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UPDATE – at Midlothian Councils planning meeting on 19th February 2019 the Planning Committee gave consent for this development against officer recommendations. Reasons put forward by councillors in favour of the development were:

- if we say no, we'll have to spend money fighting an appeal which we'll probably lose

- if we say no, we'll allow Midlothian's biggest listed building to go to rack and ruin.

UPDATE 13.04.18 - Representatives from the Oakridge Group and Geddes Consulting will be attending RDCC Meeting on 23rd April 2018 to bring the community up to date on the proposals, and to respond to any queries at this stage.

UPDATE 26.02.18 - Representatives from the Oakridge Group and Geddes Consulting will be attending RDCC Meeting on 5th March 2018 to bring the community up to date on the proposals, and to respond to any queries at this stage. (THIS MEETING WAS CANCELLED)


UPDATE 05.02.18 - RDCC COMMENTS LETTER (17/00980/PPP and 17/01001/DPP)

UPDATE 01.02.18 - 18/00061/LBC Internal and external alterations to the former Rosslynlee Hospital and associated listed buildings to form 68 dwellings and one office including; demolition of the former morgue, boiler house, outbuildings and elements of the main building, re-slating of roof, installation of replacement windows, alterations to existing window and door openings and associated works 

UPDATE 30.01.18 - 17/00980/PPP Application for planning permission in principle for residential development of up to 280 dwellings; commercial use of Class 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 with a floorspace of up to 250sqm; and associated works.

UPDATE 21.12.17 - 17/01001/DPP Alterations and conversion of former hospital and existing buildings to form 71 dwellings; erection of 30 new dwelling houses and associated works 

UPDATE 21.11.17 - 16/00716/DPP Alteration and change of use of existing buildings to form 8 dwellinghouses and one office building; erection of 5 dwellinghouses; and associated works | Land And Buildings At Firth Road And Farm Road Rosslynlee Roslin

UPDATE 3.11.16 - Firth Road And Farm Road 16/00720/LBC Alterations and conversions of existing buildings to form 5 dwellinghouses and an office building

Redevelopment Pre-Application Consultation (Midlothian Council Planning Committee - Tuesday 31 May 2016 ITem No 5.5) - documents/rosslynlee-hospital/pre-application-consultation-proposed-residential-development-at-the-former-rosslynlee-hospital-roslin-16_00266_pac-and-16_00267_pac.pdf

Proposal of Application Notices (PAN’s)

Main hospital buildings - 16/00267/PAC

The Proposal is for restoration of Rosslynlee Hospital and conversion of the buildings to form around 80 residential units comprising a mixture of flats and houses.

The proposals will involve selective demolitions to the building, and some new build development. Associated landscaping and infrastructure will be provided, including upgrades the access road to adoptable standard. The final details of the proposed development and number of homes proposed will depend on pre-application consultation and detailed design work. The site area subject to the PAN is 26.1ha.

Greenfield enabling development -  16/00266/PAC 

This PAN relates to proposed enabling development on greenfield land which is required in order to fund the proposals for restoration of the main hospital buildings and associated landscaping and infrastructure. The proposal is for residential development with associated infrastructure and engineering works, as promoted in the Midlothian Local Development Plan (MLDP) Proposed Plan.

The final proposal may also include some limited complementary land uses, for example a small local shop.

The final extent of the area proposed for development, number of homes proposed, and confirmation of any additional land uses will be determined following pre-application consultation and site appraisals.

Oakridge Group will be holding a public exhibition on 26th May 2016 at Rosewell Parish Church Hall from 3pm and 8pm.

Click on links below for Drawings:

PAN Boundary - Hospital - documents/rosslynlee-hospital/16001-plbd-p001-b-pan-boundary-hospital-site-e_file.pdf

PAN Boundary - Greenfield Sites - documents/rosslynlee-hospital/16001-plbd-p002-c-pan-boundary-greenfield-sites-e_file.pdf

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