.  The audited accounts show that on 1 April 2018 our opening balances were £-223.02 in the Treasurer’s account, £554.64 in the community (reserve) fund and £774.50 in the newsletter (flier) fund.  Since then, expenses have been £10 April Hall hire, £20 May Hall hire, £120 auditor fee and £29 fliers for Ceilidh.  £775 received from LCT to cover Community Ceilidh costs.  Total of £528.54 raised from hampers at Garve Hotel after Secretary’s expenses have been paid.  Garve Hotel will now raise funds for the School and Community Council.  A letter of thanks to be sent to Garve Hotel for their help and support.  The Secretary’s help and support in this matter was also noted.  If anyone has any old hamper baskets, The Secretary would be happy to have them for future hampers.

Correspondences - All correspondences are sent to members via email.  Correspondences received by Email – Carol Smith, LCT Secretary – awarding of grant for the 2018 community ceilidh; Lynn Sharp, Project Officer, Improvement Service - Battle's over, a nation's tribute Sunday 11 November 2018 (received via HC policy and forwarded onto The Friends of Garve War Memorial); ePlanning – new planning applications at 4 May 2018; Doreen Cockbill, BEAR – update; ePlanning – new planning applications at 11 May 2018; Flood Risk Management Team – Flood Risk Management Planning - Potentially Vulnerable Areas consultation; ePlanning – new planning applications at 18 May 2018; James Mackenzie, Scottish Government – Scoping opinion request; Alison Clark, Acting Head of Policy, The Highland Council - General Data Protection Regulation – Guidance; Katrina Taylor – bins; ePlanning – new planning applications at 25 May 2018; Sharon Wright - Wyvis Natural Playpark update and invite; Gavin Steel, Corporate Affairs Manager (North), Scottish Water – Garve water supply update; Sally Tigwell – Natural Playpark concerns; ePlanning – new planning applications at 1 June 2018.

Correspondences received by post – Glasdon – Village Gateways & Local Councils; Nick Harvey, Campaigns Manager, Seafarers UK – Fly the red ensign on 3 September 2018.

We have also received draft minutes from Contin, Aultbea, Lochalsh, Shieldaig, Torridon & Kinlochewe, Lochcarron and Plockton Community Councils and approved minutes from Gairloch Community Council.

AOB from Community Council members – Bob Moir noted the light in the speed sign opposite Garve Village Hall is still out.  This was reported in November 2017.  Cllr Cockburn will chase this up.  Bob also noted that while on his recent travels, he discovered you now need a visa to enter Canada even though it is a commonwealth country.  Apparently, the rules changed around 18 months ago.

The Secretary wondered if a “sharp bend ahead” sign could be put beside the road near Grudie Cottage.  The Chairman will speak to Iain Moncrieff from The Highland Council’s Roads Department and Cllr Kate Stephen who is aware of the issues along this section of road.

Since Friday 25 May 2018, General Data Protection Regulation rules came into force.  Community Councils recently received guidance on this matter.  As we hold email addresses of many people so that we can keep them informed of our work, a privacy statement now needs to be drawn up.  Once agreed, the statement will be uploaded to the library section of our website.  Some members noted that other local groups will also need to address this issue.  The proposed privacy statement was proposed by Kenny Maclean and seconded by Bob Moir, all agreed.  Thanks to Ferintosh Community Council who developed the privacy statement for Community Councils in the Highlands.

Moragh Wylie – Moragh Wylie was co-opted onto the Community Council in February 2017.  This afternoon Moragh indicated that she wishes to stand down from the Community Council.  Community Council members were sorry to hear this and wish to send their thanks to her for all her help and support over the last 16 months.  A letter of thanks to be sent to Moragh.  The vacancy will be advertised in due course.

AOB from members of the public – Sue Tarr, a member of the Friends of Lochluichart Church group updated the meeting that there are plans for a Church sign to be put up in due course so people can find the Church easier.  The Highland Council are going to cut vegetation first where the sign is going.  In her capacity as Chairperson of the EDF Education & Training fund panel, she informed the meeting that the panel meet tomorrow to review their first full year.  They will be going over the framework to see if anything needs changing.  The annual report should be released soon.  Sue has found it great working with Foundation Scotland as they help prepare documents for the panel.  Names of those applying can only be published if the applicant agrees.  If anyone is interested in applying to the find, more details are available at www.foundationscotland.org.uk/programmes/corriemoille-education-and-training  Our Chairman thanked Sue for her updates.

Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations – we have received one scoping opinion.  A formal request for a scoping opinion has been submitted to Scottish Ministers by Coriolis Energy on behalf of Kirkan Wind Farm Ltd in respect of the proposed Kirkan windfarm approximately 5.8 km northwest of Garve.  The proposal is to build up to 19 turbines with a possible maximum height of 175metres.  Each turbine is likely to generate up to 4.8 Megawatts (MW) of electricity.  This opinion is to ascertain views on the information which ought to be provided in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (“EIA Report”).  This opinion is not a planning application.  More details can be found at www.energyconsents.scot  The deadline for comments is Monday 18 June 2018.  Community Council members had no comments for this scoping opinion but reiterated points made earlier this evening.

We have received one consultation from The Highland Council.  In June 2016 The Highland Council approved and published its first Local Flood Risk Management Plan for the Highlands https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/1226/emergencies/81/flooding/3  They have now begun preparing for the publication of the second Plan (due in 2022 to cover the following 6 years) and this work commences with SEPA carrying out a review of the Potentially Vulnerable Areas (PVAs).  The Council’s Flood Risk Management Team has worked with SEPA during this review and they have agreed some changes to the PVA’s in the second cycle.  The proposed PVA’s include some new PVAs’, some consolidated PVA’s and some PVA’s being removed.  From now until Tuesday 31 July 2018 a public consultation on the draft PVA’s for the second cycle will be available on SEPA’s website: https://consultation.sepa.org.uk/evidence-and-flooding/pvas2018  Following consultation the draft PVA’s will be submitted to the Scottish Government for approval in September 2018.  It was agreed that the hillside above Gorstan and Burnside should be highlighted in this consultation.

All Highland Council consultations are available at http://consult.highland.gov.uk/portal  All Scottish Government consultations are available at https://consult.gov.scot/consultation_finder 

Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues - Two previous planning applications has been determined by The Highland Council since our last ordinary meeting.  18/00956/FUL was the proposed upgrading of the SEPA gauging station opposite Garve Hotel.  Planning permission has been granted with no conditions.  18/01529/FUL was the proposed erection of two detached houses, land 80metres North East of Druimeorna, Lochluichart.  Planning permission has been granted with four conditions.  1. The roof of both houses shall be finished in natural slate. The external walls of both houses shall be finished in white or cream wet harl.  2. Prior to the first occupation of the development, the car parking and access arrangements detailed on approved plans shall be completed in full and made available for use.  3. No development shall commence until details of a scheme of hard and soft landscaping works have been submitted to, and approved in writing by, the Planning Authority.  4. Each flue shall be finished so that it has a dark and non-reflective appearance.

There were no new planning applications or licensing issues to discuss this evening. 

Dates of future meetings

(Ordinary meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month unless stated otherwise)

July 2018 – no meeting

Tuesday 7 August 2018, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 4 September 2018, 7.00pm, Achnasheen Village Hall

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 6 November 2018, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 4 December 2018, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

January 2019 – no meeting

Tuesday 5 February 2019, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 5 March 2019, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 2 April 2019. 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 7 May 2019, 7.00pm, Achnasheen Village Hall

Tuesday 4 June 2019, AGM followed by an ordinary meeting, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall.  Old minute books will be available to view.

It was agreed that as we are now having summer and winter breaks, any issue with a deadline will be emailed to Community Council members for their consideration.  A special meeting can be called if necessary.  As ever, updates between meetings will continue to be posted on our website.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under the guidance of the Chairman.  A copy of the Constitution that every Community Council in the Highlands has to work to is available on the Highland Council website - www.highland.gov.uk/downloads/file/4456/scheme_of_establishment_for_community_councils

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 9.00pm.



Since our last meeting ...

The Chairman has been out with Iain Moncrieff from The Highland Council.  A full road report is available in the library section of this website.

Katrina Taylor at The Highland Council feels the bin stand in the Grudie layby is in the right location.  A new bin was installed on Friday 15 June 2018.

2018 Community Ceilidh - After securing funding from the LCT, Garve & District Community Council are again holding a Community Ceilidh for everybody (all ages) in the community in Garve Village Hall on Saturday 25 August 2018 from 8.00pm until 11.00pm.  Doors will open at 7.30pm.  Music will be provided by “The Captain Stupendous Ceilidh Band”, back by popular demand!  Soup and beefburgers will be available from around 9.00pm and those attending are welcome to BYOB and plastic glasses.  A raffle will be drawn at the end of the night raising funds for the Community Council.  Donations for the raffle or tombola would be welcome and can be handed in to the Secretary or on the night.  There are just a few FREE tickets remaining so if you haven't already booked your free tickets, contact the Secretary ASAP!

Update from Sharon Wright, Chairperson of the Wyvis Natural Playpark group … “I can only agree that it was very busy (at the two weekends) and there were cars parked everywhere!  However, this is a new facility, there is great interest, a novelty, together with this amazing weather!  We do not expect this number of visitors to continue long term once the initial "need to see what it's like" has past.  We can therefore not say at this stage if additional parking will be necessary.  The Forestry Commission are planning to add signage to their existing signs directing traffic to the Little Garve car park from the Silverbridge end.  With regard to bins, both The Highland Council and Forestry Commission Scotland advised against placing bins as they are often used for the "dumping" of rubbish, rather than their intended purpose.  We have a "please respect our environment, take your litter home" sign by the gate as you leave the park.  Toilets - a lot of playparks do not have toilet facilities - any installed toilets would need maintenance, cleaning, emptying ...  The Forestry Commission lease did state that we could add toilet facilities in the future if needed, so will keep this in mind.  Dogs - there is a no dogs sign at the gate to the park and during my many visits I have not seen any dogs in the park.  We will of course do whatever we can to discourage people walking on the walls of Wades Bridge but cannot be held responsible for parents who do not properly supervise their children”.  We thank Sharon for her update.

Garve Level Crossing – on Tuesday 12 June 2018 we received an update from Doreen Cockbill at BEAR … “BEAR Scotland have been requested by Transport Scotland to design and implement a resurfacing scheme on the approach to Garve Level Crossing.  This will include the use of High Friction Surfacing to improve skidding resistance for vehicles approaching the crossing.  The proposed resurfacing works are planned to take place during the financial year 2018/19, but as yet no firm date has been fixed. However, the works are likely to take place in the autumn/winter time to avoid the tourist peak season. Transport Scotland are also liaising with Network Rail to investigate what options are available to reduce the slip hazard resulting from the rails crossing the carriageway.  It is important to remember that a prohibition of cycling exists at this Level Crossing requiring that cyclists dismount from their cycles and cross over the level crossing on foot.  This regulation is in place to ensure cyclist safety at this location.  Whilst this may result in a slight increase in cyclist journey times, in the interest of their own safety we would advise cyclists to comply with this regulation.”  We thank Doreen for the update.

Proposed Kirkan windfarm – www.kirkanwindfarm.co.uk – public exhibition days took place on 12 & 13 June 2018 in Garve and Achnasheen as noted at our last ordinary meeting and in the press.  Notices of these open days were sent to properties within 7-10kms of the proposed windfarm site.  Coriolis Energy & ESB representatives saw fifteen people in Garve but four of them were not local residents.  Nobody attended the open day in Achnasheen.  The main issues raised at these open days were (1) visual impacts, in particular the view from Loch Glascarnoch and (2) arrangements for the possible community benefits fund.  The EIA Scoping Opinion on behalf of Scottish Ministers has now been published.  The Scoping Opinion can be found on the Scottish Government’s website at www.energyconsents.scot and by searching for “Kirkan”.  Trevor Hunter from Coriolis Energy hopes to attend a Community Council meeting later this year.

A890 Stromeferry Bypass – works on a section of rock face just west of the tunnel will begin on Monday 3 September 2018 and will last for up to 12 weeks.  A road to rail diversion will allow traffic below 7.5tonnes to run on the railway for certain periods during the day.  The road/rail diversion will be completely closed at night to all vehicles between 10.00pm and 7.00am.

The Garve & District Development Company – Tina Hartley, Community Engagement and Development Officer at the Company has been in touch to say their website (https://garve.org) is now up and running and Tina would encourage people to register on the website as a follow up from their community meetings.

Police Scotland are appealing for witnesses after a serious road traffic collision on the A835.  The collision was reported around 6.25pm on Sunday 24 June 2018 and happened around one mile west of Tarvie.  The collision involving a blue Volkswagen Bora and a green and white Peugeot Boxer van.  The 21-year-old man driving the Volkswagen was taken to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness for treatment to serious injuries.  A police spokeswoman confirmed that the man had been cut free from the car by 9.30pm but died in Raigmore Hospital the following day.  A female passenger from the car was also treated at Raigmore Hospital but has since been released, while the male driver of the Peugeot van was assessed at the scene and did not require further treatment.  The road was closed for an investigation to take place and reopened around 2.30am.  Constable Calum Macaulay said: "Our inquiries are ongoing into the circumstances and we have already spoken to a number of witnesses.  I would ask anyone who witnessed the collision or saw these vehicles prior to the incident and has not yet spoken to police to get in touch as soon as possible.  Please call the Road Policing Unit in Dingwall on 101, quoting incident NE4323/18."  Two appliances from the fire service, one from Dingwall and Beauly, were dispatched to the scene alongside police officers and paramedics.  The Air Ambulance is also reported to have attended.

Bea Jefferson has been in touch to say the EDF Corriemoillie Education & Training Fund is open for applications until Monday 27 August 2018.  Decisions on those applications will be made on Wednesday 10 October 2018.  Around 6.5% of the first year's funding went to people from our area.  More details are available at www.foundationscotland.org.uk/programmes/corriemoille-education-and-training

Vacancy - Garve & District Community Council currently has one vacancy on the Community Council.  The Community Council members consider it to be very important to have as broad a representation of our community as possible, as we cover a wide variety of community issues and to do this well, we need members from all corners of our large area.  We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month, either in Garve or Achnasheen.  If you are aged 16 or over, live in the Community Council area and are on the electoral roll and would like to be considered for co-option onto the Community Council, please email garveanddistrictcc@yahoo.com with your name and contact details.  Your nomination will be considered by Community Council members at their next ordinary meeting.

Scottish Water – on Friday 6 July 2018 we received the following email from Trish Wilson, Corporate Affairs Officer at Scottish Water … “I am writing to ask for your assistance in helping to urge customers to reduce their water usage during this hot, dry weather.  Parts of Ross-shire are supplied by the Assynt Water Treatment Works which is currently running at full capacity.  The works supplies fresh clean drinking water to Alness, Garve, Strathpeffer, Beauly, Muir of Ord, Munlochy, Avoch, Fortrose, Cromarty and smaller villages in the surrounding area.  By taking small and simple measures, customers can help to ensure we can continue to supply water to homes and businesses such as using a bucket of water instead of a hose to wash your car or only washing windscreens and headlights and brake lights, using a watering can instead of a hose to water gardens and plants, taking a shower instead of a bath and making it a short shower, only using washing machines or dishwashers fully loaded and turning off the tap when brushing teeth and shaving”.  We thank Trish from the update.  http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/about-us/media-centre/latest-news/customers-across-scotland-asked-to-use-water-wisely  

The Highland Council has issued a reminder to owners of private water supplies that it is their responsibility to arrange for the provision of water to their properties.  As a result of the prolonged recent dry weather, The Highland Council’s Environmental Health Team has received calls from individuals on private water supplies that are drying up.  The Highland Council is not required to provide water in these situations.  Responsibility for private water supplies rests with the property owner.  Environmental Health will offer advice and possible grants to bring medium to long term improvements in the private supply including improving quantity of supply or storage.  Environmental Health can request Scottish Water to assist but full costs will be recovered from the owner or landlord.  These costs are significant and it is usually cheaper for individuals to buy water from supermarkets or arrange bowsers through a private company.  Environmental Health Officers have been in discussion with Scottish Water and DWQR (Drinking Water Quality Regulator) on the current situation and will continue to monitor it.  Given the prolonged dry weather, all users of water are advised to use water wisely.  Further advice on water efficiency is available on the Scottish Water website at - http://www.scottishwater.co.uk/you-and-your-home/your-home/water-efficiency  The Scottish Government has implemented an emergency assistance scheme.  The Highland Council will work with community partners to assist vulnerable people on private water supplies.  The emergency supply is for domestic use and will be prioritised by The Highland Council to those of greatest need.  Water will be provided by Scottish Water where emergency assistance is required.  Requests for emergency assistance in the Highlands can be made by calling 01349 886603 or emailing env.health@highland.gov.uk  This update has also been posted on our website.

We have received notice of two consultations during our summer break.  Winter service survey from The Highland Council’s Community Services Department and the proposed Highland Licensing Board Policy Statement 2018-2023.

Three planning applications have been received during our summer break.  18/03185/FUL is the proposed erection of a switch gear house and associated buried HV Cable for the already consented Fannich 500kW hydro-electric scheme (14/00903/FUL), 18/03028/FUL is the proposed re-instatement of an internal separation wall between Garve Cottage and Rosemount, Garve and 18/02928/FUL is the proposed installation of 100kW hydro-electric scheme including pipeline, intake, powerhouse and formation of access track, land At Dos Mucheran, Achanalt.  If any member of the public wishes to comment on any of these planning applications, they should do so in writting directly to the case officer before Monday 30 July 2018.



This website was last updated at 9.00am on Thursday 19 July 2018.

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