A Ramblers Hub

Rambler’s Association.

In 2014, the Commonwealth Games will take place in Glasgow. The Rambler’s Association want to use the Games as a focus to try to improve the general fitness of the nation. They want more people to walk in the countryside and thereby improve their fitness level. It’s a very laudable aim and well worth supporting.

Their plan is to establish ‘hubs’ throughout the country and from each hub will be a series of walks.

  • Ideally,the walks should be able to cater for everyone, and should vary from an easy 10 minute stroll to an all day mountain climb.
  • The hubs should have accommodation and public transport nearby.

The Ramblers frequently organise weekend trips for their members, where they can go to a centre that caters for all abilities and where they can meet up in their hotel in the evenings for a social get-together. Once these hubs are chosen they will be advertised within the Ramblers Association and may prove attractive to other groups who want to organise a weekend in the countryside. This could be work colleagues, families or groups of friends.

It certainly seems like an opportunity to advertise our area to visitors as well as provide incentives for locals to get out walking. For these reasons I think it is important to have one of the hubs in our area, and any suggestions are very welcome. I’ll keep you up to date with developments.

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