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08 March 2019Have your say: Access to Financial Services in Scotland

The following email has been received from the Scottish Community Councils

From: Scottish Community Councils  
Sent: 07 March 2019 15:06
To: Anne.McConaghy@midlothian.gov.uk; laurence.reid@midlothian.gov.uk; Stephen Bermingham
Subject: FW: "Access to banks in Scotland - Have your say"

Dear colleague,

We have received a request from the UK Parliament to share this with community councils that are possibly affected by bank closures. The village/town/city area(s) mentioned below have been highlighted as affected in your area, but there might also be surrounding community councils, who are affected by the bank closures, so please feel free to share with any community group affected. The area names are as they were presented to us.


Kind regards,



From: [@parliament.uk] 
Sent: 05 March 2019 10:50
Subject: "Access to banks in Scotland - Have your say"

The Big Issue 

The Scottish Affairs Committee wants to hear from you on your experiences of accessing financial services in Scotland.

The Committee is examining how access to financial services in Scotland has changed since last year, and what impact ATM and bank closures have had on rural communities.

As someone who lives in a community that has recently had a bank branch closure, your experience would be welcomed.

How can you help? 

Send a written submission. The deadline for submissions is Monday 25 March 2019.

The Scottish Affairs Committee is following up on its previous work on bank closures andATM networks in Scotland by launching a short inquiry into access to financial services.

Your answers don't have to be long and they don't have to cover all of the questions – even if you only feel able to answer one question, we want to hear from you.  Questions include:

What challenges are there to accessing financial services in Scotland?

What impact have recent bank branch closures, and the changes in ATM funding, had on access to financial services in Scotland?

How practical are alternative methods of accessing financial services, such as online banking or mobile branch banking?

What impact has reductions to the interchange fee had in Scotland?

How effective is the Financial Inclusion Programme, at ensuring access to cash is available in more remote areas?

How effective have financial services regulators been, in ensuring continued access to financial services in Scotland?

You can read more about the enquiry at the link below.



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