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Draft Minutes of the Killearnan Community Council Ordinary Meeting  June  2nd 2022. Held in Killearnan Public Hall at 7.30pm.



Mr K Mackenzie (Chair)

Mr A.P. Mackay (Treasurer)

Mrs A.C.Mackay (Secretary)

Mr A. Cameron

Mr A Brown

Ms F Hastie

Ben Williams (Community Enterprise)

Rev Susan Cord

Mrs T McMorran

Ms S Glenn

Mr S Glenn

Miss S Bain

Cllr M Paterson

Cllr S Kennedy

Cllr M McCallum

Cllr L Johnston


Cllr G. Mackenzie

Cllr A Maclean

Cllr S Atkin

Mr S Hudson (With Scout Team lighting Platinum Jubilee Beacon at Knockfarrell.)



Mr Mackenzie welcomed the new counsellors and Ms S Glenn. Introductions all round.

Ms S Glenn agreed to join the CC as a co-opted member.


Minutes of the Last Meeting: Adopted: A Brown. A Mackay



The following items were circulated: Letter from Kate Forbes office re: Tore Roundabout and Pedestrian Crossing; Why a Public Hall is Essential (Wanda Mackay Hi-Life Highland); Draft Killearnan Emergency Plan (prepared by A Mackay and F Hastie. Mr Hudson is to send minor additions by email); minutes of the recent BICC meeting hosted by Ferintosh CC.


1          Reopening Tore Hall

A Mackay introduced the discussion by describing the many community events held in the Hall over its 80 years existence.

Mr Ben Williams referred to the Zoom meeting with Rev Susan Cord and Anne Mackay and described the ways in which Community Enterprise could assist the committee and CC: applying for funding; action planning; publicity.

Mrs T McMorran gave an update regarding repairs to the basic electric installation, estimate of costs and the funding already sought from SSEN. The Investment in Communities Scot Gov Fund had just opened and an application is in progress. Closing date June 28th. The committee will apply to the IC fund to finance the modernising of  the Hall’s lighting, heating systems in eco-friendly ways as well as fitting the now required type of fire alarms and connecting to the NET . Councillors expressed their support. Thanks to Fortrose Academy for photo-copying and digitising the Hall’s  original Charter document.

A Mackay stressed how essential the use  of the Hall is to Tore Primary School and the function it will serve as an emergency hub – an amenity Killearnan lacked during the pandemic. OSCR had been informed of the changes to the Trustees. Mr A Brown would now be the main contact with OSCR. The Hall charity was now a member of SCVO.

Other sources of funding suggested: Community Ownership Fund. Ms S Glenn and Cllr Johnston encouraged members to ‘think big’ when considering improvements for the Hall and applying for funding. Cllr Johnston suggested  offering a ‘rent a desk’ facility’ for people working from home.  Carrying out a survey of residents’ ideas for hall use was suggested using free platforms such as Survey Monkey.  The CC Newsletter had included a brief survey seeking residents views and several people had replied, indicating their support and listing a range of uses,


A9 Kessock Bridge to Tore Roundabout

A letter received from Mr Perry (TS) re:A9 Tore Roundabout and pedestrian crossing indicates an intention to install an improved speed limit on roads leading to the roundabout as well as to ensure safety on pedestrian and cycling routes as recommended in the WSP/TS Final report.  The email from Kate Forbes’ office in reply to the CC’s concerns, reflects similar recommendations. Yet, none of these improvements have been put in place.

The Tore area urgently needs a reduction in the speed limit round the roundabout and  a controlled crossing so that pedestrians can access public transport in safety.


Residents described their various experiences of encountering danger on the crossing when trying to access public transport. It was for this reason that residents tend to opt for personal rather than public transport, thus, inevitably, adding to global warming. Not only pedestrians face hazards  but cyclists also have to cross the A9 on the official cycle route. The south bound carriageway was most commented on by residents because  two lanes of heavy traffic accelerate away from the roundabout (50 years away) at speed. Pupils exiting the school bus during the rush hour are particularly at risk. Cllr McCallum suggested that this risk might be reduced, as it had been during her school days, by having the bus omit the Tore bus-stop and, after continuing on to North Kessock, return to Tore by the north bound carriage. This adds 20 minutes to the pupils’ journey but would reduce the risk of accident. Cllr McCallum offered to approach the school authority.


The volume of traffic has increased significantly over the last 20 years during which planning permission has been granted to numerous housing developments from which residents inevitably use cars to access work and amenities. Ms S Glenn mentioned the ‘developers contribution’ monies intended to improve the areas in which the developments are sited. There was little evidence that such finance had been directed at improving the road infrastructure. The A9 is a trunk road and therefore the responsibility of the Scottish Government. A flourishing tourist industry has added to the increase in traffic as has the much advertised N500.  Tourist drivers are often unfamiliar with the hazards at the Munlochy Junction, Crossing and Roundabout and do not know to take the extra precautions residents employ.

Transport Scotland officers are aware that all traffic issuing from  north of Inverness converges on a roundabout which has 5 main roads radiating from it. The traffic then surges across the pedestrian crossing and on to the complex Artefallie/Munlochy Junction where fatalities have already occurred.

It was cynically observed that the Road authority appears to wait for deaths before taking any action, evidenced by the struggle to get an underpass to North Kessock village.

Kate Forbes independent review has been welcomed as a thorough examination of the lack of safety on the stretch of the A9 between the bridge and the roundabout. However so far only street lighting has been installed at the junction.  Residents point out that the benefit of lighting is limited in that most accidents have taken place in daylight, including those involving deaths.  The design of the junction is still the fundamental problem.  The part played by winter/spring low sunlight impeding  drivers’vision on parts of the carriageway was also raised as a further reason for reducing the speed limit from the bridge to the roundabout.  

The most recent MFLDP appears to have taken into consideration the necessity to improve infrastructures before more housing developments can be sanctioned. Councillors recognise the issues and support the need for improvement.


BICC Meeting in Culbokie.

Mr Rory Mair attended the meeting. Members found his advice for Community Councils  extremely useful.  He pointed out the benefit of taking a united approach to issues which affect the whole of the Black Isle and suggested that a list of five or so main concerns should be agreed. Road infrastructure/ condition was an agreed priority in the light of the amount of new housing in the Black Isle.

Mr Mair advised that concerns be expressed as desired outcomes rather than making repeated suggestions as to how the outcome might be achieved. Financing and successfully delivering an outcome was the responsibility and main purpose of the paid Local Authority officials and elected representatives. The process should be a collaborative effort.

At the present meeting, Cllr L Johnston also stressed the need for CCs to express proposals as ‘outcomes’ and this was echoed by Ms Glenn’s advice.


Emergency Plan.

F Hastie’s experience as a coastguard officer has been especially beneficial in drafting the plan: identifying possible sources of emergency and detailing methods of coping. The plan is in draft form.


Monadh Mhor Drovers Road.

The path has been surveyed. Only a small stretch requires attention. FLS have no objections to the road’s restoration but could not fund maintenance. Residents of Ferintosh are interested in restoring the road.  A Brown agreed to join the sub-committee as the drover road is in the vicinity of his residence.



The AGM is planned for June 2nd in Tore Hall at 7.00. All welcome

Come and meet the new councillors and make your concerns known! Items on the agenda include: the dangerous A9 Tore Pedestrian Crossing; re-opening Tore Hall for the community; drafting an Emergency Plan for the Area; a report of the latest joint Black Isle Councils meeting and further items residents wish to air in person.


The Hall is a Registered Charity - Number SC001459

The new committee members - Andy Brown, Tracy McMorran, Anne Mackay, Ben Sharp (Acting Primary Head), Rev Susan Cord and associate,Louise Marshall aim:-

1        to return the use of the Hall to Killearnan Residents, the Local Primary School and the wider community after a closure of more than two years.

2        to upgrade the amenity to meet the needs of a modern community.


The Hall trustees hold the charter by which the land was granted to the community of Killearnan by the Fraser-Mackenzie family in 1936. In part, the establishment of the hall was as a memorial to local lives lost in the First World War. The official opening took place in 1937 and in the early years the building was in much use as a drill hall. Over the decades, it has been used as a venue for church services, christenings, Sunday schools, parties, toddler groups, dances, concerts, protest meetings, as a polling station, as a practice room for local musicians and highland dance groups, as a place to meet for martial arts and badminton enthusiasts, the WRI, Gardening and Archaeological Societies, Art Classes, Whist Drives, Fund Raising events, Galas….

For Tore Primary School, it has provided an essential space for PE and cultural activities.


Unfortunately, an in-depth electrical inspection has shown that the Hall needs extensive re-wiring and advises that the out-dated, uneconomic heaters be replaced.

To finance the work, the committee will apply to the Scottish Government’s Investing in Communities Fund. Highland Council will support the application.


We also need the support of the local community and ask you to show this by responding to the following 2 questions, via our email:

1        Do you think the village hall is an asset to the local community?

2        What benefits does it provide for our residents and the wider community?


The email address is: torehall22@gmail.com


Killearnan owes a debt of gratitude to the retiring committee - John Dalgetty, Andrina Gammie and Isobel Maclennan - who ran the hall for over 20 years.

Please see below two links relating to ‘Homes for Ukraine’ sponsorship scheme.






A new committee is in place to facilitate the re-opening of the Hall. Members: Andy Brown, racy McMorran, Anne Mackay, Ben Sharp (ToreSchool), Rev Cord.

email: torehall22@gmail.com




COVID Increase  U pdate for key stakeholders. 18 March 2022


Covid figures

We had 5,811 new cases in the seven days to 13 March. The infection rate is 1,816/100,000 across the NHS Highland area: 1,601/100,000 in Argyll and Bute and 1,887/100,000 in North Highland.

We have 50 patients in hospital with COVID-19, including 2 in ITU. ITU capacity is 9 beds, of which 2 are occupied with COVID patients, 5 with other patients and 2 are available.

There have been 308 recorded deaths of people with COVID in the NHS Highland area since the start of the pandemic: 196 in Highland and 112 in Argyll and Bute. This represents an increase of 15 in the last 7 days. This refers to the total number of people who died within 28 days of their first laboratory confirmed report of COVID-19 infection and whose death was registered with National Records of Scotland.


Covid-19 vaccinations as at 15 March 2022

NHS Highland


% of population (18+) received 1 dose




% of population (18+) received 2 doses




% of population (18+) received third dose or booster




Current situation

Case numbers are continuing to rise across the NHS Highland area. Our care at home teams are able to deliver essential care only and staffing levels in community hospitals, care homes and care at home are critical.

Outbreak updates: NHS Highland Care Homes

All Infection Protection and Control measures are in place as appropriate at our care homes, plus regular resident and staff testing.


Ach an Eas

Remains closed.





Caladh Sona

Remains closed.


Dial Mhor

Closed: small number of positive staff members.


Grant House



Home Farm

Remains closed.



Remains closed.


Loch Broom

Remains closed.



Moved from closed to under surveillance.


Pulteney House

Remains under surveillance.


Seaforth House Golspie

Remains closed.


Wade Centre
Under surveillance.


Outbreak updates: Hospitals

All Infection Protection and Control measures are in place as appropriate at our hospitals, plus regular patient and staff testing.


2 bays are closed in non-covid wards in Raigmore and there are also positive cases being managed within:

Raigmore Ward 10

Raigmore children’s ward

Belford CAU

L&I Hospital Ward 1

Mid Argyll Hospital Glenaray Ward


Ward 3C Raigmore

Remains closed.


Belford Ward 1

Remains closed.


Bignold Ward closed.


RNI Ward 2

Remains closed.



If you have comments or queries please contact nhshighland.feedback@nhs.scot


Ukraine Appeal Ukraine Aid

Killearnan CC has received the email below urging residents to support Ukraine against Russian aggression.
Te-aM 6 Grant Street
07849 479 161
Dear Friends, Colleagues, Business Owners, Managers, Fellow Citizens!
Many of us have families and friends across the world, and many of them live in Ukraine.
We need to be ambassadors of human lives, democracy and freedom!
We need to help those who have lost it all, who have lost their health, their homes, their communities, who
have lost their beloved ones, who have lost hope!
I ask you to unite and help the Ukraine! We can help people survive and recover. We can help them live.
Following my recent contact with the Polish Red Cross (PCK) in Lublin, supporting both Ukrainian refugees as
well as those still in their country, there are a number of items that would make a massive difference to those
in need. These items are as follows:
Shower gels, shampoos, soap, tooth brushes and toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products,
nappies, washing up liquid, washing powder/liquid...
Dressings, sterile gauze, sterile bandages, compression bandages, tubular bandages, thermal blankets, saline
ampules, disinfectants, disposable gloves, sterile dressings, tourniquets, scissors, plasters...
Paracetamol, children's paracetamol, ibuprofen, cream for burns, antiseptic cream
Disposable knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, plates bowls, cups.
I called the Polish Red Cross again today for the latest information. The greatest demand this afternoon is for
dressings and medicine, as well as blankets, sleeping bags and disposable tableware.
Together, I believe we can pool our strength and organise as much as possible in a short time. Time is life. I am
asking you to help me gather the necessary items, so we can send them to the front line support networks.
Over the next couple of days I will be working on the logistics and transportation of the goods so that we can
have them delivered to the Polish Red Cross in Lublin and help the PCK save lives.
Please support me in this journey by donating the above items in wholesale quantities, by helping to finance
the transport and all the additional needs.
I am available on my mobile 07849479161 and email thomas@te-am.co.uk so please do phone, text, email
me and let’s get the ball rolling.
Thank you!
Thomas Machnik

Donations can be made at Inverness Cathedral.


Calling  All Residents of Killearnan.

The CC is trying to re-open our Community Hall in Tore which has been closed for nearly three years. This vital amenity should be restored to the community.

A meeting has been arranged between the retired committee and a temporary committee to get the process started.  Meeting to be held in the hallat 7.00pm on February 8th. Please show up to support the endeavour.

January CC Meeting Minutes

Teams Meeting of Killearnan CC 20th January 2022: Draft Minutes.


Present: K Mackenzie, A C Mackay, A Mackay, A Cameron A Brown, F Hastie; Cllrs G.Adam, A. Maclean, M. Paterson. Guest H.Macleod.


The start of the meeting was delayed on account of an unexpected glitch on Microsoft Teams which allowed particpants to join but prevented the host from communicating with participants. The problem was partially resolved by emailing Microsoft and receiving a new code.


Correspondence : Di Agnew emails (Covid updates, funding opportunities); emails: Forum meetings -Jan 24 & Jan 31.

Minutes of the previous meeting adopted: A Cameron, A Mackay


1. Re-opening Killearnan (Tore) Hall. The Hall committee had resigned the year before the Pandemic. The Pandemic had also necessitated the closure of the Hall. The CC is making it a priority to restore this most valuable asset to the community. Mrs T Mcmorran (Kilcoy Nursery) has offered her assistance; Mrs A Gammie (Secretary of the previous committee) has agree to supply the necessary documents and information. The CC plans to apply for funding to facilitate the re-opening. It is hoped that the Hall can be open for the community well in time for the coming Platinum Jubilee celebrations. An emergency committee is to be convened. A Brown has agreed to act as Chair, A.C Mackay as temporary secretary and, possibly, T Macmorran as Treasurer (subject to her agreement).

The councillors expressed their full support.


2. Restoration of the Drover Road between Monadh Mhor and Moss End.

The old path is already being used and residents in both Killearnan and Ferintosh have expressed a willingness to help to reopen the road for the public. FLS has responded favourably to the CCs’ approach regarding the re-opening. Ms H Macleod gave the meeting valuable information about similar projects in the Highland Area and offered her support in advancing Killearnan’s plan and securing the necessary funding. Mr A Cameron and other CC members will liaise further. Mrs A Mackay will contact the various sources of funding.The councillors expressed their support for the project.


3. MFLDP & Springfield PLC’s Plan

Cllr Adam pointed out that HC Planners had not included the development in the current MFLDP as a major development was unviable owing to the problems associated with the lack of adequate infrastructure in the area.

There was a clash between the Black Isle Joint CC Forum scheduled for February 3rd and Springfield’s further consultation planned for the same evening. CC had already agreed to join the BICC forum before receiving the notification from the developers. It was agreed to ask the developers to arrange a meeting at a later date and preferably to hold an actual public meeting in Killearnan. Mrs Mackay was asked to inform the Springfield Team and Cllr A Maclean will also contact them.

4. BICC Forum. The virtual meeting will be hosted by Ferintosh CC. A substantial part of the meeting will be devoted to a talk by Mr D Jones (Head of Planning) who will explain HC Planning’s current approaches in order to assist CC in their constitutional responsibilities in responding to planning matters.


a)A 9 Review. Lighting is being installed at the Munlochy Junction and new speed restrictions are expected at the Roundabout.


b) Lighting is needed at Tore Hall. Cats eyes and Tore sign are missing.

c) Finance Update

Mrs Mackay sent a Christmas thankyou of chocolates and oranges to Tore Pupils for their

resilience during the Pandemic. Part of cost to CC - £5. £20 expenses in Newsletter distribution.

d) Summer Festival at Tore Hall? To reunite the Community?

Meeting finished at 8.32pm.













December Updates

The latest Inner Moray Firth Development Plan information...

In North Kessock, officers are recommending a limited development on land to the west of the village. Because it lies at the northern gateway to the City of Inverness, North Kessock could also play a strategic role in managing travel and visitor impacts by accommodating a Park and Ride facility and a campervan servicing site. Land at Bellfield Farm (East) benefits from a previous development allocation and is unlikely to be feasible for business/commercial development in connection with a golf course. It may still support commercial or community use together with limited housing development. Land adjoining the A9 junction is the optimum location for an interceptor park and choose/ride site to encourage changes to more sustainable travel modes. Similarly, the existing A9 northbound car park and adjoining land is underutilised and could better manage the impacts of campervan visitor demand. Further development allocations are not justified in infrastructure, facility and environmental capacity terms. Woodland and other site-specific constraints to the allocated sites can be mitigated by implementation of defined developer requirements for each site.

6.16 It is proposed to only promote very limited infill development at Tore because of the Plan's spatial strategy of directing significant development to sustainable and viable locations. Land at Woodneuk benefits from a recent planning permission, would infill a cluster of existing development and is close to the primary school. Tore is a competitive location for industrial and storage uses, and existing enterprises may require to be expanded. Treed land north of the grain mill has potential to absorb expansion of existing operations including larger scale buildings into the local landscape. There is no quantitative requirement for the scale of expansion proposed by Springfield and the necessary upgrading of infrastructure and community facility capacities is very likely to be unviable


Community Resilience Group Weekly Briefing - 46

10 December 2021


Covid Update

Over the last 7 days there have been 608 new positive cases in Highland (to 09 December).  This means the latest 7-day rate per 100,000 shows an increase from 237 per 100,000 as of 02 December to 258.2 per 100,000 as of 09 December. 


What is noted this week, however, is that across Scotland there is an increase in the number of cases of the new variant Omicron. Extra caution is advised, as is sticking to the Scottish Government guidelines. Further advice in relation to this is found later in the briefing under the Scottish Government update and from Public Health Scotland.


In terms of neighbourhood data, the map below and accompanying table, highlights the positive cases per 100,000 in communities across the Highland area. The test positivity rate on was 6.8% on 07 December, the same rate as reported on 30 November.

Scotland has Moved Beyond Level Zero

From 9 August 2021 the whole of Scotland moved to beyond Level 0. You can find Scottish Government guidance for everyone on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 here.



Scottish Government messages this week

The First Minister gave statements to the Scottish Parliament on Covid-10 on Tuesday 7 December 2021 and 10 December 2021.



Key messages on 7 December included:


The First Minister announced that the new Covid Omicron variant is a "really concerning development” and urged people to take extra caution. She confirmed that current restrictions will remain in place, however it is vital at this stage to strengthen compliance with existing protections; the need for additional protections be reviewed on a daily basis due to the risk posed by the new variant.


After a period of falling case numbers, Scotland saw an increase in cases in the under 60 age groups last week. More positively, the number of people in hospital with Covid, and the number in intensive care, has fallen further in the last week, however this should not give rise to complacency.


The emergence of the Omicron variant is now an additional - and indeed very significant - cause for concern. In the days ahead, we expect to see a continued and potentially rapid rise in cases for Omicron to account for a rising share of overall cases. Health protection teams are working hard through contact tracing, testing and isolation to slow the spread of Omicron cases.


The Scottish Government will strive to get the right balance between acting proportionately and acting preventatively to do what is necessary to keep the country as safe as possible.


In line with the other UK nations, travel rules have been tightened. Anyone 12 years or over now required to take a COVID test before travelling to the UK from (outside the common travel area) in addition to the day 2 testing currently in place. Nigeria is added to the red list, making 11 countries on the red list.


The Cabinet agreed to keep in force all existing protections, but also agreed that it is vital to strengthen compliance with these protections. It is time for all of us to go back to basics and ensure that we are taking all of the steps required to minimise the risk of getting or spreading this virus.


Everyone is being asked to make an extra effort to heighten compliance with current protections now through into January:

LFD Test regularly, on any occasion before socialising, or mixing with people from other households.

Wear face coverings on public transport, in shops, and when moving about in hospitality settings.

Keep windows open when you’re meeting people indoors.

Follow all advice on hygiene.

Working from home where at all possible. Employers are asked to enable employees to do so.


Vaccination remains vitally important:

Additional vaccinators are being identified and trained. We have added the equivalent of 300 additional full-time staff to the vaccination workforce so far.

We are also working to further increase vaccination capacity through increased use of drop-in centres and mobile vaccination units.

We are also working to increase demand by encouraging even more people to take up the offer of vaccine.

Anyone over 40 who has had their second vaccination 12 or more weeks ago is being encouraged to get a booster jag.


Testing and isolation:

If you have symptoms of Covid, please get a PCR test and self- isolate until you get the result.

If your result is negative, you can end isolation at that point if you are double vaccinated. If positive, you must isolate for the full ten days.

Household contacts of close contacts suspected of Omicron variant will be asked to isolate and seek a PCR test. If positive, isolate for 10 days (as of 11 December this has been revised to apply to contacts of any Covid variant).

Everyone is asked to do a LFD test before mixing with other households, including visiting others, going to social places such as pubs and restaurants and shopping.

Regular testing helps early detection of the virus, remembering that we could be carriers of the virus without having symptoms.


By slowing the spread of the virus in general and Omicron in particular, we give ourselves the best possible chance of enjoying a Christmas that is more normal, but also safe - and of avoiding a new year hangover of spiralling cases.


Update 10 December 2021

In a briefing today, the First Minister outlined new rules around self-isolating.

As Omicron is becoming dominant, The First Minister has today announced a national policy change to isolation advice that will set out that:

all positive cases must isolate for 10 days

all fully vaccinated adults and under 18 non-household close contacts are required to isolate until they receive a negative PCR test – partially or unvaccinated adults should isolate for 10 days;

all household close contacts are required to isolate for 10 days with no exemptions for age, vaccination status or a negative PCR test.

This third point is a departure from pre-Omicron isolation policy and will come into place from Saturday 11 December.  This national guidance change will supersede any Omicron specific advice that has been in place.



Public Health Scotland issues a request for the public to defer Christmas parties – separate advice from Public Health Scotland is attached with the briefing.



Covid-19 Testing

The chart below provides a helpful overview of the types of tests available.





Symptomatic Testing (with symptoms)

If you do believe you have symptoms, please self-isolate and book a PCR test.

Postal PCR kits are available through NHS Inform either by calling 0800 028 2816 or online https://www.nhsinform.scot/illnesses-and-conditions/infections-and-poisoning/coronavirus-covid-19/test-and-protect/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-do-a-pcr-test-at-home.


In addition to the local support that is available, people can get support to self-isolate by calling the Council’s helpline number: 0300 303 1362.  This can include access to food and supplies to self-isolate and individuals may be entitled to a £500 self-isolation support grant.




Asymptomatic Testing (without symptoms)

It continues to be important that people test themselves even if they don’t have symptoms. Taking a rapid LFD test twice a week can help stop new variants earlier, limiting the spread of the virus.


Test kits are available at pharmacies, or to order online from www.nhsinform.scot/testing, or by calling 119. Test kits are also available at Community testing sites.


Community Testing - Assistive Outreach: a new approach to Community Testing for those without symptoms (Asymptomatic)
An additional strand to support the asymptomatic community testing programme has been introduced.   To date, three Council mobile units have been used in communities across Highland to support the testing programme.  Over time we have seen the number of people coming forward for testing decline, but the number of people asking to take away test kits for use at home has increased. 

In a change of approach, the Scottish Government has asked NHS and their partners to introduce Assertive Outreach – a more direct approach to engaging with communities in areas of enduring transmission, areas where testing may be low, and having a presence in public spaces such as shopping centres and railway and bus stations.  We will be offering free lateral flow test kits and testing advice. During Week commencing 13 December there will be a presence in the following public spaces:

Next week, our schedule for Assistive Outreach will be in the following public spaces, 13 to 17 December:







Dingwall High Street



Nairn High Street



Dingwall High Street



Nairn High Street



Inverness Town Centre



Inverness Railway Station



Inverness Town Centre



Inverness Victorian Market



Inverness Town Centre/Victorian Market



Inverness Railway Station



Inverness Bus Station



Covid-19 Vaccination Update

The latest update from NHS on the vaccine can be accessed at the following link: www.nhsinform.scot/covid19vaccine.


For details of vaccination access for flu and Covid-19 and information about drop-in clinics that are operating in Highland please check the following link:



From 30 November those aged 16 and 17 in Scotland are to be offered a second dose of the vaccine.


Vaccination Scams
Scammers are using mobile phone numbers to offer Covid-19 tests using a 'vaccinationpass' website which then demands payment.

If you receive a message, call, or link like this, do not respond. Instead, notify www.scamwatch.scot or call 0808 164 6000.

For information on vaccination scams and other Covid-19 related scams, visit the Trading Standards Scotland website https://www.tsscot.co.uk/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-scams/.



Winter Readiness

A separate briefing has been prepared and is attached with key information and contacts that may be of interest to resilience groups. It includes a quick guide with contact numbers – also attached separately for handy reference.

For anyone in need of urgent Covid-19 related support over the festive period, such as emergency food supplies or prescription collection or other emergency support arising from the need to self-isolate, the Council’s free helpline for Covid-19 will remain open over the festive period:
Tel. 0300 303 1362.
This helpline is available Monday – Friday 9-5pm. It is available for emergency calls out with this time and this includes the Christmas period and bank holidays.


SSEN Distribution to provide enhanced support to customers and communities affected by Storm Arwen (Press Release attached)

SSEN to voluntarily increase statutory compensation payments by 20%, recognising the exceptional impact of the once-in-a generation event. Customers will receive up to an additional £210 depending on how long they were without power.
An additional £500,000 will be added to the 2022 SSEN Resilient Communities Fund, supporting more community resilience projects across the north of Scotland.


Met Office Weather Warning for 11-13 December
Very strong winds are expected to affect northwestern Scotland for a short time on Sunday night and early Monday morning. Weather warnings have been issued for medium impact Yellow Warnings of Wind for the Western Isles, coastal parts of Highland, Orkney and Shetland for this period:

A Yellow Warning of Wind for Western Isles, Tiree, Coll, Skye, and coastal areas of the northwestern mainland. Valid 21:00 Sunday to 0600 Monday, assessed as low likelihood of medium impacts 

A Yellow Warning of Wind for the coastal parts of Caithness and Sutherland, Orkney and Shetland. Valid 00:00 to 12:00 Monday 

The picture currently is currently described as very uncertain with low forecaster confidence, This confidence will improve over successive days, please see the Met Office website for full details.



Food Support for Groups

We know that a number of you continue to provide support to the most vulnerable in your communities and that most of you already have well defined routes for accessing food to provide this support or are supporting individuals to access their shopping or community fridges/food tables.


If you are struggling to access food to continue support to vulnerable people locally, please do contact us through the policy mailbox and we can look at ways that we can support your group going forward.


Contact: policy6@highland.gov.uk



Helpful Links

Welfare Support Team - www.highland.gov.uk/directory_record/102970/benefit_advice


Self Isolation Support Grant - www.highland.gov.uk/info/20016/coronavirus/940/self-isolation_support_grant


Energy Advice



AbiltyNet - IT advice or support AbilityNet

Helpline 0800 048 7642.    


Covid Resilience Grant Support - www.highland.gov.uk/directory_record/1422811/supporting_community_resilience/category/155/grants_for_community_groups


HTSI Community Group Helpline

Telephone Number 01349 808022




Notice of Meeting

October 26th at 7.00pm

You're invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

Title: Andrew Macka7's Teams Meeting
Time: 26 October 2021 19:00:00 British Summer Time

Join the meeting on your computer or mobile app

Remembrance Sunday 14th November

9.30 am at the Killearnan Cenotaph.

Rev Susan Cord will conduct the remembrance. Mr George Bethune will place the wreath on behalf of the community



A9 Kessock Bridge to Tore Roundabout. Latest news

Richard.Perry@transport.gov.scotFri, Oct 15, 4:50 PM (2 days ago)

    Good afternoon

Firstly, we would like to thank you, as a stakeholder, for your ongoing support of the A9 North Kessock to Tore study.

Our public consultation on the options being considered at the current stage (Preliminary Appraisal) concluded on 27 August. Since this date, Transport Scotland and our consultants, WSP, have been analysing the results and considering these alongside the emerging outcomes from the appraisal. A total of 756 responses were received, 753 via our online consultation platform.


We are pleased to confirm that the formal report of the outcomes of the consultation is now available to access on Transport Scotland’s website. This summarises the responses and the additional comments made by many respondents. Where respondents have agreed for their response to be published, these can be reviewed individually on our consultation platform.

The feedback has been vital in helping us understand the views, opinions and priorities of those using the A9 regularly. This feedback is primarily used to understand the acceptability of various options. It is also useful to understand any issues that could be raised as part of a statutory consultation for options involving legal prohibition of movements or restriction of speeds.

WSP is progressing with the Preliminary Appraisal and we expect this will be published by late November 2021.

In recognition of the desire amongst the public and stakeholders to see some improvements carried out in the short term, we can confirm that the following options are being progressed by our Operating Company, BEAR Scotland:

Installation of street lighting around the B9161 Munlochy junction;

A review of the speed limit on Tore roundabout, its approaches, and the A835 to the Tore Primary School junction; and

A review of active travel facilities around Tore roundabout to undertake measures to improve visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers


Progression of these three interventions does not affect the progress or the outcomes of the study and we remain committed to completing this in order to identify further opportunities to improve the route.


I hope you find this update useful.

Head Safety Manager, Operations, Roads Directorate




From Avoch Killen CC

Tue, Sep 14, 2:01 PM (8 days ago)

Hi all, Wondering if you would be able to share publicity on social media and on noticeboards for a volunteer marine mammal medic course running in Cromarty on 10th October? We are always in need of more local medics, particularly after the mass stranding last month. I'm attaching the info poster but can print and drop off if easier. 


Thanks for any help. 


All the best, 


Sarah M-T


BDMLR training in Cromarty 10th October

BDMLR training in Cromarty 10th October

Learn How to Save Whales, Dolphins and Seals

Train as a BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic.  Marine Terrace, Cromarty.

Book Your Place at www.bdmlr.org.uk

Avoch Killen CC

AttachmentsTue, Sep 14, 2:01 PM (8 days ago)


The present Members of the CC are: Kenne Mackenzie, Chair; Andrew Mackay, Treasurer; Anne Mackay, Secretary; Alasdair Cameron; Andy Brown; Steven Hudson.


Notes on the Teams Meeting (Sept 6)  with  PC N0675 Kevin Taylor, Preventions and Interventions officer, Police Scotland - Highlands and Islands Division.

PC Taylor listed the scams current in the area: HMRC (bogus money claims); phishing emails (fraudulent Investment Schemes; advertisements; parcel delivery requests for delivery payments); Romance/Sexploitation(Dating Sites).

He has sent the following list of websites where people can report scams and also get advice.

 www.ncsc.gov.uk.        www.getsafeonline.org        www.sbrcentre.co.uk        www.cpni.gov.uk/my-digitalfootprint       www.haveibeenpwned.com

 www.howsecureismypassword.net   www.neighbourhoodwatchscotland.co.uk

He gave the following advice on passwords:-

Always change the default pass-word on a new device; make pass-word 25 characters long; use 3 random words not family pets or names; include a mixture of letters, figures and symbols.
















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