17 November 2020

Click here to see a note of the meeting of the East Neuk Community Forum held on 15 October 2020


13 October 2020

Flu Vaccines 2020

Anyone having trouble obtaining a flu vaccine should be aware that, if you have received a letter from the NHS advising you that you are eligible for a vaccine, you can obtain that vaccine free of charge at any of the participating pharmacies. Click here for a full list and contact numbers.


13 October 2020

Please click on the link below to access Fife Council's Adult Support and Protection Committee Newsletter for September/October 2020.

Click here.

20 September 2020

The Community Council are pleased to announce the installation of a notice board in the car park at Dunino Church, following funding from the St Andrew's Trust. See image below.

20 September 2020



East Neuk Centre, Lady Walk, Anstruther, KY10 3EX
Lifeboat Station, East Shore, Anstruther, KY10 3AB
Anstruther Golf Club, Shore Road, Anstruther, KY10 3DZ
Top of Roger Street, Anstruther, KY10 3DU
Waid Community Campus, St Andrew’s Road, KY10 3GY


Boarhills Village Hall


Carnbee Churchyard, KY10 2RU


Crail Golf Club, KY10 3XN
Crail Town Hall, KY10 3TL


Dunino Church Car Park, KY16


Kilconquhar Village Hall, KY9 1EZ


Kilrenny Church Hall, KY10 3JJ


Kingsbarns Memorial Hall, KY16 8SZ


11 June 2020

June 2020 Update
Considerable progress has been made in the last few months. We had an excellent turnout of volunteers in March when the ground was prepared and the trees and hedge were planted. The hedging was kindly donated by The Woodland Trust, and is made up of a mix of native species which will benefit the local birdlife. After some deliberation, we planted twelve apple trees, all eating varieties (Discovery, Egremont Russet, Worcester Permain and Christmas Pippin) plus a pear tree. We are also grateful to Boarhills and Dunino Community Council for a grant towards the cost of the fruit trees. Despite the dry spring, all the new planting is looking well.
The appearance of the plot and roadside banking have been transformed by regular grass cutting, also carried out by volunteers. It is no longer a tangle of bramble and thistle, but actually looks like a lawn! Earlier in the spring, the bank at the south end of the plot was a picture with all of the snowdrops and daffodils we planted last year. A big thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to achieve this! 
The Trust is delighted to report that great progress has also been made with this part of the project. Successful funding applications to a number of organisations have been made, and, together with money already raised by the Trust, we now have £18,000 towards the estimated target of £78,000. We are very grateful to the St Andrews Community Trust (which receives money from the Links Trust), and the St Andrews Heritage Trust (a private trust) for their support. The estimate is based on quotations from three local firms of stonemasons, interested in carrying out the restoration. Full plans for this work were prepared by our architects, Simpson and Brown, and put out to tender by them on the Trust’s behalf. An application has also been made to Fife Environment Trust (funded from the landfill tax), for £50,000, with their response due by the end of June. An application for what we hope will be the final balance (£10,000) will be submitted to Historic Environment Scotland shortly. 
If you would like to contribute to this project, please get in touch with the Trust Treasurer, Alan Cairns, either by email (bd.com.trust@btinternet.com) or telephone (01334 880 354).
The restoration also requires Listed Building Consent and an application to Fife Council was lodged last week. 
The Fife Coast and Countryside Trust continue to be very supportive of our project, recognising the site as an ideal location for signage, as well as somewhere walkers can visit and perhaps rest a while as they walk the coastal path. Both the Green Space and the Coastal Path are valuable resources for the local and wider community which can be enjoyed safely despite current restrictions. It is hoped to hold a community picnic at the site as soon as restrictions allow. 
Many thanks to all of you who volunteered to help with shopping etc during the lockdown. In fact we had more volunteers than we had people asking for help! This assistance has been greatly appreciated, and if anyone needs such help at any time, please get in touch. Those not living in the centre of Boarhills may not have realised that the Thursday Night Clap for Carers was very well supported, with Neil The Photographer capturing the crowd (suitable distanced) in action.

You can get in touch by Email bd.com.trust@btinternet.com or Facebook (@boarhillsanddunino) 


16 March 2020 COVID -19 Advice

Please click here for advice and information on the above virus, provided by Willie Rennie, MSP 


10th May 2018

The May 2018 BDCT Press Release is available to view under the BDCT latest news section.

22nd February 2018

The latest February 2018 community update is available to view here.

27th September 2017

The reconvened meeting will now be held on Wednesday 11th October 2017 5.45pm with the same agenda as the 17th.  There will also be a further meetings of the Boarhills and Dunino Community Trust at 7pm. Information on this can be found here and on local notice board.

17th September 2017

The agenda for the meeting on 20th September is now available to view here.

12th May 2017

Please view the feasibility study for the cycle path from St Andrews to Crail which can also be found by clicking here.

1st May 2017

There is a further meeting on the 18th May 2017 at Transition, St Andrews University, Woodburn Place, 1900 hrs for anyone interested in getting involved re the East Neuk cycle route section, from St Andrews to Crail, the contact at St Andrews University transition is Ali McLeod:-  am296@st-andrews.ac.uk

8th February 2017

A defibrillator is now installed beside the village hall but some community involvement required before fully active.  Sign updating residents and visitors to be sited indicating position of the defibrillator.  More information to follow on this matter.

16th December 2016

Our website has had a refresh and we hope that the community does like it.

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