Housing to 2040

Present Voices, Future Lives’ Housing Exhibition


As you may be aware, the Scottish Government is committed to plan together with stakeholders for how our homes and communities should look and feel by 2040. To support the Scottish Government’s wider engagement on the future of housing in Scotland, a travelling exhibition  - curated and designed by Edinburgh University’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA) and Collective Architecture - will be visiting 12 locations across Scotland between 4 November and 16 December.


Please click here for details of the full exhibition programme for your information and for wider circulation.


The ‘Present Voices, Future Lives’ exhibition will spend a full day in each of the locations and will involve daytime workshops with school children and local communities to explore how we want to live in the future.  A curated evening exhibition will be open to the public and will showcase the exhibition and the findings collected from the workshops during the day.  You are most welcome to attend the evening exhibitions.


The feedback collected through the exhibition will help to inform the Scottish Government’s final vision and a route map to 2040, which we will publish in spring 2020.


You can find further information on the exhibition at https://www.ads.org.uk/ht2040exhibition/, or contact the Housing to 2040 team at Housing2040@gov.scot.  


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