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10 April 2015
A9 Overbridge on Culloden Road

The signage on the B9006 going over the A9 flyover towards the Inshes roundabout means that traffic is to 'Merge in Turn' from each lane. 

WCC has tried for months to get The Highland Council to put up a sign saying so in plain English because some drivers in the nearside lane think that the offside lane drivers are 'jumping the queue'.  They are not.  Click here for an explanation.

The Highland Council are investigating the WCC suggestion to have three lanes on the flyover, two going towards the Inshes roundabout.  The question is whether it can bear the load of three lanes.  We expect an answer to come shortly, but don't hold your breathe.


27/7/2015 Success for the Merge in Turn sign at last: see here.

31/8/2017 Success for the Overbridge at last: see here.

21/5/2018 Work begins today for 22 weeks to widen the overbridge.

19/6/2018 Embankment widened on the western approach.

4/7/2018  Widening the approach road.

7/9/2018 Overnight closure for four nights.

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