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Glenboggin Wildlife Week
19 June 2010

We are of course justly famous for having the second highest density of wallabies in Scotland, but there's much, much more to the wildlife of Glenboggin than just marsupials!

Today we celebrate the nature of Glenboggin and Fetterannie with the opening of 'Glenboggin Wildlife Week', an event which we hope will open the nation's eyes to the magic of nature here in our wee corner of Scotland, not to mention bringing in a few toorists wi there pockets full!

So if you'd like to watch our wild mink chasing the grey squirrels through the forests of Japanese knotwood, or spy upon the mating habits of the coypu under the canopy of giant hogweed, Glenboggin's the place to be.

C'mon Bill Oddie, now that Springwatch is over get yer' arse up here and see some real Scottish nature!

That's Glenboggin Wildlife Week - starts June and runs all the way to May next year.

Glenboggin, the Cleethorpes of the north!