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Response to Transport Strategy Survay
02 February 2006
Kilmore Community Council Response to Local Transport Strategy Development survey Walking A short stretch of pavement was created some time ago on the A816 between the junction with the Musdale road and Feochan cottages. This pavement should be extended to reach Kilmore church and possibly to the new housing development taking place to the south of the junction to reduce the risk to schoolchildren and other pedestrians making their way to and from the bus shelter. Cycling We would welcome inclusion in any future development of cycle path networks. Cycling is particularly hazardous on the A816 between Kilmore and Oban both for the cyclists and other road users due to the narrowness of the road and the number of hills and sharp bends on this stretch. Bus Services The extension of a more frequent bus service to Kilmore was welcomed. Greater use would be made of the service if the timing was more flexible. A ‘Dial-a –bus’ service would be the ideal solution but the main problem with the existing timetable is the lack of a mid-morning bus e.g. around 10.00 or 10.30 am. There is also the need to synchronise the timetable with onward bus/train services from Oban. Larger buses are being used on the route and there doesn’t seem to be a standard turning procedure within the Barran estate. This is a potential safety hazard for the increasing number of young children who play/walk/cycle in the area. Rail services Rail and bus services from Oban should be synchronised to avoid duplication e.g. bus and train to Glasgow leaving Oban within minutes of each other. The more options there are for travelling times, the greater the chance of people using public transport. Road issues Condition/maintenance • The A816 between Kilmore and Oban is poorly surfaced, very badly drained in places and regularly develops numerous potholes. It is far too narrow for modern large commercial vehicles and buses. Fencing along the A816 is also in need of repair as livestock sometimes stray on to the road. • The side roads, especially the road from Kilmore to Connel, are in need of urgent attention. There are insufficient passing places, dangerous verges and potholes and the road floods very easily round the north shore of Loch Nell. The Connel road is frequently used when the main roads are closed e.g. for accident investigation, but is totally unsuited to heavy traffic use. • Grass verge cutting should be carried out more frequently during the year. • There is a specific hazard at the bridge near to the entrance to Barran estate. Some time ago, changes were made to the position of gates/fencing near the bridge as requested to allow alterations to the road layout. However these alterations have never been carried out and residents are concerned that this could lead to access to the estate, and to houses along the Musdale road, being cut off in the event of a large vehicle being unable to negotiate the bridge. Safety/signage • There have been a number of accidents/near accidents in the vicinity of the A816/Kilmore junction. Putting down double white lines would help to warn drivers of the potential hazards. • The road markings at the junction of the Connel and Musdale road approximately half a mile from the A816 junction require revision. At present the ‘Give Way’ markings give priority to traffic coming from the direction of Loch Nell but they have no clear line of sight through the corner. It would be much safer to revert to the original arrangement which required traffic from Loch Nell to stop at the junction. The greater volume of traffic coming from the Barran estate (36 houses, service and delivery vehicles) also supports a change in priority. • There should be signs for Barran erected at this junction and at the entrance to the estate, as well as at the junction with A816, as many visitors, delivery drivers etc. complain about the difficulty in locating houses in the area. • Another area of concern is on the A816 to the north of Kilmore in the vicinity of the entrances to Loch Nell View cottage and Dunach Farm. Double white lines should also be put down along this series of bends plus some warning of agricultural vehicles turning in/ out.

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