Boarhills and Dunino Local Place Plan 


Have your say in shaping Boarhills and Dunino Local Place Plan!

Boarhills and Dunino Community Council needs your help in developing a Local Place Plan to shape our communities now and for future generations.


The East Neuk is a wonderful part of Fife to live and work in, but it also brings challenges as we navigate competing demands for local services, housing stock and tourism.

To give us a greater say in the future of our locality the Community Council has set up a Local Place Plan Steering Group to bring together all those who wish to see our communities flourish and prosper. It doesn’t matter whether you live or work in the area, are just passing through, or just visit occasionally, we’d really appreciate your views on how you would like to see Boarhills and Dunino develop over the coming years.

Please let us know what you like or don’t like, what you’d change and what the local area means to you. It can be anything from big ticket environmental issues such as local energy generation, housing provision and food sustainability, or things like access to local council services, transportation and community hubs. This is your chance to shape the future of our little corner of the Kingdom.

What is a Local Place Plan (LPP)?

Local Place Plans (LPPs) were introduced by the Scottish Government with the aim of encouraging communities to be active participants in shaping ideas and opportunities for the future of their local area.

Local Place Plans also provide an opportunity for communities to feed into the planning system with ideas and proposals. They can support our community’s aspirations on the big challenges facing Scotland, such as responding to the global climate emergency and tackling inequalities. When the LPP is finalised it gives an opportunity for real, community-based change and will be presented to Fife Council to be incorporated in their longer term Local Development Plan for the area. Examples of issues LPPs might address include:

 proposals for new homes (including affordable housing), local employment opportunities and developing locally accessible community facilities

 sites which help support new renewable energy projects, or climate change mitigation measures, such as local flood mitigation

 developing a stronger voice in the delivery of local services and utilities  improvements to locality centres or hubs

 improvements to accessing the rural environment, play facilities and active travel

 developing a stronger voice in shaping and managing local tourism ventures

 active participation in the conservation of the natural and built environment

 land for community use e.g. leisure and food growing

More information about Local Place Plans can be found on the Fife Council website. The survey is anonymous and you can complete it on-line here.

Feel free to copy the form for use by others or attach additional comments to the original. The closing date for responses is Monday 10th July 2023.

Boarhills and Dunino Local Place Plan Community Questionnaire Please use questionnaire to give us an idea of the issues important to you, and we’ll use them at future public meetings and Community Council meetings to build a Local Plan that gives you a part in shaping the future of our communities in the Boarhills and Dunino locality. The questionnaires are anonymous and you can leave them in the boxes at Boarhills’ notice board or the Church notice board in Dunino. If you want, just hand them to any member of the Community Council who will be glad to assist and discuss further. Thank you so much for your support.




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