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Minutes - 11th January 2016

The minutes of the most recent meeting are given below.  A full set of historical minutes is also available within our Document Library

Minutes of CC Meeting 11th January 2016  Crianlarich Hall at 7.30pm


  1. Present:

John Riley (Chair), Alan Smailes, Isla Craig, Andrea Hobson, Sheona Maclennan,  Iain Wragg, Alistair Macdonald, , Charlie Urquhart, Cllr Alycia Hayes, Billy Ronald (LLTNP)
Members of the Public: Robert Burns, Falcon Frost
Apologies:  Mary Anderson, PC Craig Murray


  1. Approval of minutes of meeting of 9th November
    Proposed:  Alan Smailes
    Seconded: Andrea Hobson
  2. Report from Police Constable

Calls received since the November meeting are broken down as follows:

  • MISC 5
  • Weather related due to snow/flooding 8
  • Fuel Thefts 2, 1 genuine error and 1 report to the fiscal
  • Vandalism 2 (Coach at Hotel)
  • Road related 11 accidents due to snow/flooding 1 serious rtc
  • Disturbance 3
  • Sudden death 1


Damage to the windows of the coach was an isolated incident with forensic evidence available which is away to the lab for analysis.  There were a high number of road accidents due to the weather conditions with 1 serious at Tyndrum and the road closed for a number of hours due to the fact that this was unwitnessed.

Fortunately the driver who at one point was described as unlikely to survive has made a "miraculous" recovery and is doing well but still in hospital and is likely to remain there for some time.


A trailer was stolen from Dalmally and recovered in Tyndrum some 30 minutes later.


The wet weather caused no end of calls re flooding and this was declared a Major incident not just in our area but over the entire division but primarily in the Callander, Aberfoyle Crianlarich areas.  Numerous properties in Aberfoyle were evacuated and numerous cars stuck in floods.    I was recalled to duty on a rest day as no one could reach past Loch dochart due to the depth of water.


There was one fixed penalty issued by me to a male who in a drunken state kicked out at a moving car between Crianlarich and Tyndrum causing minor damage.  The male who was not local was given a lift to his accommodation in Tyndrum as due to the weather conditions and light he was posing a danger to himself and other road users


Due to the weather can I remind drivers to check vehicles tyres, windscreen washer levels, lamps and carry suitable clothing a shovel hot drink in the vehicle when on a long journey.


Lastly even if you're in a 4X4 and If you're unsure of the depth of water in a flood don’t drive through it.  If you have to get out the waters cold and it can wreck your vehicles - and it takes a long time for the carpets to dry out!!


  1. Matters Arising
    Priority Based Budgeting
    - Alan & John attended the meeting in Lochearnhead re PBB, which became heated at times.  The CC has opted not to respond in writing this time, but referred SC to the previous years written responses.  Individuals can still respond via the online Survey Monkey, and Alan has also completed this on behalf of the CC.

    DRT Survey Alycia requested paper copies of the DRT survey for people without internet access.  Individuals wishing a paper copy should phone Stirling Council in person, and a copy will be sent out.

    Community Councillor Secondments - Alan has passed details of the 2 newly seconded Community Councillors.   It was also proposed that Falcon Frost is seconded as a Community Councillor, to fill the final remaining vacancy.  Proposed Iain Wragg, Seconded Alistair Macdonald and unanimously agreed.
    Alan will pass Falcon's details onto Helen Geddes.

Action Alan

Cycle Path - Alan and Isla attended an SCDT meeting with Natalie Stevenson (Countryside Trust) and Phil Thomson (Consultant).  The Countryside Trust have secured funding to bring the Crianlarich-Tyndrum section of the cyclepath to "tender ready" stage, and the work is being carried out by Phil.  The route has largely been identified now, and discussions have been had with affected landowners.  The route will run parallel to the A85 from Crianlarich  - Kirkton, but set back from the main road as far as possible.  It will then follow the WHW through Kirkton & Auchtertyre.  The final section will be right through Tyndrum community woodland (owned by SCDT), to the edge of Tyndrum.  A number of potential funding sources have been identified, and it is possible that work may even begin later this y ear.

Fishing Club - SCDT have now signed a lease with the Forestry Commission, and made verbal agreements with other owners.  Applications for annual membership are already coming in.  There will be no free fishing anywhere in Strathfillan, and all local residents will require permits.  There will be 4 volunteer bailiffs who will receive tuition from Tay Protection group.  Theoretically Police can arrest individuals who are fishing without permission.  For this year, the cost of printing books of day is being met by the former club.  Alan will need to investigate whether there are any costs associated with the bailiff training.

Action Alan

Nursery Cleaning job vacancy - it is understood that there is now a local person in post.

Private Housing Plots - land in Tyndrum which was originally designated for private housing in the local plan is not included within the village envelope in the most recent plan. LLTNP  have indicated that they would only accept housing on this land in exceptional circumstances, and a private application for planning permission would need to be made.  It is thought that this area would have been zoned for housing in the Stirling Council local plan prior to the existence of LLTNP.   Billy will investigate when & why the zoning of this area changed.  

Action Billy

  1. Outreach Surgery
    Isla has received a letter from Killin Medical Practice (see Appendix) regarding the Outreach Surgery, which Alycia has followed up by telephone.  KMP do not wish to start a service which may then need to be altered / removed due to wider changes to practice operating methods (eg. the introduction of online consultations).   The funding which was intially provided is still held by SCDT and Gillian Taylor (Stirling Council) is discussing with NHSFV other possible services which could be provided
    Isla will send a letter of acknowledgement to KMP and express the disappointment of the CC that the pilot has been further delayed.  The CC will continue to work with NHS FV as appropriate, and John will follow up on the meeting held in October.
    It was observed that some people do not have online access, and that there is still an ongoing problem in accessing KMP by public transport.

Action John / Isla

  1. Report from Office Bearers
    1. Chair
      No major activities to report.  John liaised with Cameron Dryburgh (Pinetrees Caravan Park), who kindly indicated a willingness to help with the cleaning of Tyndrum toilets.   John passed the information to SC, but does not know if this has been followed up at all.  It was agreed that a  similar service level is needed for Crianlarich toilets as well as Tyndrum.   John will continue to pursue this.

Action John

John also provided assistance  with regard to a private individual requiring access to carehome facilities for respite care.

  1. Secretary
    Due to the Christmas period there has not been much activity. Up to the time of writing (09/01) I have posted 43 items on the website: 
  • 26 (including this report) under correspondence 
  • 12 under Planning 
  • 2 under Health 
  • 3 under Environment 
  • 5 under Transport 


I have sent details of the co-opted members to Stirling Council (Andrea and Sheona) 


John and I attended a PBB meeting in November at Lochearnhead village hall.   It was a rather lively debate with concerns raised over DRT, Education and Refuse collection proposals


  1. Treasurer
    Admin grant has been received.  Approx £1000 is available for CC purposes.
  1. Reports from delegated groups:

Environment:  There were no Christmas lights in Tyndrum this year.  In previous years a tree outside Brodies shop was lit.  It is believed that there used to be some funding from SC for this, although it is unclear who had been paying for the lights in recent years.

Urgent repairs are still needed to the stepping stone crossing on the WHW between Lower Station Road and Clifton in Tyndrum.  Owen McKee had been progressing this prior to his resignation.  John will provide Billy with more information, and Billy will try to find out if any further progress has been made.

Action John / Billy

Crianlarich village is included in the SEPA flood risk index, making it almost impossible for properties to have flood insurance.  All local residents and businesses are advised to check the small print of their insurance.

CiA : Isla and John held a meeting with Richard Teall, Crianlarich PS Headmaster.  The school are keen to build links with the community,  particularly with an environmental emphasis.  It is hoped that the school will be involved in the planning and organisation of the paths opening celebration.

Health : It was suggested that patients who use public transport to access healthcare may prefer to use services which are more easily accessible by public transport (e.g Helensburgh).  It is not clear whether these GP practices would be willing to accept patients from this area, or whether this would have a negative financial impact on KMP.
Alan and John will investigate this, and also follow up on the response from their October meeting with NHS FV, re patient transport.

Action John / Alan

Planning - nothing to report

Transport - Charlie will collate a list of all road defects / issues in the area, and try passing this to BEAR / Stirling Council as a single package, rather than several smaller items.  Photographs of problems could be included, where appropriate.  It is recognised that there are other parts of the area with more significant issues in the short term, following the recent flooding.  Some of the issues which were brought up were:

  • Section of Glenfalloch Road collapsing following recent flooding
  • Nasty potholes on Glenfalloch Road
  • Whether Glenfalloch Road has been adopted by Stirling Council yet or not
  • Poor condition of the footpath section between Willow Brae & Tyndrum Terrace
  • Frequency of trunk road closures at Lochdochart, as a result of flooding.  Alycia will discuss this with Martin Earl.
  • Lack of gritters / snow ploughs when they are most needed.
  • Steep gradient on the WHW footpath at the bypass underpass.  Despite reporting this many times, no progress appears to have been made.  Billy with investigate further.
  • Street lighting on the Crianlarich bypass.

Action Charlie / Alycia / Billy

  1. Report from Councillor Alycia Hayes
    Alycia has a meeting with the Stirling Council flooding officer. The Scottish Government gave £60k in autumn to assist with flooding, and further money since then.  Alycia will discuss how has/will that money be spent, and ask whether any money been spent on core paths (e.g. WHW).  It is important that any path repairs are reported and carried out before the main tourist season begins.   Falcon reported that some volunteer work was carried out on the WHW near Bein Glas Farm, and the Forestry Commission have been working on landslides across tracks in the area.

    Following the delayed Chancellor's Autumn Statement, there is a 3% cut in Council Funding, meaning that SC need to find an extra £4M.   This means that everything in this years PBB proposals is likely to happen, and there will be a further consultation round for more reduction.   There is £150M to be divided across councils for Health & Social care integration, which may give up to £2M mitigation for SC.  Scottish Government will no longer penalise councils for not maintaining teacher numbers, which will avoid a fine as as Stirling does not currently have enough teachers.

Alycia will ask for Council officers for an update on the Tyndrum kickabout area .

Action Alycia

  1. Report from LLTNP
    National Parks have received money for creating new mountain pathways.  The money is being shared with Cairngorm NP, and it is believed the majority of the funding will be used there.
    As previously discussed, Billy will investigate progress on the Cattle Creep path and on the Crianlarich WHW link section of path.

Action Billy

  1. Any Other Competent Business

Broadband: A few local people have had problems with BT & Broadband since early December.  BT are missing appointments and blaming it on emergency work elsewhere due to floods.   It has been suggested that the individuals get Bruce Crawford involved.  When Fibre Optic broadband is rolled out, this area will expect a max speed of  80MB speed.  Some other areas of the UK and Europe are already receiving speeds of up to 200MB.  Alycia explained that this is down to costs & priorities, and there is probably little we can do to influence this at the moment.

Funding Streams: Alan confirmed that when he circulates information about possible funding streams these are for the benefit of everyone in the area, and there is no problem passing the information onto other organisations for them to apply directly, where appropriate.

Minute Secretary: Isla would like to stand down as Minute Secretary from February onwards, due to other commitments (particularly SCDT).  Andrea may be willing to take this on, and will discuss further with Isla.

Action Andrea / Isla

Community Support: Theresa Elliot has been very recently appointed to a part time Communities post with Stirling Council, and will be attending some Strathfillan CC meetings in this capacity.  Exact details of her role, or job title, are not yet known.

10.       Date, time, place of next meeting (Mon 8th February 7.30pm)

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