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About Partick Community Council

  • Partick Community Council is the oldest community group in Partick.

  • PCC is secular and non-political.

  • It is comprised of twelve elected members who represent six thousand people in Partick

  • We are a constituted organisations run by people on voluntary basis.

  • Partick Community Council's boundary runs from Byres Road to railway line from Partick Station running behind Hayburn Crescent and from the River Clyde to Highburgh Road.

  • The council is funded by a Glasgow City Council annual grant.

Examples of recent PCC activities

  • Meeting with Glasgow West Crime Prevention Panel & Neighbourhood Watch Association to discuss community safety issues.

  • Responding to planning proposals for the area

  • Persuading Glasgow City Council to install new traffic lights in hazardous areas.

  • Ensuring the Faithley-Ballieston bus corridor doesn't affect local business.

  • Persuading Glasgow City Council to replace old litter bins with lockable & more robust bins.

  • Ensuring local parks have upgraded play equipment & greenery.

  • Helping the Kelvingrove bandstand group get grant funding to renovate bandstands.

  • Ensuring telephone masts are placed suitably.

  • Helping to organise litter and graffiti removal by Glasgow City Council.

  • Approving Glasgow Harbour Project's placement of walkways, cycle paths & parks.            





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