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29 June 2017Crimestoppers Scotland urges public to give information on regular drink drivers

Crimestoppers Scotland is today launching national summer campaign to encourage the public to speak up about drink driving.

Figures from crime-fighting charity have revealed that information from members of the public regarding the offence is on the rise in the north of Scotland.

In the past year (April 2015– March 2016) the independent crime-fighting Charity logged 10,000 calls from members of the Scottish public and 656 were calls about drink driving.  As a direct result, 63 were positive actions taken by Police Scotland and 23 individuals were arrested and charged

With the weather warming up and barbecue season encouraging drinking in the daytime, the temptation to drive while over the limit may be higher.

Now Crimestoppers is urging anyone who has information about individuals regularly drink driving to get in contact.

Members of the public may see their friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours regularly getting behind the while over the limit but do not want to go to the police because their fear being identified.

But those who contact Crimestoppers will remain completely anonymous.

The Charity does not take personal details. Calls through the 0800 555 111 phone line cannot be tracked and information passed through the Anonymous Online Form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org cannot be traced. 

Angela Parker, National Manager for Crimestoppers in Scotland said: “Those who drink drive are not only endangering their own lives, they’re putting others at risk too.

“We want to ensure the roads stay safe this summer and we need members of the public to help us do this by passing on information about anyone who is regularly getting behind the wheel while over the drink drive limit.

“By giving information to us, you could help take a potentially dangerous driver off the road. Vital information you give could stop an accident from happening and may even save a life.

“We understand it can be difficult for people to give information – especially if the person committing the offence is a family member or friend but it’s important to do the right thing.

“Information passed to Crimestoppers is completely anonymous. We never ask for personal details and we cannot trace calls or information given online. You will not have to give a statement to police or go to court.

“We don’t want to know who you are, just what you know.”


If you have any information on those who regularly drink drive you can contact the charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via the online secure form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org

If you see someone attempting to operate a vehicle whilst intoxicated please call 999 as this may require urgent police action.

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