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Rosewell & District Community Council Boundary

(Extracted from Midlothian Council’s website)

Rosewell and District Community Council boundary commences at a point in the River North Esk to the south of the Maiden Castle, and then proceeds in a south easterly direction along the north eastern edges of plots 6123 and 8907 along the C7, along the right-of-way past Midfield House, along Rosewell Road, along the eastern boundary of White Bog Kennels, and along the unclassified road 37 until it reaches Shiel Bridge. It then proceeds in a southerly and south westerly direction along unclassified road 37, along the C47, and along unclassified road 29 until it reaches the north eastern point of plot 5259. It then proceeds in a north westerly direction along the southern edge of Cowie’s Bank Strip, along the northern edge of Edgelaw Moor, along the north eastern edge of Peter’s Wood, across the A6094, along the track leading to Rosslynlee, along the south eastern edge of Kirkettle Rough Strip, and along the burn running to the west of Rosslynlee until it reaches the River North Esk. It then proceeds in a north easterly direction along the River North Esk, along the access road to Kirkettle Saw Mill, along the disused railway, along the issue running through plot 4529, along the eastern boundary of plot C611, along northern boundary of plots 2304, 4607 and part of 6121 and southwest along disused railway, northwest along the issue leading to the River North Esk and along the River North Esk once more to the point of commencement.

Click on link for Rosewell & District Boundary Map (Midlothian Council)


The following link is a map of smaller road classifications within Midlothian documents/web-docs/network-route-numbers.jpg


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