BDCT plans for Boarhills Green Space

  • Make an attractive grass recreational area, with a mixed species hedge along the roadside, and provide seating. This would be open and accessible to all.
  • Plant a small community orchard. The fruit would be available for the community.
  • Restore the B listed doocot. This would be used to house interpretation and orientation information for the local walkers and walkers on the coastal path.

There is a considerable demand for a water source and toilet facilities at this point in the coastal path. Part of the project would see these facilities made available for visitors at the Village Hall, with signposting from the doocot.

An important element of these projects is that the community would be involved during their creation and in the longer term in their maintenance. There would be volunteering opportunities and the possibility of workshops in tree planting, pruning, hedging, and other aspects of the care of the site. The area would also be ideal for outdoor community events, and as an information hub, encourage more local outdoor activities such as walking for the benefit of everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust have been consulted and are supportive of these plans.

Image of the B listed doocot for possible restoration.

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