14 September 2011
Good News on Bonawe Wastewater Treatment Works progress update.

The following from Jane McKenzie, Customer Liaison Officer with Scottish Water  at 09.26hrs, on 14 September 2011.

Hi Iain

Information relating to the Bonawe project is detailed below.

The project is on programme and the early results from the performance
test are excellent.

* Scottish Water Final inspection due on Monday 12th September.

* Final Snagging completion due by 16th September.

* Performance test completion due by 16th September.

* The plant Telemetry was commissioned on August 29th and is
currently being monitored at the SW Telemetry flight desk, the Go Live
Application has been submitted to SW shared services, this process could
take another 2 weeks (from today).

Final documentation and acceptance should follow shortly afterward.

If you require any additional detail or information, please let me know.
Hope your meeting goes well.

Kind Regards


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