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If you would like your website featured please contact Cradlehall and Westhill Community Council (CWCC).


Click the relevant link:

Contact CWCC webmaster - Dr Donald Boyd on 01463 796952.

The Highland Council Tel: 01349 886606 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-12pm.

Cradlehall and Westhill Community Council is in Ward 19, called Inverness South, of The Highland Council.  It is a 'multi-member ward' with four Highland Councillors representing the whole ward.  They regularly attend CWCC each month, as well as the other community councils in the ward.  Their contact details are in the Your Councillors menu in the left margin of the website.

Other useful links are:

General Community Councils website

Community Councils on Highland Council website

The Highland Council Consultation Portal: this is only for consultations at present.

Online site for public feedback on planning applications: not for consultations.

Highland Council petition procedure

Highland Council Planning Information

Highland Council webpage for viewing and commenting on planning applications

Inverness South Community Council: our neighbouring council meets in Inshes Primary School.


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