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DGJ/048303,Tros-y-Wern Farm former outbuildings


24/2/2011  Council Minutes

Erection of 3 carbon zero dwellings with detached garages and 3 photovoltaic modules, located at Tros y Wern Farm, Godre’r Mynydd, Gwernymynydd.

                                                                                           NOT AGREED
           Councillor Mrs. E. Parry declared an interest in this application and left the Council Room; she therefore took no part in the discussions or contributed to the decision taken.
           The Chairman allowed members of the public to outline to the Council their concerns, observations and objections to the proposal. Following on from this discussion the Chairman then permitted the developer, Mr. G. Davies, to reply and outline the improvements made in the application as opposed to the previous proposal which had been refused both by Flintshire County Council and the Planning Inspectorate.
            Councillors posed questions to both parties about the proposal in order to gain the maximum amount of information on the planning application.
            The Chairman suggested to the Council that another meeting should called to discuss the planning application further and additionally he stated that the Councillors missing from this meeting would perhaps be able to be present and contribute to the discussion. The Members agreed to this proposal.
            In the meeting called to determine the planning application Councillor Mrs. E. Parry was not present and therefore took no part in the discussion.
The Council resolved by a vote of 4 to 3 with 1 abstention to refuse the planning application.
The reasons for refusal were given as follows:-
1. The Council perceives this application to be the same as that refused by the Planning Inspectorate; the 3 dwellings have the same linear footprint on the land to accommodate their large size.
2. The application proposes a residential development on a site which lies outside the designated Gwernymynydd Village Envelope; this constitutes building in open countryside and breaches the concept of a green belt.
3. The site is reached by a narrow lane which services the existing farm; this access cannot be widened to accommodate any increase in traffic. The inevitable increase in traffic in the lane would further exacerbate the verge/hedgerow erosion and damage to the boundary stone wall. This is already evident. Also residents have raised complaints that the surface water run-off from the lane results in localized flooding and damage to their properties. The lane leads onto the road Godre’r Mynydd, the building of more dwellings would result in an increase in vehicular traffic through a residential housing area so posing an additional threat to the safety of people on the estate.
4. The visual impact of the proposed development both from Gwernymynydd and Mold is unacceptable, the very size of the dwellings means that they would all be very prominent on the landscape and clearly seen in the open countryside and the designated AONB. A definitive footpath although not obstructed passes very close to the site, the visual impact to people appreciative to the existing open countryside would be one of disdain.
5. The size of the proposed dwellings and their location will result in the appearance of an overbearing nature, they will overlook the properties on nearby Godre’r Coed with the suggested landscaping proposal being inadequate to achieve its objective.
6. The Developer proposes sustainable dwellings together with 3 photovoltaic modules to provide a percentage of the required electricity supply. The large size of the dwellings would make it difficult to achieve the sustainability factor and therefore this detail should not be considered; the proposed houses are too big for the development site and would be totally out of place in the village setting. The landscaping proposal would make the site out of character with the existing natural beauty of the open countryside.

7. The Lifetime Homes Criteria has not been fully explained, the proposed dwellings do not meet with the requirements and the Consultant’s argument in this respect is flawed and not accurate.


25/11/2010 Council Minutes

A request was submitted to the Council from Mr. Gareth Davies of Osghan Developments for informal feedback on a Detailed Planning Application for the site of the former outbuildings at Tros y Wern Farm, Gwernymynydd. The Members considered the drawings and offered no objections to the proposal


18/11/2010   Request for Informal feedback on a Detailed Planning Application for the site of the Former Outbuildings at Tros y Wern Farm, Gwernymynydd.

Dear Mr Richardson, Mr Morris,
Further to our telephone conversations I attach a single pdf file comprising six drawings in support of the above.  
Download from here

Page 1 Drawing 03 – Overall site plan
Page 2 Drawing 04 – Further site plan detail including landscaping proposals for the area surrounding the proposed dwellings.
Page 3 Unreferenced drawing – Typical floor plans (each of the three proposed dwellings being the same)
Page 4 Sk 01  - Typical elevations
Page 5 Sheet 09 – Is a typical site section on middle dwelling showing the relationship between dwelling, access road, and garage.
Page 6 Sk 07 – Site elevations N,S,E and W showing relationship between proposed dwellings, topography and existing structures.
Detailed planning approval for three dwellings (Ref 046978) was granted on 15/02/10
Outline planning approval for three dwellings (Ref 046657) was renewed on 16/12/09
Notes relating to the proposed application
Each of the three dwellings is designed to meet Code Level 6 (Carbon Neutral) of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) hence the requirement for renewable energy sources. The renewable energy sources take two forms, electricity generation from the PV arrays located in the paddock area feeding inverters located in the garages and the use of wood pellet/boiler for space heating and domestic hot water supply located in the basements of the dwellings.
Height from ffl to ridge is less than 7.5m.
The footprint size (to outside of walls) of each dwelling is within the 120m2 guide.
Externally the dwellings are finished in a combination of natural stone, (light grey) coloured render under a slate roof. The windows, doors and brise-soleil are painted, laminated softwood.
The separate standard sized double garages/cycle store are set into the slope of the Western boundary. The visible portion of the walls are light grey render under a flat, green, sedum roof,
The boundary for the proposed scheme differs from the two approved schemes as follows;
The proposed scheme includes for the demolition of an existing asbestos cement clad machinery shed and hence the Southern boundary now includes the footprint of this shed.
The Paddock area to the North, North West is included as it is proposed to site the renewable energy source for each dwelling in a small portion of the paddock.
The boundary to the East follows the toe of the made ground overlaying the bulk of the site.
Aside from the presence of the photovoltaic arrays in a small portion of the paddock this scheme does not propose to build on the variance, however portions of the land are used to assist and form part of the landscaping scheme.
If you require clarification on any aspect of the scheme or further detail please either email me on or telephone me on 01745 857 559
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Gareth B J Davies


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