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Members of the public are very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under the guidance of the Chairman


1. Introductions and Apologies


2. Declarations of interest


3. Election of Office Bearers following recent Community Council Elections


4. Signing of updated Constitution following recent public consultation

A copy of the new document is available at -www.highland.gov.uk/downloads/file/21179/scheme_of_establishment_final_sept_2019 


5. Approval of the draft minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 5 November 2019 and matters arising from the minutes


6. Treasurer’s report


7. Correspondences


8. AOB from Community Council members


9. AOB from members of the public


10. Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations

At the time of writing, no screening reports, scoping reports or consultations have been received by the Community Council.


11. Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues

At the time of writing, no building warrants, planning applications or licensing issues have been received by the Community Council.


12. Dates of future meetings

(Ordinary meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of every month unless stated otherwise)

January 2020 – no meeting

Tuesday 4 February 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 3 March 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 7 April 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 5 May 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 2 June 2020, AGM followed by an ordinary meeting, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

July 2020 – no meeting

Tuesday 4 August 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 1 September 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall


Issued at 2.00pm on Friday 8 November 2019.



DRAFT Minutes of the Garve & District Community Council ordinary meeting

held on Tuesday 5 November 2019 in Garve Village Hall

Community Council members present: Kenny Maclean (Chairman), Jennifer Haslam (Secretary), Caroline Gamble (from 7.10pm) and co-opted member Sadie-Michaela Harris. 

Also present: Cllr Dr Ian Cockburn (7.00pm – 8.00pm) and Val MacIver (Platform PR).

Apologies: Eliza Leslie Melville (Treasurer), Community Council member Bob Moir, co-opted member Joe Stewart and Norma Ross (Contin Community Council).

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.10pm and welcomed everyone.  Our Chairman was sorry to report the Aultguish Defibrillator and the Inchbae Defibrillator had both been used in recent weeks.  No more details are known about the incidents but our thoughts are with those involved.  Both Defibrillators are now back in place and available for use if necessary.  Best wishes to Cllr Biz Campbell’s husband Paul who has been unwell recently.  Congratulations to Lochrosque and Kinlochewe Estates who won two awards in Edinburgh at the Helping It Happen Awards recently.  The awards champion and support rural businesses that provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the countryside.

Declarations of Interest – none.  Community Council members confirmed that they had read all documents due to be discussed tonight before the start of this meeting.

Approval of draft minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 1 October 2019 in Garve Village Hall were proposed with sight amendments by Caroline Gamble and seconded by Sadie-Michaela Harris.  Minutes are available at Garve Post Office, Achnasheen Village Noticeboard, on our website or via email.  The slight amendments are that David Lawson took up Martin’s job since June 2019 and that the Information Cabin at Aultguish will be sold by Eneco for £8,000 plus VAT to any interested local community group.  If there is no interest from any local community group, then it will be sold on the open market.  If anyone is interested in purchasing the Cabin, please contact Eneco.  We have also been asked to note that The Church doesn’t receive income from the Vestry/meeting room – that goes to Friends of Lochluichart.

Matters arising – EDF - Val MacIver updated the meeting that the Corriemoillie windfarm is running well.  Val was thanked for her update.  LCT inform us that the Garve agreement for the Corriemoillie windfarm has now been signed and grant funding of £475,618 (including back payments) has been received from EDF.  A reminder that the next closing date for grant fund application to LCT is Saturday 30 November 2019.

SSE update – Press reports inform us that “Energy regulator Ofgem has been "unable to approve" plans for a subsea cable to take energy from the Western Isles to the mainland.  However, the energy regulator said it would welcome "revised proposals".  This is the cable that had been planned to be buried under The Avenue in Garve.  We asked Daryn Lucas at SSE for a response.  He writes … “The Western Isles Connection project continues to be progressed, our actions following the Ofgem announcement are to confirm the generation being proposed for the Western Isles and to provide Ofgem with a corresponding update to our Needs Case.  The project is closer to materialising than ever, however the progression of the EDF windfarm (on the Western Isles) remains key to Ofgem approval and an investment from SHE Transmission”.  We thank Daryn for his update.  It was felt there needed to be more joined up thinking on these matters, you can’t have the windfarms without the cable to take the electricity to the network.

Highland Council updates – www.highland.gov.uk – Community Council Elections 2019 – The process overseen by The Highland Council as noted at our last ordinary meeting was widely published but due to a “slow response” to the call for nominations across the Highlands, the deadline for nominations was extended by The Highland Council by three weeks to Tuesday 29 October 2019.  The Community Council Election date was therefore changed to Wednesday 4 December 2019.  We now know there will be seven members on the new Community Council for another four-year term.  Notices declaring the result have been placed on the Achnasheen Village Noticeboard, in Garve Post Office and in the library section of our website where Community Council Election results from the last twenty years can be viewed. 

In Strathgarve co-opted member Sadie-Michaela Harris has been cutting bushes that were blocking the signs at the end of The Avenue.  The signs are now visible again! 

The damaged crash barrier between Kinlochluichart Church and “Jock’s layby” has been replaced.  Our thanks to Ian Moncrieff and his team as this was a long-standing issue we had asked about.

Achnasheen electric vehicle charging point – The charger is still not fully installed.  Anna Myeshkova at The Highland Council tells us they hope to resolve all outstanding issues shortly so that the charging point can be functional.  We thank her for her update.

Achnasheen information panels – The panels were finally installed on Monday 7 October 2019.  Our thanks to Claire Bell and her team.

A890 Stromeferry Bypass – https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/1523/transport_and_streets/104/stromeferry_bypass - although this section of road is out with our area, we take an interest as it affects local residents and tourists alike.  A program of works on the rock face is now complete for this year.  The project was completed around ten days ahead of schedule.  Well done to all involved. 

Highland Council Winter Road Maintenance – The Highland Council winter service started on Monday 14 October 2019 and continues until Tuesday 14 April 2020. During this time, they monitor road and weather conditions across the road network.  The Highland Council maintain a fleet of 105 gritters, 42 pavement gritters and 1 snowblower.  Over a typical winter around 50,000 tonnes of salt will be spread on the road.  The cost of providing this service varies according to the severity of the winter but they expect to spend in the region of £5million.  More details and a copy of the policy is available at www.highland.gov.uk/info/20005/roads_and_pavements/107/winter_road_maintenance 

The Highland Council notes that residents should report issues directly to them by calling The Highland Council’s Call Centre on 01349 886606, by visiting Dingwall Service Point or via www.highland.gov.uk/report  In all cases, you will be given a reference number.  The Highland Council also appreciate photos showing the actual problem.  Streetlight faults can be reported via https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/20005/roads_and_pavements/110/street_lighting_and_traffic_signals  You will need to provide the reference number on the streetlight column.  Potholes can be reported directly via The Highland Council website - https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/20005/roads_and_pavements/96/road_faults  Bulky uplift information -   https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/1063/rubbish_-_household_waste/132/dispose_of_large_household_items  Illegal dumping can be reported via https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/1054/rubbish_and_recycling/89/litter_and_fly-tipping

BEAR update - www.bearscot.com – The resurfacing works due to have taken place in Contin last month are due to be completed this week.  A question was raised about ironworks and lack of signage warning drivers of the raised ironworks.  Cllr Cockburn will check tomorrow in daylight hours and raise accordingly if necessary.  With regard to the road culvert works just to the west of the Garve Hotel on the A835, the road will be closed for five nights later this month.  Calum Farquharson writes … “The works are programmed from Sunday 10th November to Friday 15th November, between the hours of 7pm and 7am each night.  Out with these hours, a lane closure will remain in place to keep road users safe from open excavations next to the carriageway.  Unfortunately, due to restricted road widths through this section of the A835, we have no option but to close the road overnight to ensure the safety of the workforce and members of the travelling public.  During periods of closure, amnesties at 9pm, 11pm, 1am and 4am will allow waiting vehicles to be escorted through the site safely.  Emergency service vehicles will be allowed to pass through the site throughout the working period”.  We thank Calum for his regular updates.  Due to the dates contained in Calum’s update, we posted his update on our website and passed the details onto all Ward Five Community Councils, Ward Councillors, Robbie Bain and to Police Scotland.  Press reports suggest the works will cost around £15,000.

Scottish Water – www.scottishwater.co.uk – Gavin Steel updates us as follows … “I’m sorry to hear that there was another burst affecting customers in Little Garve.  I will look into the advice that has been given about our service standards.  My understanding is that lower than normal water pressure wouldn’t be treated as an interruption, but I don’t think it is correct to take this to the extreme of ‘a drip’ and I’m sorry if this advice has been given.  In terms of renewing the water main, our investment planning team has recently commissioned work to estimate the cost of the work that is needed.  They are currently seeking funding to allow work to begin during the current financial year.  Hopefully this will be successful, but they will otherwise include the work in their plans as early as possible next year”.  We thank Gavin once again for his regular updates.  This update has been posted on our website and we have been keeping all Little Garve residents fully informed of progress as we have gone along.  Caroline Gamble noted there has been no further interruptions to the water supply in Little Garve since our last ordinary meeting five weeks ago, but the goodwill payment is still pending.

Garve Railway Station Footbridge – The Network Rail Team update dated Thursday 3 October 2019 reads as follows … “Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm which financial quarter in 2020/21 that work may commence, as we don't have that information as of yet.  However, we can advise that the works for Garve footbridge are soon to be tendered as part of a package of footbridge refurbishment works for delivery in 2020/21”.  We send our thanks to The Network Rail Team for their update.  Community Council members noted that they don’t seem to have grasped it is not just ‘appearance’ that is of concern.  The structure is decaying badly, all of the painted surfaces have rusted to the point that there are chunks/shards of metal dangling poised to drop off!  Let’s hope the on-site team have a better understanding of this issue.

Future of Sunday Services at Kinlochluichart Church – James Mackay, Session Clerk informed us that “The new service arrangements to take effect from November will certainly be reviewed in May 2020 but as yet the session has not discussed let alone agreed to the mothballing or shutting of Kinlochluichart Church.  The Session does not have the authority to mothball or close Kinlochluichart Church, only the Presbytery of Ross and the HQ of the Church of Scotland, have the authority”.  We thank James for his update.  James also supplied attendance figures from the last two years which indicate an average attendance of five people from this area at Sunday services at Kinlochluichart Church.  Cath Chambers from the Presbytery of Ross has confirmed that “Ross Presbytery has no plans to close Kinlochluichart Church.  The times and frequency of Church of Scotland services are determined by the Parish Minister and Kirk Session”.  We thank Cath for her update.  It was noted that Contin has a population of around 400 people, Garve & District of around 250 people so there will be fewer attending our Church – has this been taken into account?  Lucky2BHere have noted from our last minutes that if the electricity is turned off at a mothballed Church, this will have consequences regarding the Defibrillator.  Several members of the public as private individuals recently undertook a local survey to gauge feelings in the community on this matter.  The survey was hand delivered to every house in the area.  There are 263 people on the electoral roll.  The question that was asked was “Do you wish our Church to close to regular Sunday services?”  Local residents had around three weeks to reply.  The final result was that 104 people wanted Sunday services to continue and 6 people sent back spoilt papers.  This represents a 42% response rate, a similar response rate to the 2015 Broadband survey (37%), the 2016 Community Needs Survey (42%) and the recent Garve Village Hall survey (41%).  We thank those involved for keeping us informed.  As things stand, the next services to be held in Kinlochluichart will be on Sunday 24 November 2019 at 11.30am, Sunday 22 December 2019 at 11.30am (family carol service), Sunday 26 January 2020 at 11.30am, Sunday 23 February 2020 at 11.30am, Sunday 29 March 2020 (Joint Linkage service) at 11.00am and Sunday 26 April 2020 at 11.30am.  Signs are to be placed on the roadside advertising the services and Tea & Coffee will be served afterwards, everyone of all ages welcome.  Notices advertising Church service dates and times have been placed in the Achnasheen Village Noticeboard and at Garve Post Office.

According to social media, the Remembrance Sunday service will take place at 12.30pm on Sunday 10 November 2019 at Garve War Memorial, all welcome.  As agreed at our last ordinary meeting, co-opted member Joe Stewart will lay the Community Council wreath.

A member of the public has asked Bob Moir to raise two issues of concern.  The concern was possible injury to walkers and dogs due to the condition of some old fencing near The Avenue and on the road towards the Playpark.  The landowners have been made aware.

Cllr Dr Ian Cockburn left the meeting at 8.00pm and was thanked for attending.

BT’s proposed removal of our four telephone boxes – Following the close of the second phase of consultation by The Highland Council, the Council are (subject to committee approval this Thursday) going to object to all our telephone boxes being removed.  We now await the final decision on this matter.

Co-opted member Sadie-Michaela Harris hopes to attend the Community Council liaison meeting for Dingwall Medical Group tomorrow.

A press report from 50 years ago, recently come to our attention.  “Miss Janet Cork c/o Inchbae Cottage, Garve, was selected as Miss Garve at a dance and will go forward to the finals of Miss Ross County 1969, in the Town Hall, Dingwall, on 10 December with a chance of winning £20”.  Does anyone remember Miss Cork?  Caroline Gamble noted both she and Marion Logie were in old press reports recently for Strathgarve Primary School prize giving!

Some dates for your diaries - TG&DDC AGM Friday 22 November 2019 in Garve Village Hall from 5pm (Community Council will have a stall there, same as last year).  Christmas lights switch on in Garve Saturday 30 November 2019.  Garve Christmas party will take place on Saturday 21 December 2019.

Police report - www.scotland.police.uk – no formal report received but a car which has been parked in Achnasheen for around three weeks has been highlighted to PC Rose.  The car has since been removed.

Treasurers report – In the absence of the Treasurer, our Chairman with help from the Secretary declared the following figures.  The latest bank statement shows a bank balance on Wednesday 11 September 2019 of £3,114.74.  Expenses £40.00 Chairman’s travelling expenses for the last six months plus last month’s Hall hire £12.50.

Correspondences - All correspondences are sent to members via email.  Correspondences received by email – Gavin Steel, Scottish Water – updates; Colin Simpson, The Highland Council - Tourism Levy Consultation (received via HC Policy); Stephanie Shaw, The Highland Council – Invitation to Dingwall Newton Room; David Lawson, Eneco – update; Network Rail Team – Garve Railway Station Footbridge update; Pauline Ogilvie, Dingwall Medical Group – Invite to join Community Liaison Meeting; three emails from Calum Farquharson, BEAR – updates; Cath Chambers & Catherine McIntosh, Church of Scotland – updates; ePlanning – new planning applications at 4 October 2019; two emails from HC Policy – Community Council Election updates; Alasdair Adey, EnergieKontor UK Ltd - 19/04209/PAN, proposed Windfarm at Strathrory, near Ardross; ePlanning – new planning applications at 11 October 2019; ePlanning – new planning applications at 18 October 2019; Brian Davey, Improvement Service – Housing 2040 (received via HC policy); Lucy Beattie, TG&DDC – AGM update; Daryn Lucas, SSE – update; ePlanning – new planning applications at 25 October 2019; Mark Ashton, The Scottish Government – Kirkan update; ePlanning – new planning applications at 1 November 2019.

Correspondences received by post – James Mackay – Church update.

We have also received draft minutes from Contin, Shieldaig, Lochcarron, Torridon & Kinlochewe and Lochalsh Community Councils and approved minutes from Marybank, Scatwell & Strathconon Community Council.

AOB from Community Council members – No issues raised by those present.

AOB from members of the public – No issues raised by those present.

Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations – We have received two consultation from The Highland Council.  Tourism Levy - the deadline for comments has now passed but Community Council members did have an opportunity to respond before the deadline if they wished.  We also posted details on our website so members of the public had an opportunity to view and comment. 

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 requires social landlords such as The Highland Council to consult tenants and take account of their views when making decisions about proposed rent increases.  More details are available at https://www.highland.gov.uk/rentconsultation  Deadline for comments is Saturday 30 November 2019. 

All Highland Council consultations are available at http://consult.highland.gov.uk/portal  All Scottish Government consultations are available at https://consult.gov.scot/consultation_finder 

Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues - We have received notice of one pre-planning application.  19/04209/PAN is a proposed 11 turbine Windfarm at Strathrory, near Ardross.  The visuals supplied would suggest none of the turbines would be seen from within our area.

From May 2019 Community Council approved minutes … Notice of one other new planning application has been received from The Scottish Government.  Kirkan windfarm is proposing 17 turbines (maximum tip height of 175m) south of Strathvaich road end.  The application also includes associated access tracks, substation, borrow pits and a compound.  Each turbine will generate around 4.8MW.  The deadline for comments to The Scottish Government is Friday 31 May 2019.  More details at https://www.energyconsents.scot  Community Council members raised no objection.  We have now received Supplementary Environmental Information regarding this proposal.  Hard copies have been made available in Garve Village Hall and are also available on The Scottish Government website.  The deadline for comments to The Scottish Government is Monday 2 December 2019.  Community Council members had no comments to make on the supplementary information.

All planning applications can be viewed at https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/180/planning_-_applications_warrants_and_certificates/143/planning_permission/4 

Dates of future meetings – Under 7.1 of the Scheme a meeting of the new Community Council should take place within 21 days of the Community Council Election day so the next meeting will be held on Thursday 5 December 2019 at 7.00pm at Garve Village Hall.  Proposed by Kenny Maclean, seconded by Jennifer Haslam, all agreed.  This will be the first meeting of the new Community Council.  There will be election of Office Bearers and adoption of the updated Constitution following the recent Highland Council public consultation as reported at previous ordinary meetings of the Community Council.  A copy of the updated Constitution is available at www.highland.gov.uk/downloads/file/21179/scheme_of_establishment_final_sept_2019 

January 2020 – no meeting

Tuesday 4 February 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 3 March 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 7 April 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 5 May 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 2 June 2020, AGM followed by an ordinary meeting, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Dates for the remainder of 2020 were proposed by Kenny Maclean, seconded by Jennifer Haslam and agreed by all. 

July 2020 – no meeting

Tuesday 4 August 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 1 September 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 6 October 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 3 November 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

Tuesday 1 December 2020, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall

As this will be the last Community Council meeting before Community Council Election day on Wednesday 4 December 2019, our Chairman wished to thank all the current Community Councillors and former Community Councillor Sue Tarr and former co-opted member Moragh Wylie for their support and contributions over the last four-year term.  He hoped they felt their voluntary time had been well spent.  Thanks also to everyone at The Highland Council, Robbie Bain and our Ward Councillors whose work is very much appreciated and to all the companies and organisations the Community Council has dealt with.  This in turn helps to keep everyone informed about what is happening in our area.  Thanks to the public for attending meetings and supporting events.  Following the recent Community Council elections held throughout The Highland Council area, there will be seven members on the new Community Council for another four-year term. (Bob Moir, Caroline Gamble, Eliza Leslie Melville, Jennifer Haslam, Joe Stewart, Kenny Maclean and Sadie-Michaela Harris).  The Secretary wished to place on record her thanks to our Chairman for the diligent work he carries out for this community and Caroline Gamble wished to thank all the Office Bearers for the work they do for the Community Council.

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed this final meeting of the term at 8.15pm.



Since our last meeting ...

Some useful links.  Track the Trunk road gritters - 


(New for 2019) Track the HC road gritters -https://www.highland.gov.uk/wintervehicletracker

Some dates for your diaries ... TG&DDC AGM, from 5pm on Friday 22 November 2019 in Garve Village Hall.  The Community Council will have a stall there so come over and say hello! 

Christmas lights switch on in Garve Saturday 30 November 2019. 

Garve Christmas party will take place on Saturday 21 December 2019.



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