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Walks around Gwernymynydd & Cadole

This is a "work in progress" page.

The idea is to provide some very easy to follow guides to the many walks we have in and around our Community. 

Many residents know the area intimately, often from childhood.  Other residents and in particuar visitors to the area might benefit from some guidance.

Each walk can be downloaded as a .pdf document.  There is an aerial photo for every route and pictures around a description of the walk where a route leaves the main road and tracks.  If you do not want to print out photographs, then for those documents with pictures a text-only description is included at the end.

Rather than repeat detail, the walks are in some cases strung together, so you may need to print more than one document when planning your walk.  Linked walks appear in red underlined letters.

Distances, unless otherwise stated, are from and back to the Village Centre. Numbers in the text (like this [9]) refer to points on the aerial photo. Numbers on a red background on the aerial photo refer to numbers on linked walks.

When crossing a stile, the yellow footpath arrow symbol, when present, points to the direction to follow.

Please respect the countryside and farmland. In particular shut all gates and be especially careful if you are taking a dog as many routes involve crossing a lot of stiles and you are likely to encounter both sheep and cattle.

Key to symbols in header of walks

Cattle usually encountered at some part of the walk
Suitable for running in road trainers


If you follow any of the walks then please send us any feedback here: e.g. improvements or corrections, background on any points of interest, better photos. We would particularly like to know whether or not it is clear how the different walks are linked together.  More walks will be added over time.


Page Last Updated - 04/12/2012
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