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Why I won't be supporting England

by Unknown - 16:48 on 05 June 2006
As chairman of the Community Cooncil, and in line with whit seems to be government policy, I thought I should make my position clear in regards to the upcoming World Cup.

Ever since he came here in 1971, Reginald Cooper-Smythe (Lt Col Retd) has been rubbing our faces in 1966 this and 1966 that. Even in the glory days of Scottish World Cup success in 19..., eh, 19.. och, it disnae matter - even then he'd go on and on and on aboot Geoff Hurst... think it's all over... Bobby Moore... Banksie, best goalie in the world... Sir Alf blah blah blah. Nye on 40 years o it, though it seems much longer!

Well now, if ye think we fancy anither 40 years of Reggie sitting at the far end of the bar nursing his pint o warm beer and waffling on aboot Wayne Rooney... Sir Sven... David James best goalie in the world (ha!)... yiv anither think coming.

That's why sales of Trinidad and Tobago jerseys have been selling like hotcakes at the Macgregor's Grocery and Boot store, and why Henrik Larsen can expect the freedom of Glenboggin if he can get a hat-trick against the Auld Enemy!

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