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Special meeting of the CWCC

Wednesday, 11th April 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

at Culloden Academy,

not at Cradlehall Primary school, which is closed for the holidays,

to discuss the Planning Application

of 48 affordable houses at Westhill.

See http://wam.highland.gov.uk/wam/ and

search for 18/01049/FUL

The meeting was overwhelmingly opposed to this development.


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Merge in Turn sign on the B9006

The signage on the B9006 going over the A9 flyover towards the Inshes roundabout means that traffic is to 'Merge in Turn' from each lane.  WCC took months to get The Highland Council to put up a sign saying so in plain English, because some drivers in the nearside lane think that the offside lane drivers are 'jumping the queue'.  They are not.  Click here for an explanation.

You can respond online to Transport and Planning issues

The Highland Council has a facility allowing the public to respond directly online to planning applications.  It is available at:


The public is encouraged to response online to these consultations.

Cradlehall and Westhill Community Council Meetings

Meetings are normally held in the Community Lounge at the rear of the Cradlehall Primary School, Cradlehall Park, Inverness, IV2 5DB at 7:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month (except the summer months July and August).  You are warmly invited to attend, ask questions and meet your community councillors and Highland Councillors face to face.

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Welcome.  This website is to help residents in Westhill and Cradlehall, Inverness, to interact with the Community Council, and vice versa.

We began this process in 2012 with our first Newsletter and, while this is on-going, we are improving our service with this interactive website.  We have a Facebook page but no-one to administer it, so it simply links to this website at present.

Meetings are normally held monthly, except the summer months July and August.  You are warmly invited to attend, ask questions and meet your community councillors and Highland Councillors face to face.  If you have an issue to raise, you will get an opportunity at the beginning of the meeting to state what it is and if there is time it can come up under any other competent business, or as an agenda item at the next month's meeting.  Better still, you may email the secretary at admin@westhillcc.co.uk to put it on the next agenda.

We aim to have the Agenda for our next meeting, and Minutes for previous meetings on the side menu, but there are reasons when this does not happen.

The Community Council meetings give you an opportunity to meet your local Councillors, make your feelings known about local issues, and learn about the provision of local authority services such as planning, policing and so on.

It is about your community - about where you live - and the Community Council is stronger with your support.

If you want to know more about local issues and how decisions are made by your local authority, the Community Council is a good place to begin.

This new website was launched on 11 Sep 2013 and replaces the previous one. 

The easier URL www.westhillcc.co.uk from our old website is still functional and will take you to this website.

You can contact Dr Donald Boyd the webmaster on 01463 796952.

More details in the News menu on the left.

Please come along to have your say.

Consult the Map in the menu on the left for the location of our usual meetings.

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