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KCC - 01463811336



Dear Black Isle Community Councils, B

I have consulted with Di Agnew and we plan to have the first conference call at 1030 tomorrow morning, Tuesday. Details of how to join the call are as follows: dial 0800 032 8068 (free of charge), then tap in the following passcode on your phone: 19405965 then #. That should connect you. You will be asked to state your name so people know you have joined the call. Try and call in just before 1030 so we can make a prompt start.  Any problems, my mobile number is 0780 1246767.


I would suggest the following agenda, but happy to have items added:


1 Introductions

2 Summary of Highland Council Covid 19 related activities including the local Humanitarian Assistance Centre (Di Agnew)

3 Black Isle Cares: summary of Covid 19 related activities and plans

4 Community Councils: summary of local initiatives

5 Identify difficulties/ potential gaps in provision – ideas on how to tackle these

6 Identify possible overlaps in providing support with local communities, Highland Council, NHS Highland, Scottish Government (Scotland Cares) all involved. Ideas on how to overcome any difficulties.

7 Future areas of work not covered above


I have added my initial email to you below for reference if required. Look forward to speaking to you tomorrow morning.


Best wishes, Gordon

Cllr Gordon Adam

Chair, Black Isle, Dingwall and Seaforth Area Cttee

Highland Council

Tel: 0780 1246767


Hi all,

Good Afternoon Everyone,


I hope you are all well and I know you are all busy at this time assisting people in our communities. I have included you in this email as you are all key people in our ward either through the community councils or community groups. Cllr Gordon Adams has already set up a weekly telephone discussion with groups on the Black Isle and some of you may already be taking part. These discussions are to find out what’s working, where there are gaps and what is still needed and who is best to help, these can then be fed back to Di Agnew our ward manager who is co -ordinating information with Highland Council , NHS Highland and HTSI.


As local members we like you want to do all we can to help our communities during this difficult time. We too are receiving calls and emails asking for help from individuals. Some of us can’t leave our homes at the moment but we are able to work in other ways either by email and telephone.  As councillors we receive regular updates from Highland Council, Police Scotland and NHS Highland as well as other third sector organisations updating us. This may also be useful to you if you are not already receiving the information.


My reason for sending you this email is to find out if you would be interested in either you or a  member of your group checking in on a weekly basis by telephone. I am suggestion Cllr Graham Mackenzie could chair a short BT Group Meeting to discuss how we can continue to help our communities and share best practice. If you are in agreement we can send out a meeting request and start by the end of this week. If there is a time or day that suits people best please include this in your response.   


I hope you all keep safe and thank you for what you are already doing to help our communities.

Best wishes,


Cllr Angela MacLean

Liberal Democrat Councillor for

Dingwall & Seaforth Ward 8

Ph 07825116505


To reduce the potential for many duplicate information emails I am asking the sender of the email I have received as an elected member has been shared with community councils, such as this one.

Regards Craig


From: Mary MacDonald
Sent: 30 March 2020 15:24
To: Mary MacDonald
Subject: Ross & Cromarty Citizens Advice Bureau


COVID-19 - the Citizens Advice network stands ready to help


Dear councillor/partner,


Ross & Cromarty CAB constantly adapts to the changing times around us and our response to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland is no different.


Throughout March we have continued to give advice to those who need it as we take steps to re-design how we deliver our services to the citizens of Ross & Cromarty. Our teams are now working from home and we continue to provide advice and support by telephone, email, Facebook, messenger and webchat.


For your information I have attached a copy of our contact details. If you follow us on Facebook you will find a number of useful links.


We are here, as always, for the citizens of Ross & Cromarty and will continue to work with you to help those who need it.


If you have any questions about how we are delivering services or the support people are coming to us for please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Mary MacDonald

Mary MacDonald

Area Manager

Ross & Cromarty CAB

Tel 07880646285




Crisis on our Roads

Letter from Kate Forbes MSP Re Highland Council Roads Survey

Please  use the link to register your views

Dear Anne, 
Following my correspondence earlier this week, I am writing to invite you to participate in a consultation about road safety improvements at the B9161/A9 Munlochy junction.
Please find below a link to a short online survey:
Please feel free to share this survey with friends, family, and others you know who are regular users of the road.
The responses to this survey are anonymous and will be fed into the summit meeting at the end of March.
Paper copies of the survey are available from my constituency office. If you would like to fill in a paper copy, please feel free to drop into my office to collect one (12 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU), or phone 01349 863 888 and ask to speak to my caseworker Philip Coghill.
I am happy to keep you informed of any further updates on this matter.
Kind regards,

Kate Forbes MSP
Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch




Killearnan CC has provisionally objected to a planning application to build 14 houses in a development up the single track road which passes Tore Primary School. Access to the single track road is from the trunk road, A835. Traffic from the development is likely to use the A9.


 The present objections to Broadlands' proposed development are part of wider concerns being expressed throughout the Black Isle, following the fatal accident at the Artafallie/Munlochy Junction,  about safety on the A9, the Tore Roundabout and the effect on the roads feeding into the Roundabout  As the A9 Roundabout, the Pedestrian Crossing, the Artafallie/Munlochy Junction and the A835 lie within the Killearnan CC boundary,  it was the main item on the CC's agenda, January 30th. (extract below).


 A joint meeting of the Black Isle CCs took place on February 11, chaired by Knockbain CC, where possible measures to mitigate the dangers were discussed. A review by the Safer Roads Foundation has been commissioned by MP Ian Blackford to undertake an enquiry involving safety on the A9 A/M  Junction, Tore Pedestrian Crossing, Roundabout, A835 and connecting roads. K.Forbes, MSP, is arranging a meeting with Transport Scotland with relevant 'stake-holders'. The results of these investigations are crucial. If no improvement to the transport infrastructure (road network) is undertaken, it will impact adversely on people living in the Black Isle and anyone travelling to the North and the West Coast via the major roads which traverse the Black Isle.

Springfield Inc's proposal, under review in  the Inner Moray Firth Local Development plan, to build 1000 houses in Tore is a significant factor additionally influencing concerns. 

A resident with 33 years experience as a HC road engineer is preparing a detailed comment for the CC. He writes regarding changes to the junction:-

"The pressure on Tore would be considerable and traffic to Coldwells and beyond would have the junction at Old Kilcoy House to negotiate, another prospective black spot with heavy transport to/from the garage, grain drier and Agricultural store . Traffic along the A832 between Munlochy and Tore would be increased. Tore village itself is not pedestrian friendly.... PROVIDE A NEW ROUNDABOUT.  This is a “gold plated” option and probably the one to increase safety the most. I have no idea how much land is already in Transport Scotlands ownership but I would have thought that land acquisition  would not be a major problem. If this option was considered then the inclusion of the Craigrory junction in the plan would seem sensible. Bearing in mind the continued  development and prospective development of the Black Isle it is surprising that a roundabout was not considered in the original design. Did the design engineers not look far enough ahead ??"


With regard to his final question, please note Transport Scotland's initial response to an application for a development in Fortrose:-Rejection (15/03033) in October 2015

“Reason given: “The proposal would result in an increase in waiting and turning manoeuvres, on a rural section of the trunk road, which would be to the detriment of the safety and free flow of traffic on this length of trunk road where vehicle speeds are high and vehicles waiting to turn right may be stopped in the fast lane of the trunk road.”

Notes from the recommendation: “The junction of the A9 and B9161 is liable to have an increase in turning movements as a result of this development. It is presently the site of an accident cluster with lengthy queues northbound at the evening peak and Transport Scotland is awaiting an investigation report…”


Extract from Killearnan CC Minutes January 30th 2020:-

”A9 Munlochy Junction

The widespread fears about the danger inherent in the design of the Munlochy Junction have been sadly confirmed by the tragic death of 16 year old Gregor Mcintosh, before Christmas.  MSP Kate Forbes has contacted us about a planned meeting involving Transport Scotland, MSPs, Councillors and Community Councillors to discuss the issue.  Knockbain CC is also convening an urgent meeting of the BLCCs to be held as soon as possible in Fortrose Academy.


It has been suggested that the Junction be permanently closed and that Munlochy, Avoch, Fortrose and Cromarty traffic be redirected to the Tore Roundabout.  While this closure would certainly remove any chance of fatalities at that point on the A9, the danger will be shifted to an already hazardous roundabout. The increased number of vehicles, including buses and HGVs, travelling from Inverness will come into conflict with traffic:-


 from the West Coast, Muir of Ord, Marybank, Garve etc on the A832;

from Dingwall and the West on the A835;

from the North on the mainThurso to Edinburgh trunk road

 …. before drivers can access the A832 to Fortrose and Cromarty.


Major Housing Developments in Munlochy, Avoch, Fortrose, Dingwall and elsewhere have contributed to a general increase in traffic on the A9. Proposals, recently submitted to Highland Council, for the erection of up to a thousand houses in the Tore Area will add to the fact that the A9 in the Black Isle is no longer fit for purpose.


The increase in traffic will also severely compromise safety on the already inadequate pedestrian crossing south of the roundabout, making access to amenities, particularly public transport, almost impossible for residents.


The CC members suggest that, if Transport Scotland decides to close part or all of the Munlochy Junction as an immediate solution to that hazard then a 30mph speed limit should be immediately  applied to the whole Tore area and that the crossing be made into a  clearly signed and controlled  pedestrian crossing."


The CC is not opposed to enhancing life in the Black Isle through imaginative new developments but all care should be taken to ensure that the road network can genuinely support them.


The CC plans to host a VE Day Tea Party in the Killearnan Church Hall on May 8th.Planning is in progress.  This is a call to all Killearnan residents to come forwad and help in organising and supporting the event.



Killearnan Memories

North Kessock History Society Event


  ‘Killearnan Memories – Revisited’ will be presented at a new exhibition in Tore Village Hall from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm on Saturday 21 September 2019.  Entrance is free and there will be lots to see and do – crafts for children, information boards on local cairns, castles and crofts, old films and photos, displays of bygone domestic and farming equipment, and a village tearoom serving refreshments and home bakes. Also, a new book written by local author Graham Clark entitled ‘Killearnan Memories’ will be launched – buy a copy and get it signed by the author. 

Killearnan Community Council

Draft minutes of Meeting   Tore Primary School, Thursday 29th Aug 2019.


   Chair                               Treasurer                           Secretary                    Kenne MacKenzie               Andrew Mackay                   Anne Mackay                    Wester Muckernich               Swallow House                     Cnoc Eile Beg                Tore                                   Tore                                   Tore                             By Muir of Ord                    By Muir of Ord                     By Muir of Ord           


Present                                                Apologies                                                                                

 Mr K Mackenzie                        Cllr A Mackinnon

Mrs A Mackay                             Mr A Cameron

Ms A Dalgetty                                     

Mr A Mackay                                                  

Mr S Hudson                                       

Cllr MacKenzie

Mr James Maclean                                           


Minutes of May 2019 approved by Mr K Mackenzie and Mr A Mackay.

Matters Arising

CC  has still not received a police report. Cllr Mackenzie to follow up.

CC has welcomed the notification that there will be a reduction of the speed limit to 40mph on the Mulbuie Road.

Proposed Public Meeting was cancelled by Broadlands as they have withdrawn planning application re: IMFDP.



Email from Di Agnew inviting two representatives to meet with Donna Manson at Fortrose Academy from 6.00 – 8.00pm on September 24th. (Wellbeing Report)

Email from Mr I Fraser who has contacted Transport Scotland about the flooding caused by poor drainage and lack of maintenance on A9.




1. Wellbeing Forum Meeting. Attended by Mr K Mackenzie, Mrs A Mackay and Ms A Dalgetty. The meeting involved a talk on depression/suicide (the inspiration for the song ‘Lighthouse’); 3 workshops and stalls in the main hall.


2.         Police Report. No report again, even though residents have reported 5 major incidents on the A9, one involving  an articulated vehicle losing a ship’s fender   Cllr Mackenzie will follow up.

Residents are concerned about the axe attack  in Rosemarkie this summer,  on an S4 male pupil by an adult male accompanied by an adult male driver, 


3.         IMFDP. Mr A Mackay  and Mrs Mackay attended a meeting with planners. A summary of the main constraints concerning Springfields proposal to site a major housing development at Tore has been circulate to members.  Constraints include: the necessity for a major sewer; impact on A9 and Muir of Ord Road and on the school.

Points made at meeting –

clearer information to be released in January;

consultation process to begin

at least 5 year consultation process;

the proposal will quadruple Tore;

CC has applied to HC for £600 for costs involved in increasing number of Newsletters in order to ensure residents are well informed and in hiring venues for public meeting/s.


4.         Toredale- Further incidents have been reported. Cllr Mackenzie will contact Council and Planning.


5          Remembrance Day – Mr George Bethune to be asked to lay the wreath

VE 75th Anniversary iay 2020.  CC awaits further information/guidance.


6.         Water Problems in Cairnurenan/ Wellhouse area. Scottish Water to be contacted again.


 7. AOCB

a) Mr Hudson reported concerns about the minor road to the right of the Tore Mains access road from the A9. The road exits onto the Fortrose Road at ‘the Pillars’.  Flooding has deposited silt on the road and grass is already growing. Pot-holes also make the road hazardous. Cllr Mackenzie to contact Roads Dept.

b) Advert to be included in the Newsletter for North Kessock History Society’s event in Tore Hall on Saturday 21st September 10.00am - 4.30pm.  ‘Killearnan Memories’.




Meeting Closed at 8.18pm                                             Next meeting Thursday 26th Sept 7.30pm




Killearnan Community Council


Draft minutes of Meeting


Tore Primary School, Thursday 29th November 2018, 7.30pm


   Chair                    Vice-chair                Secretary                        Treasurer

   Kenne MacKenzie    Andrea Dalgetty      Anne Mackay              Andrew Mackay

    Wester Muckernich   Linnie Cottage       Cnoc Eile Beg              Swallow House

    Tore                         Killearnan             Tore                             Tore

    By Muir of Ord          By Muir of Ord       By Muir of Ord            By Muir of Ord

                                   Tel: 01463 811336    



Present                                                          Apologies                           

Mr K Mackenzie                                           Cllr G MacKenzie

Mrs A Mackay                                              Cllr Paterson

Miss A Dalgetty                                                                      

Mr A Mackay

Mr A Cameron

Miss C Fitzsimmons

Cllr Maclean

Miss L Fitzsimmons

Miss A Clark

Miss C Mackay                                   


Amendment from last minutes. Agenda point 5, Drynie Park to be changed to Iurnan Park Wood.


Amended minutes of September 2018 approved by Mrs S Mackay and Miss A Dalgetty.


Matters Arising

Miss A Clark was introduced to members and will now take up the role of Youth Rep to liaise between the teenagers and KCC. Present with Miss Clark at this meeting were Miss L Fitzsimmons and Miss C Mackay.  They wished to put forward a request for a “Hub”, ie summerhouse building, to be erected in Tore for the Local Youths to use for social gatherings. Cllr Maclean spoke at length with the girls to try and gage possible uses of the building and how this would include and encourage other local youths to attend. Members will await contact between the teenagers and Claire at Pillarbox and Esme from Youth Highland in order to discuss all options and make a plan going forward. In the meantime they also requested a dance would be of interest and how this could be organised to be held in the hall during January 2019. Hall committee to be contacted.





Due to the large amount of correspondence copies of the emails have been circulated to members to take away. The urgent items are listed in the Agenda. Items are attached to this minute.



Highland Council Mid-Ross Community Partnership – Attended by Mr A Mackay. To be listed on the next agenda.    

Remembrance Day – The Armistice 100th celebration was extremely well attended. The Rev Susan Cord and local residents gave an informal service with readings from the research carried out by Mrs S Bain and Mrs A Mackay about the fallen men from Killearnan.

Choose life, Wellbeing joint BICC Meeting – Attended by Mrs A Mackay and Miss C Fitzsimmons. The CC`s of the Black Isle are wanting to reach out their communities in a bid to help reduce Suicide and loneliness. Key points taken from the meetings were read out by Mr K Mackenzie to members. Items were discussed and agreed a survey should be circulated to gather vital data and statistics from our residents. The Black Isle CCs plan to take a ‘pan-Black Isle’ approach and set up a Website to disseminate information for all the CCs.

Learning & Development Inspection – Attended by Mr K Mackenzie and Mrs A Mackay. The main point asked was to find out how well the Community Councils engage with their communities. The website and Facebook account for KCC needs to be updated and kept current.

Highland Council Workshop – Attended by Mrs A Mackay – To be listed on the next agenda

Democracy Matters – To be listed on the next agenda

Changes to Bus Timetable – Stagecoach will be adding some new services. Tore will not be affected by the changes.

Change of Police Liason Officer – As PC Fleming has relocated the replacement will be PC Rebecca Shand, NO588, Team 5, Dingwall Police Station.

Black Isle Partnership – A request is being circulated in a push for new members.



Mr I Fraser has reported that HC has repaired the pot hole on the cul-de-sac near the old Post Office.

Email to Cllr G Adams expressing concerns of no recent attendance at the KCC meetings. No reply as yet.


Mr A Cameron informed members that the water pressure between Drynie Park and Iurnan Wood area is still extremely low and it has been reported that the water has been off around 12-13 times in recent times. As the new Ord Industrial site is in full working order it is noted the windows have been rattling with the extent of the drilling. Email to be sent to Scottish Water.


Meeting Closed at 9.10pm                                         Next meeting Thursday 31st, January 7.30pm








On Sunday 11 November the Community Council will lead a special remembrance of the sons of Killearnan Parish who died in the Great War.

This will be held at the Cenotaph, Fettes from approx 10.45 am.






August  2018  MINUTES


The KCC have received a reply from Transport Scotland regarding the reduction in speed limits at the Tore Roundabout independent survey.  Members were not happy with the results and Mr Mackenzie will request an updated survey to include peek travelling times. Cllr Paterson suggested a representative be invited to attend a future KCC meeting to discuss further.

The request from Kinlochbervie CC regarding toilet closures has been submitted by Mrs A Mackay.




Copies of emails circulated to members. Items are attached to this minute.

Susy MacAulay, Press and Journal - Members agreed this is not applicable to KCC at this time.

Highland Community Council Scheme Review - Drop-in session dates have now been confirmed as Dingwall Town Hall, 18th September 2018, 2pm – 4pm. Members attending to be confirmed.

Highland Council Quality Awards 2018 – Mrs A Mackay stated a request to put resident Morven MacCallum forward but it was noticed she was not a HC employee.  Suggest MFR Awards.

Minister of Killearnan – Susan Cord of Killearnan Parish Church is happy with the KCC taking on responsibility of the WW1 plans for Remembrance Sunday. Meeting with Rev Cord on 25th Sept. Full article regarding the Remembrance Day will appear in the next newsletter.



Social Inclusion – Ms Wanda Mackay and Mr Fraser Thompson from Highlife/HC gave a talk regarding the activities their charity provides for young adults and the elderly on the Black Isle and how residents from Tore can be included. Due to the public transport restrictions in this particular area it solely relies on the parents to transport the children around. Wanda explained there are a range of options to try and accommodate all situations. KCC should contact Lyndsey McGarry in Dingwall for updated numbers academy age young adults.

Schools Plan Update – No update available at present.

Remembrance Service – See correspondence – KCC and the Royal British Legion intend to plan this centenary of WW1. At present research is being carried out to locate the graves of 24 men that are named on the Fettes Memorial. Mrs Mackay suggested that local children read out the names of the men. Cllr Paterson recommended speaking to Mr B Shanks, Chair of Seaforth Highlanders. Mrs Mackay has a meeting with S Cord on 25th September to finalise arrangements for the day.

HC Quality Awards – See correspondence, item c.

Playground provision – KCC have not responded yet. Mr MacKenzie to action.  


Planning request from Safehands of Lossiemouth – Erection of a single storey training building, improved access and associated services, land 45m east of Jacaranda, Muir of Ord.

This is referred to as a Class 4 Industrial Development and with short time-lapse since the approval of the Ord Industrial site Mr And Mrs Kitson are distressed and concerned the area is fast becoming too industrial. Not only will their house be looking directly onto the proposed car park which at present is a field with thriving natural habitat there is also worry about the amount of traffic flow that will increase to and from this site. The amount of heavy goods vehicles already travelling just 0.8 miles away on an unsuitable single track road with very few passing places, congestion will just continue to grow for our residents.

The KCC have been asked to support an objection on behalf of residents, Mrs Mackay has already objected on a neutral capacity.

The grounds for complaint will be as follows-


Water Pressure

Environmental Issues

Encroaching on a residential area.



May 24th 2018

Killearnan Community Council Privacy Statement

(to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))


Killearnan Community Council (KCC) holds some residents’ contact details, with their consent, within password-protected databases. The purpose for holding and using the contact details to communicate is both to inform and to seek views of residents. The purpose is a lawful public task for KCC to undertake in its legal obligation to ascertain and co-ordinate views of residents and to inform residents of its activities and other matters that KCC considers to be relevant to residents. Personal data may also be held, with consent, for other community activities that KCC considers appropriate. The personal data held is not shared with any third party without specific consent of the individual resident.


Residents have the right, at any time, to access their own personal data for checking and updating and to request immediate removal of their data. Personal data may include email addresses, phone numbers and addresses but no other information. Please contact Anne Mackay, Secretary, either on 01463811336 or on killearnanccouncil2@gmail.com


Access to the data is restricted to the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of KCC. Personal data will be held only for as long as the consented purpose continues.


Within the meaning of GDPR, the Data Controller is Killearnan Community Council which can be contacted through the Secretary (see above).


The supervisory authority to whom complaints can be directed is:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 0303 123 1113





March 15 2018


Black Isle CC Group  Meeting


at Kilcoy House,  (Teclan)  

Members of the BICC and Black Isle Parent Councils met to discuss the many concerns associated with the Highland Council's Management of Schools Plan (Cluster Schools). Since the meeting CCs and Parent Councils have been informed by the Care and Learning Department that plans will be put on hold and new discussions will take place with Parent Councils and other groups after the Easter break.

Message to Craig Rory Residents.

Killearnan CC needs to get in touch with residents of this area of the CCs coverage so that we can represent their concerns.

Is anyone from the Craig Rory area willing to join us at our next meeting in Tore School on May 31st at 7.30 pm?


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