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The Rainbow Inn
I am researching the family tree and I believe that a James Loughran was the landlord of the Rainbow Inn during ww2.Does anyone remember him or are there any records?I have studied the delightful History book of Gwernymynydd and found it fascinating.I believe he lived in a house called Home A Hoy in Glyndwr road.I do hope you can shed some light.Thank you regards Mrs Jackson
Posted by Liz Jackson on 28 June 2016
Thanks for your enquiry. Sadly the Rainbow Inn has ceased to be a pub recently but the Community Council have fought hard to keep it as a building as it is an important local landmark at the top of our hill. Hopefully Liz someone will be able to help you soon with some more information.
Posted by John Seddon on 28 June 2016
Siglen Ucha
26th November 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

As Chair of Gwernymynydd Community Council I wish to add further points to the letter submitted to the Planning Committee following a public meeting to discuss the above development.

I refer to the above amended planning application which was placed before this Council at its recent meeting. This Council has no objection in principle to a proposed development on this site providing the said proposal is appropriate and in keeping by design with the village and its topography. By satisfying these criteria any such development would then comply with the Gwernymynydd Village Development Plan, a document produced by full consultation and agreement with the respective community and Flintshire County Council.

I refer you to the following points in the Gwernymynydd Development Plan under Housing and Development Policies.

H1 - The Community Council will continue to comment on planning applications primarily on a case-by-case basis. This may be to offer support to an application where it has positive benefits for the community eg a village shop or help oppose it, eg. where it is shown to have a seriously detrimental effect on neighbouring properties.

H3 - The Community Council would support a limited and appropriate housing scheme proven to be ideally providing for local first-time tenants or buyers.

(This scheme consists of many larger houses which are out of keeping with nearby village houses.)

H4 - The Community Council supports the County Council in maintaining effective design control over any new build and housing extensions. In particular it would emphasise the need for:

Respecting Gwernymynydd as a rural rather than an urban location
Use of local building materials (slate, local stone)
Housing of a size compatible with existing housing stock (eg no "executive size" houses in amongst smaller properties.
An appreciation of the local topography of the village

H5 - The Community Council prefers development to take place on infill sites rather than on land previously not built upon.

In relation to H1 the development will have a seriously detrimental effect on neighbouring houses owing to the very high dominating wall. This will also be a very prominent feature as one enters the AONB and drives into the village.

In relation to H3 - Many of the proposed houses are larger family homes which will make them too expensive for first-time buyers or tenants.

In relation to H4 - There is no recognition of Gwernymynydd as a rural village within the AONB. There is no proposed use of local materials. There is no consideration of the design of existing village properties. As stated previously, many of the houses are "executive size" dominating the landscape. There is also the question of the "dip" in the site. Is this to be filled in? If so, it may be assumed that the land will be raised rather than lowered; thus the view of the large retaining wall and houses behind will be the first and most prominent view of visitors to the village.

In relation to H5 this is a new development on land not previously built upon rather than infill. We would lose an area of green land in the village. Visitors or travellers passing through after having seen this development may question the reason for an AONB in this area!
Posted by Marjorie Thomson on 28 November 2012
Siglen Ucha
I have sent the following objection to the Planning Officer today:


1. This proposal by Wainhomes does not take account of the Gwernymynydd village envelope nor does it allow for the comments made by the Planning Services Commitee that any development should sit within the lower slopes of the valley and retain the character and form of the village.

2. The A494 trunk road is already very busy and accident prone on that stretch and the two proposed access/egress points would exacerbate an already hazardous situation on this road.

3. In times of heavy rain, as we have seen only this week, there is a severe problem with run-off causing streams of water on the very stretch of road where the development is proposed. As the nature of the site currently allows for a lot of water absorption, I cannot see how the added run-off caused by the houses and roads in the development could be safely dealt with. I do not see any feature of the development devoted to this problem.

4. I have seen a graphic of the retaining wall at the east end of the site and apart from the aggravation of the water run-off problem it looks like a prison! Not a view one expects in an AONB.

5. This proposed development is completely contrary to the aims of the Gwernymynydd Village Development Plan - a plan that was trumpeted by FCC as a flagship of their directive that local public opinion should influence proactive decision making in a creditable manner by the local community. If this development is approved this directive would lose all credibility.

Given the above points, I strongly object to the proposal.
Posted by Dave Baron on 27 November 2012
Edward ? Lloyd Roberts
My name is Willem Hol, 70 years of age and living in s-Hertogenbosch (Holland/ The Netherlands). I am trying to find Edward(?) Lloyd Roberts, his family or relatives. Edward (I am not sure about his first name, therefore the note of interrogation) Lloyd Roberts was during World War II (I suppose October 1944) in Vught, my birthplace close to s-Hertogenbosch. After the death of my parents I found between their belongings a (professional) photograph of a soldier. On his military cap there is an emblem of the Welsh Guards, a stylized leek. On the backside of the photograph are written in pencil two names with addresses. One address, that of Edward, is barely to decipher. With the help of members of a Welsh Choir group (who where in s-Hertogenbosch to sing nearby the 53th Welsh Division Memorial¬Ě and other places) the name of Gwernymynydd could be deciphered. When I dig in my earliest memories (I must be 3 years old at that time) I can remember that 2 or 3 evenings a small group of soldiers were visiting our family. Many tanks were in our street then for a couple of days. Can you help me to find Edward (if he is still alive I suppose that his age must be around 90 years), his family or relatives. I thank You very much in advance for Your help.
Posted by Willem Hol on 02 November 2011
Hello, my name is suzanne and I live in Northop, near Mold in North Wales. I received a letter enquiring if I might be related to Edward Lloyd-Roberts as I am still listed under my maiden name of Lloyd Roberts in the telephone book.
I have asked my mum and auntie and they had an uncle called Eddy lloyd roberts who lived in Gwernymynydd. They are unsure if he served in the war.
unfortunatley Eddy passed away in 1958, leaving a wife and two children.
My auntie is going to write to his wife who now lives in the South to enquire if this is possibly her husband.
What a coincidence if it turns out he is the same man.
I will keep you informed as soon as we hear some news.
All the best, Suzanne.
Posted by suzanne cowley on 11 November 2011
Dear Suzanne.
What a surprise to have a reaction from You as a member of the Lloyd Roberts family. Looking at the facts You give, my hope (that I might could find Edward Lloyd Roberts or his relatives) has increased. If not himself, then in all probability his wife and children. I thank You very much for Your spontaneous and helpful co-operation in this search at this time. I think You can understand that I am looking out for the results of the correspondence that at this moment will take place between Your family members.
With kind regards from Holland
Willem Hol.
Posted by Willem J.H. Hol on 14 November 2011
Dear Willem (and Suzanne and family)
Many thanks for your messages. Edward Lloyd Roberts was my father. I hope you will make personal contact now to let us know more about my father's time in Holland.
Posted by Steve Roberts on 17 November 2011
I have passed on Willem's email address to you.
Posted by Webmaster on 17 November 2011
John Jones (b.1828)
I am researching my 'Jones' family history and have discovered a John Jones born 1828 from Gwernymynydd, who I think is my grandfather. He was the son of William Jones a lead miner, and moved to Stoke on Trent around 1850. I would be most grateful if anyone had any further information about the family. Many thanks and best wishes Marylynn.
Posted by marylynn (Jones) halpin on 24 October 2011
Posted on 05 October 2011
Circus Bezercus
Posted on 04 October 2011
Clifton House / School Terrace
Posted on 09 July 2011

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