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Rural Broadband

Innes, being a rural area in the of North East Scotland, is covered by Broadband at varying speeds.  In more "central" locations, such as towns, the speed can be as high as 5Mb/S or greater; in other locations, the speed can be as low as 256Kb/S (i.e. a quarter of a Mb/S) or, indeed, Broadband may be unavailable.


What affects Broadband Speed?

The factors that have the greatest effect on how fast your Broadband is are how far your phone is from the exchange, how fast Broadband is at the exchange itself and, to a lesser extent, the quality of the phone lines between you and the exchange.  You might hear phone companies announce the installation of Fibre-optic Cabling as a way of increasing Broadband speed - usually this is to upgrade the speed at the exchange with the knock-on effect that people connected to that exchange get a speed increase, depending on how far away they are.


How can I get faster Broadband, then?

The speed of Broadband across Moray is a current and lively topic of debate.  Rural Broadband is a topic well covered on the Scottish Government Website.  The BBC reported improvements to Rural Broadband in Moray discussed in Westminster in 2009. Improvements to Broadband speed and coverage in rural areas of Scotland are ongoing, as announced by Richard Lochhead in July, 2010.  The funding for this latest improvement will be made through the LEADER programme.  As it becomes clearer how to access this funding and take part in improvement projects, that information will be added here.  In the meantime, research is ongoing, but improvement to Broadband across Moray is coming.

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