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Members of the public are very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under the guidance of the Chairman.  This meeting will be recorded and will be archived and available for viewing for twelve months thereafter.


  1. Introductions and Apologies


  1. Declarations of interest


  1. Approval of the draft AGM minutes of the last AGM held on Tuesday 6 June 2023


  1. Matters arising from the last AGM minutes


  1. Chairman’s annual report


  1. Treasurer’s report and formal adoption of audited financial statement of accounts


  1. Election of Office Bearers


  1. Dates of meetings for the next 12 months


  1. Any other AGM Business


     10. Date of the next AGM





DRAFT ORDINARY MEETING AGENDA - This meeting will be held following the conclusion of the AGM


Members of the public are very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under the guidance of the Chairman.  This meeting will be recorded and will be archived and available for viewing for twelve months thereafter.


  1. Introductions and Apologies


  1. Declarations of interest


  1. Approval of the draft minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on Monday 6 May 2024 and matters arising from the minutes.  We also note the notes of the non-quorate meeting held on Monday 10 June 2024


  1. Treasurer’s report


  1. AOB from Community Council members


  1. AOB from members of the public


  1. Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations


8.   Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues


9.   Dates of future meetings



A non-quorate meeting of the Garve & District Community Council (whose area covers from Garve to Aultguish and from Garve to Achnasheen) was held online on Monday 10 June 2024. The meeting can be viewed over the next 12 months here -http://bit.ly/GDCC10June2024UpdatesOnly



The latest ordinary meeting of the Garve & District Community Council (whose area covers from Garve to Aultguish and from Garve to Achnasheen) was held online on Monday 6 May 2024.  Discussions included Local Place Plans, the proposed Carn Fearna windfarm and proposed SSEN powerlines, tree planting in The Avenue which is awaiting a contractor to be appointed, Achnasheen public toilets, various road issues and traffic calming measures.  We considered four consultation documents, one scoping report and two pre-planning applications.  A full set of draft minutes are available below and do please check our social media page for further updates - www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552992414355  The meeting can be viewed over the next 12 months here - bit.ly/GDCC6MAY2024 



DRAFT Minutes of the Garve & District Community Council ordinary meeting

held on Monday 6 May 2024 on webcam

Community Council elected members present on webcam: Kenny Maclean (Chairman & Secretary), Bob Moir (Vice Chairman), Caroline Gamble (Treasurer) and Sadie-Michaela Harris.

Also present on webcam: Cllr Liz Kraft.

Apologies: Tina Hartley (Community Engagement and Development Officer, TG&DDC and Community Council Associate Member), Peter Kane (Kane Partnership) and Sue Tarr.  (Post meeting apologies received from Gavin Steel, Scottish Water).

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.00pm and welcomed everyone.  He also confirmed that this meeting would be recorded as per the agenda and will be archived and available for viewing for twelve months thereafter.  Our website www.community-council.org.uk/garveanddistrict/ continues to receive 150-200 visitors per month (out of a community of around 270 people).  We are also on social media - www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61552992414355

It was Cllr Kraft’s birthday yesterday, so we wished our local Councillor a belated birthday.

Declarations of Interest the Vice Chairman is a Garve Public Hall Trustee and a Friend of Garve War Memorial.  The Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Community Council elected member Sadie-Michaela Harris are all members of the traffic calming group.  Community Council elected members confirmed that they had read all documents due to be discussed tonight before the start of this meeting.

Approval of draft minutes of the ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 9 April 2024 via webcam were proposed without amendment by Bob Moir and seconded by Caroline Gamble, unanimously agreed.  Minutes are available at Garve Post Office, Achnasheen Village Noticeboard, on our website or via email.  Hard/electronic copies are also available on request.  Minutes will be signed by our Chairman and Treasurer in due course via post.

Matters arisingLocal Place Plan – further Highland Council updates are available at https://www.highland.gov.uk/developmentplansnewsletter  Associate member Tina Hartley has sent us the following report … “April 2024 – The Highland Council confirmed receipt of our intent to submit a Local Place Plan and requested further information – a preparer checklist, copy of our written constitution, boundary map and generic email address were returned to them.  Work continued on the development of garve.org in support of the Local Place Plan moving forward, these areas are currently in draft and not public at the moment.  CEDO attended VOiCE training “VOiCE is planning and recording software that assists individuals, organisations and partnerships to design and deliver effective community engagement.  The system will enable all users to use a common approach to plan, monitor and evaluate community engagement practice.”  The software supports The National Standards for Community Engagement to which the Company adheres.  Using the software, the CEDO is moving through the VOiCE process – Plan, Do, Review.  The Plan section is currently in draft.  The software, on this occasion, will be used for internal purposes but in future can be used in support of funding applications.  A list of local businesses is being developed, the Company will share this with the Community Council, between the two organisations we will have a good idea of businesses situated within the Garve and District boundary.  Next steps – during May 2024, the Local Place Plan area on garve.org will go live and we will begin communicating with the community about the benefit of a plan, process of engagement and timescale for completion.”  Our thanks to Tina for her regular updates.  Our Chairman noted these updates at our ordinary meetings will have been a help getting this topic in the community’s mind.  He asked Cllr Kraft if we were ahead or behind on this issue compared to other ward five Community Councils.  Cllr Kraft felt we were about on pace with others, The Wester Ross Biosphere who are working on the bigger Area Place Plan are happy to help and support and some smaller communities are joining up with neighbouring communities.

Boralex – https://www.boralex.com – no news.

Kirkan Windfarm http://www.kirkanwindfarm.co.uk – no news.

Proposed Tarvie windfarmhttps://tarviewindfarm.com – no news.

Proposed SSE Fairburn extensionhttps://www.sserenewables.com/onshore-wind/in-development/fairburn-extension – no news.

SSEN Spittal – Beauly 400kV project - https://www.ssen-transmission.co.uk/projects/project-map/spittal--loch-buidhe--beauly-400kv-connection  Strathpeffer Community Council have asked us to sign a briefing note to MSP’s raising concerns about the consultation process.  Community Council members unanimously agreed and we understand other Community Councils have also signed up.  The briefing note is available in the library section (powerline upgrades) of our website.  Concern was raised again at the lack of feedback from SSEN in answer to questions put to them.  Cllr Kraft shared the following document which explains why undergrounding these bigger, higher capacity cables is not always possible - 39111-Undergrounding_high_voltage_electricity_transmission_lines_The_technical_issues_INT.pdf (nationalgrid.com)  Undergrounding means cables 40metres apart and bigger substations.  The ecological effects of undergrounding also need to be considered.  Cllr Kraft attended the Strathpeffer public exhibition and found it to be very informative.  Like ourselves, Cllr Kraft hears both sides of the argument.  Land owners and farmers were also keen to know about how these plans would affect crops in fields, harvest time etc …  Nation Planning Framework Four does consider overall effect as part of the planning process.  (Post meeting note – further public exhibitions are to take place on 12 & 13 June 2024 - https://www.ssen-transmission.co.uk/news/news--views/2024/5/ssen-transmission-announces-next-phase-of-public-engagement-for-pathway-to-2030-infrastructure-in-the-north-of-scotland/)  

SSEN underground cable from the Western Isles to Beauly – SSEN made a presentation to Highland Councillors recently at the Area Committee where this project will not need planning permission (permitted development) and will be able to be undergrounded beside the A835, then under Strathgarve and onto Beauly.  Highland Councillors encouraged SSEN to engage with all communities along the line.  The Treasurer confirmed test pits are under discussions as noted at our March 2024 ordinary meeting.

It was also noted the number of proposed new/upgraded mobile phone masts.  Overall effect on the landscape is also considered but the UK Government policy is to have 95% geographical coverage across the UK rather than by population.

Proposed Carn Fearna windfarmhttps://projects.statkraft.co.uk/Carn-Fearna/  As noted at our last ordinary meeting, further public exhibitions are due to take place shortly …

Wednesday, 15 May – Contin Community Hall

10.30                 Public exhibition starts

14.00                 Public exhibition ends

Wednesday, 15 May – Garve Public Hall

15.30                 Public exhibition starts

20.30                 Public exhibition ends    

Thursday, 16 May – Strathpeffer Community Hall

15.00                 Public exhibition starts

18.30                 Public exhibition ends

Statkraft have removed a further three turbines from their plans (now a project of nine turbines) and reduced the height of four turbines to 180m from 200m.  We hope visuals will be available to help people see how the project may look.  We would encourage all those interested to attend the public exhibitions and make their views known to Statkraft directly.

A reminder the EDF Education & Training Fund is still available to residents in this area.  More details at https://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/corriemoillie-education-training  This update has already been shared on our online channels.

Community Council logo – we have received several “font” versions and we are currently reviewing which one suits our needs.

The Highland Council updateswww.highland.gov.ukReplanting Trees in The Avenue – awaiting a contractor to be appointed.  Two local companies who have expressed an interest have been passed onto the relevant contact within The Highland Council.  It was again noted that going out to tender and looking up companies online is NOT the same thing in our book!

Wooden fencing and Wyvis Natural Playpark sign, nearest toilet signs and hedge cut backs are all still outstanding.  Cllr Kraft continues to make enquiries but signage for nearest toilets might be in hand.

Future of Achnasheen Public Toilets – re-opened 17 April 2024 following a blocked pipe but have closed again at the end of April 2024 due to further drainage issues.  The Highland Council tell us the matter is in hand and we have updated our online channels accordingly but concern was raised that this seems to be happening more often.  Will the facilities get to the stage of being out with economical repair?  Cllr Kraft confirmed local businesses had been approached to apply for the comfort scheme but capacity in the local network is an issue.  Portaloos have been suggested or signage directing people to Silverbridge.  Our Chairman wondered if chemical waste was the reason Achnasheen toilets kept blocking?  Cllr Kraft will make further enquires.

Concern has been raised by one Achnasheen resident about a new disabled parking bay that was recently installed.  Cllr Kraft has been informed and has raised the issue with the appropriate departments.  Other Achnasheen residents have asked it be noted they wish to be disassociated with any issues raised on this matter.

The Highland Council notes that residents should report issues directly to them by calling The Highland Council’s Call Centre on 01349 886606 or via www.highland.gov.uk/report  In all cases, you will be given a reference number.  The Highland Council also appreciates photos showing the actual problem.  The Treasurer reported a dumped mattress (FS-Case-607605356) on Saturday 20 April 2024 directly to The Highland Council which was still there the other day.  Cllr Kraft will chase up for us.  (Post meeting note – The rubbish crew are busy replacing and issuing the new waste bins throughout the region.  A time line for the removal of the mattress tbc).

A835 Trunk Road issues - Killin Farm railway crossing improvements and barriers east of Garve –phase one appears nearly complete and looks like a good job done by all.

We also note the damage to the crash barrier at the “Check Rail Corner” which as reported at our last ordinary meeting, is still under review.

Faults on the Trunk Road (A835) should be reported via www.bearscot.com/report-a-defect/

Traffic Calming group – our Chairman, Vice Chairman, Sue Tarr and Tina Hartley met online with Lisa MacKellaich from The Highland Council on Monday 29 April 2024 to discuss an overview of the issues on the A832 including at Gorstan, Mossford/Lochluichart, Achanalt and Achnasheen.  The meeting was recorded at our Chairman and Vice Chairman’s request and will be available in due course.  Various issues including speed zones, road markings, pavements, gateways and general driving standards were all touched on and we now await further statistics and information to consider what may or may not be possible.  Cllr Kraft will also make further enquiries.  As part of the group email discussions on traffic calming, we received an email on Monday 15 April 2024 from local resident Sue Tarr who felt the Community Council had “shut down residents' concerns” on issues over the last few years.  If anyone feels this way, we would like to hear from the individuals directly.  This update has already appeared on our online channels.  To date, no such concerns have been raised.  Our Chairman emailed Sue to clarify the circumstances when this happened.  Sue replied that she was hopeful that the Community Council might take some time at this meeting to review how representation of residents could be improved going forward.  Her hope would be that the focus would be on building trust and respect.  Our Chairman asked those in attendance for their views on this matter.  The general feeling was that the Community Council members were sad Sue felt this way as we have contacted various departments over the years and Cllr Kraft, MSP, Bear Scotland, Transport Scotland and the police on this matter and have reported back both to the group and at these meetings.  Community Council elected member Sadie-Michaela Harris noted she spent four weeks of her volunteering time viewing camera footage at Lochluichart.  The Treasurer noted the group’s numbers had fallen but had thought those who were left were still together on this issue and were keen to find solutions.  75% of the Community Council elected members are members of the group and our Chairman attends with his Community Council hat on so really it is 100%.  It was also noted that the “bombarding” of emails directed at the Community Council and blaming the Community Council for matters out with our control was unacceptable and that respect works both ways, “don’t shoot the messenger” comes to mind.  The Community Council is happy to listen but cannot solve everything.  Everyone is again encouraged to contact us directly, not through 3rd parties as there have been instances before where the 3rd party got it very wrong.  The email discussions also raised questions about a Local Handyman service - www.ilmhighland.co.uk/home-improvement-services/handyperson/ &

www.highland.gov.uk/info/1075/supported_and_sheltered_housing/226/help_with_small_jobs_around_the_home  This has been raised before but at one point, the community had received information from LCT saying that OSCR (Charity Regulator www.oscr.org.uk/) rules could not fund services that personally supported individuals – for example, putting up shelves, changing light bulbs, installing handrails etc.  However, LCT funds could support those who identified as “vulnerable.”  We await to see if a way forward can be found.

Garve main water – no news.

GD CORe land – a consultation evening as noted at our last ordinary meeting did take place on Wednesday 17 April 2024 in Garve Public Hall.  TG&DDC will now review all comments received regarding this project.

A joint meeting of the LCT, Community Council and TG&DDC took place online on Wednesday 1 May 2024 to discuss various issues.

Community Council elected member Sadie-Michaela Harris attended the Dingwall Medical Group meeting on Monday 15 April 2024.  Minutes to follow but Sadie provided us with the following .. We had a presentation by Maggie Hume and Ann Gillies - Whole Family Wellbeing Coordinators who work within Highland Community Planning Partnership, their posts are currently funded for 3 years.  Following that presentation we chatted about two projects which the student Doctors that are with DMG this year are taking on.  One will be working with veterans and the other with people from travelling and gypsy families that are settled in the area and any that pass through.  I said one of the issues/barriers travellers have in accessing medical treatment of any kind is not having a fixed address.  Mr Mack agreed and said DMG will always see anyone who presents with a medical need but the word does not always reach those in need.  DMG are also actively looking at offering their address to people without an address in order that they can have regular medical appointments if needed - work in progress.  A new Doctor is also joining the practise soon and she did her student training at DMG - great to see!  We chatted briefly about community transport initiatives which the DMG are looking to compile a list of what is available to assist with getting people in need to appointments at the surgery rather than having to travel out for home visits.  Home visits the DMG feel are not as practical for patients as the surgery obviously has the best provision for care and for Doctors it obviously takes them away from the practise meaning they are not so readily available to other patients in need.”  Thanks to Sadie for the update.

Police update - as reported at previous Community Council meetings, anyone who wishes to raise an issue with the police are asked to call them directly on 101 at the time of the incident and make a witness statement.  Video, dashcam or photo evidence is also welcomed, indeed encouraged by the police.  The police can also be contacted on www.scotland.police.uk/secureforms/contact/  Press reports tell us a 43 years old was today charge with driving their car at 142mph on the A832 at Achanalt.  Cllr Kraft will highlight to the MSP.  The Vice Chairman suggested stopping all convoys of cars/motorhome at North Kessock and reminding them of their responsibilities.

Treasurer’s report - the Treasurer reported our total bank balance today (checked online) is £1,942.98.  The breakdown is as follows … Treasurer's account was £-102.09 minus £29.98 ink = £-132.07.  Reserve £1,613.45.  Wreath fund (in memory of Eliza) £461.60.  Ann Macrae has completed the audit in super-fast time, our thanks to her.  Gift voucher to be sent to Ann in due course, unanimously agreed.  Audited accounts will be published on our website.  It was noted the wreath fund is not separate in the audited accounts but will be noted at the AGM.  It was noted Eliza’s headstone is now in place.  Our Chairman and Treasurer have visited her grave recently.  The Treasurer visited while at the viewing of the photo competition entrees.  She thought the photo entries submitted were fantastic but it was a shame that not many were able to attend.  Community Council elected member Sadie-Michaela Harris suggested that perhaps the slide show could also be shown in Garve Public Hall, perhaps make it part of a fundraising night?  There were no questions for the Treasurer.

AOB from Community Council members – the Treasurer has been made aware of a pothole at Corriemoillie that caused a vehicle some damage.  She will check if the pothole is still there and report accordingly.  (Post meeting note - both our Chairman and Vice Chairman have been along this section of road and cannot see any issues, so perhaps the pothole has already been filled in).  Community Council elected member Sadie-Michaela Harris reported the ongoing issues at the Strathgarve junction at the far end of The Avenue.  3.5” deep holes and poor repairs so far.  Cllr Kraft noted the matter.

AOB from members of the public - no issues raised by those present.  Those who cannot attend our meetings can, as always, write to us by post or email with any issues they wish raised at garveanddistrictcc@yahoo.com 

Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations – we have been made aware of two consultations, the first is regarding Scottish Parliament constituency boundaries - https://www.highland.gov.uk/news/article/16010/opportunity_for_people_in_the_highlands_to_comment_on_boundaries_scotland_revised_constituency_boundaries_for_the_scottish_parliament  There are no changes proposed for this area.  The deadline for comments is Wednesday 15 May 2024.  Please note, this is for the Scottish Parliament area only, not Westminster, Highland Council or even Community Council areas. 

The second consultation is from UHI North, West and Hebrides who have launched a consultation on its first Gaelic Language Plan 2023-2028.  They will consider all comments before submitting a final draft of the Plan to Bòrd na Gàidhlig for approval.  The consultation will run for six weeks until Friday 31 May 2024 and can be viewed at UHI North, West and Hebrides Gaelic Language Plan Consultation  Community Council elected members had no comments on either.

We are also aware of the following scoping report - 24/01384/SCOP, possible construction of a second intake for the existing hydro-electric scheme including installation of buried pipeline and formation of access at the Ledgowan Hydro Scheme.  Community Council elected members had no comments.  All three consultations have already appeared on our online channels.

In recent days we have received a scoping report about the Grudie Oakwood and the Strathbran Forest and a proposed new woodland between the two, north of the Achanalt Railway Viaduct.  The total project amounts to approximately 60Ha in the area between Strathbran Forest and Grudie oakwood.  The purpose of the project is to create an ecological buffer zone for the Grudie Oakwood.  The oakwood is currently vulnerable to heavy deer browsing and this project would seek to bring a large part of the Oakwood into a secure deer fence alongside an area of new woodland creation.  There are already fences around much of the site, but these need repair and a larger scheme makes this more financially viable.  Most of the new woodland will be native trees, chosen to compliment the oakwood, mostly oak and Scots pine on the better land and birch on the poorer soils.  There will be some commercial species present at the eastern end of the site to assist in the landscape blending between the commercial forest and the native oakwood.  Community Council elected members had no comments but wondering about deer population/freedom of movement, tendering process as seen in The Avenue, transparency, an interesting project, one to watch.

All Highland Council consultations are available at http://consult.highland.gov.uk/portal  All Scottish Government consultations are available at https://consult.gov.scot/consultation_finder 

Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues - no previous planning applications have been determined by The Highland Council since our last ordinary meeting but we note planning application 23/05514/FUL, the proposed erection of a 25m High Lattice Tower with Associated Equipment and Ancillary Development on land 510M NE of Hydro House, Blackbridge which we noted at our December 2023 ordinary meeting has been withdrawn by the applicant.  We have received a Prior Notification Order - 24/01032/PNO, An agricultural shed for estate storage located behind Fannich Lodge.  Also, Prior Notification Order - 24/01342/PNO, to facilitate timber harvesting and ongoing maintenance work on land 950M SE of Caiseachan has also been received.  These updates have already appeared on our online channels and to meet deadlines, Community Council elected members have already agreed they have no objections to either PNO.  The Caiseachan PNO was granted permission last week.

We have also received notice of a proposed upgrade of the existing mobile mast south of Loch Glascarnoch.  Cornerstone is the UK’s leading mobile infrastructure services company.  They acquire, manage, and own over 20,000 sites and are committed to enabling best in class mobile connectivity for over half of all the country’s mobile customers.  As part of Cornerstones network improvement program, there is a specific requirement for a radio base station upgrade at this location to provide improved technical provisions, greater capacity and coverage in the area.  Community Council elected members have no comments at this stage.

A possible planning breach can be reported at https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/180/planning_-_applications_warrants_and_certificates/170/planning_enforcement/2

All planning applications can be viewed at www.highland.gov.uk/info/180/planning_-_applications_warrants_and_certificates/143/planning_permission/4 

There were no new licensing issues for us to consider this evening.

Date of the next meeting – Monday 10 June 2024, 8.00pm, AGM followed by an ordinary meeting, online – agreed.

As usual, our Chairman started to draw the meeting to a close by asking all present if anyone had any final questions or thoughts on anything they had heard this evening, a question he often asks throughout the meeting too.  Nobody had any final questions or thoughts.  Although our meetings are not public meetings, members of the public are still very welcome to attend Community Council meetings and take part in the discussions under the guidance of the Chairman (see section 12 of the Constitution).  A copy of our Constitution is available in the library section of our own website and hard/electronic copies are available on request.  Those who cannot attend our meetings can, as always, write to us by post or email with any issues they wish raised at garveanddistrictcc@yahoo.com 

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.  He also thanked Community Council member Sadie-Michaela Harris for hosting the webcam session.  The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.35pm.




This set of minutes were first published (in draft form) at 9.00am on Saturday 11 May 2024.



Since our last meeting ...


A reminder the EDF Education & Training Fund is still available to residents in this area.  More details at https://www.foundationscotland.org.uk/corriemoillie-education-training  

Audited accounts for 2023/24 are now available in the library section of this website along with our Chairman's annual report.

SSEN Proposed Powerline - further public exhibitions are to take place on 12 & 13 June 2024 - https://www.ssen-transmission.co.uk/news/news--views/2024/5/ssen-transmission-announces-next-phase-of-public-engagement-for-pathway-to-2030-infrastructure-in-the-north-of-scotland/

We have received notice of a Prior Notification Order - 24/01703/PNO, Prior Notification for Forestry-related Building Works (Non-residential) on land 1660M SE of Fannich Bothy. More details at https://wam.highland.gov.uk/wam/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=SCPC12IHIXJ00  

SSEN underground cable from the Western Isles to Beauly – https://www.ssen-transmission.co.uk/projects/project-map/western-isles/  SSEN Transmission is about to start Ground Investigation works along the underground cable route for the Western Isles HVDC starting the week commencing the 27th of May 2024 for approximately 12 weeks along the A835. There will be between 3 to 4 squads working along the route at any one time and a shift pattern of 12-day fortnight from 08:00 -18:00 or till daylight hours allow.  The duration of time at each location along the route will be dependent on how deep the trial pit/borehole is, but a rough estimation is between half a day and up to three days.  Properties 200 metres either side of the route will be contacted directly by SSEN with updates.

Field Corriemoillie - www.fieldcorriemoillie.co.uk  Field build and operates large battery storage facilities which store energy to help create a greener, more stable electricity grid.  They would like to build one of these batteries, Field Corriemoillie, on land north of the A832 and east of Corriemoillie Substation.  Field Corriemoillie would connect directly to Corriemoillie substation by an underground cable and would be capable of storing up to 200 MW of electricity.  A public drop in event is planned for Tuesday 20 August 2024 from 2.00pm until 7.00pm in Garve Public Hall.  Field have already sent leaflets out to local households.  This update has already appeared on our online channels.

We note the damage to the crash barrier at the “Check Rail Corner” and the reports on social media of accidents.  We have raised such concerns again with both the MSP and BEAR.  Maree Todd MSP’s office has confirmed that they have written to Transport Scotland and Network Rail outlining the issues and seeking a general update (Case Ref MT15572).  BEAR inform us that they arranged on Wednesday 29 May 2024 for the Traffic Management to be improved at the site, with additional signage being added on the approaches to warn road users of the traffic lights.  Faded signage have been replaced and vegetation within the road boundary has been cut back.  They are liaising with Network Rail about getting vegetation within the railway boundary cut back too.  BEAR have also arranged for enhanced traffic monitoring of the site considering the now several accidents at this location.  They went on to say that unfortunately, traffic management is going to be required for some time at this location.  The engineering solution that is necessary to make the road safe is complex and extensive site investigation work is necessary before BEAR can progress to the detailed design.  Our thanks to both the MSP and BEAR for their updates so far.  This update has already been posted on our online channels as several residents have asked for updates on this matter in recent weeks.  The residents have been updated directly and are grateful for our help.  Faults on the Trunk Road (A835) should be reported via www.bearscot.com/report-a-defect/

A UK Westminster General Election has been called for Thursday 4 July 2024.  Photo ID will be required when voting at a Polling Station.

Local Place Plan – we note https://garve.org/final-review-cpd-may24  where 20 projects have been completed, 32 are ongoing and 17 have been discontinued.  The natural follow up are these new local place plans which feed into the planning process and setting departmental budgets.  Tina Hartley has updated us as follows … May 2024 – A draft list of Garve and District businesses was shared with the G&DCC in the hope that between the Development Company and the Community Council we will have captured all businesses known to us and based in the area.  The final list will be used during the Local Place Plan engagement process.  May saw the final review of the Community Development Plan which identified what has been achieved over the past 5 years and what priorities are on-going.  On-going priorities have influenced work on the Local Place Plan template and resulted in a change of headings which will now be used: - Our Community, Our Places, Our Environment and Our Infrastructure.  Given the change in headings further work on garve.org is taking place to amend new pages and images etc.  It was hoped that a community survey would be issued before the end of May 2024, but due to the amount of work surrounding the development of the plan this has been postponed until June 2024.  The community survey (paper and digital formats) is currently in draft and has been shared with the Community Council for comment.  Tina contacted Nick Wright of Nick Wright Planning who was happy to share his experience and best practices with regards to the collection of information in support of the plan – this proved most helpful.  Tina attended a “pre-learning event meeting” with other communities which was aimed at planning The Highland Council Local Place Plan Learning Event on 28 May 2024.  However, Tina was unable to attend the actual Learning Event due to Wi-Fi difficulties.  She had been asked to report on how the Company and the Community Council were working together in support of the plan – specifically in relation to accessing mapping software.  Fiona Richardson from The Highland Council had assured Tina that this would be shared at the event in her absence.  It was noted that Sue Tarr, Chair of The Garve & District Development Company and Kenny Maclean, Chair of the Garve & District Community Council were both in attendance.  The Company continue to receive Local Place Plan updates from The Highland Council and Garve & District Community Council continue to share any relevant information it receives which is appreciated.  Next steps – during June the community will begin to see information about the plan being shared on all communication channels which will hopefully be shared by the Community Council and Lochluichart Community Trust too.  Supporting pages on garve.org will go live.  A paper copy of the survey will be sent to every household and business in the area.  A digital copy of the survey will be available on-line.  Development Company members will be contacted directly via email too.  Tina and other Board Directors will be available to answer any questions face to face on office days, via zoom, via telephone and of course will answer all messages and correspondence received.  The main face to face drop-in event will be held at Garve Public Hall during June.”  Our thank to Tina for her regular updates.  Our Chairman attended the learning event and explained how we helped Tina access mapping software.  Over 90 people from various community organisations attended the online meeting.  The Development Company and Community Council have also looked at local business lists and how to engage with the local primary school.  The survey is now live LINK to the digital survey.  Also see https://garve.org/local-place-plan  A paper copy of the survey will be delivered to every household in due course for return.  A community drop-in session is planned for Saturday 22 June 2024 at Garve Public Hall from 10.00am to 5.00pm.  Community Council members hope to attend if possible.  The deadline for responses to the survey is Sunday 30 June 2024. 

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has launched an online survey as they consider future changes to the emergency service.  There are issues that the service must address with the ageing estate while ensuring that they are best placed to meet the changing community risk across Scotland.  The survey, titled Shaping Our Future Service: Your Say, is open until Sunday 30 June 2024 and marks the first stage in engagement with communities, staff, representative bodies, partners and elected members.  https://firescotland.citizenspace.com/planning-and-performance/shaping-our-future-service-your-say/ 

Garve & District Community Council currently has vacancies on the Community Council.  The Community Council members consider it to be very important to have as broad a representation of our community as possible, as we cover a wide variety of community issues and to do this well, we would like members from all corners of our large area.  We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month.  If you are aged 16 or over, live in the Community Council area and are on the electoral roll and would like to be considered for co-option onto the Community Council, please email garveanddistrictcc@yahoo.com with your name and contact details. 

As ever, any questions or comments on anything we are doing, please contact us directly at garveanddistrictcc@yahoo.com


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