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Unapproved minuets   

28th August 2017



Cllr Fullerton opened the meeting welcoming new members. Introductions from the following. Davina Collin, Jan Weeks, Carol Mcgeoghegan, John Aitchison, Janette McCulloch, Lynsey Walker, Lucy Anderson, James Anderson, William Grant, Murry Watt .

Cllr Fullerton asked for co-opted members to come forward and join with the existing seven around the table. Nominations were then asked for the position of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and treasurer.

James Anderson was proposed by Jan Weeks and William Grant. No other nominations for chair were put forward. James Anderson was made Chairman of Eyemouth Town Community Council. Cllr Fullerton then handed the Chair to Cllr Anderson to continue the meeting.

Nominee David Walker sadly passed away before the first meeting and members felt it right a letter of thanks and sympathy be send to his loved ones.



PRESENT:CLLRS  Davina Collin, Jan Weeks, Carol Mcgeoghegan, John Aitchison, Lynsey Walker, Lucy Anderson, James Anderson, William Grant, Murry Watt .

Members of public, 2. Apologies Annette McGraith


Election of office bearers.

Nominations for Vice Chairman, Carol Mcgeoghegan was proposed and seconded as was William Grant. A vote was taken and William Grant was made Vice Chairman.

Nomination for Secretary. In her absence Annete McGraith was agreed to be secretary which she put herself forward for in writing. It was agrees with Cllr Fullerton at the next meeting she would be confirmed as Secretary and a full member of Eyemouth town council.

Nomination for Treasurer. Jamaes Anderson proposed Janette McCullock for treasurer, this was seconded by William Grant. Janette McCullock was confirmed as Treasurer.


(2) Formation of sub groups,

Paths, Davina Collin.

Enhancement reaffiliation to Eyemouth Town Community Council.

Play parks, Lucy Anderson.

Twilight run, Lynsey Walker to work with David Dempster.

Church Street action group will be lead by William Grant and Murry Watt working with Stuart Lindstone.


 Items for new treasurer to work on with James Anderson previous treasurer

Annual grant 2017 Cllr Fullerton believes it will be paid in full for 2017.

Enhancement Grant Cllr Fullerton believes it will also be paid in full for 2017

Paths grant available are £450 and money agreed to be paid upfront by ETCC and claimed back from SBC.

Funds to be handed over to ETCC from SBC, Cllr Fullerton believes the setting up of the signatories for the bank account  may take some time but all funds will be handed over in due course, contact Pauline Borlsen and Clair Malster. James Anderson reported previous problems with RBS handing over the incorrect bank account and he would rather ETCC open an account at a different bank to avoid the same problems.



Land next to 44 church street was given as an example of what the person in charge of looking at planning will need to do. Jonh Aitchison and Carol Mcgeoghegan will consider working on this and it will be confirmed at the next meeting.



Notice board renewal, all agreed the notice board will be replaced once funds are available.  

Community council affiliation to community center annually under £33 giving use of rooms and supports the community center was agreed.

Release of Enhancement group ring fenced moneys in ETCC bank account to EEG treasurer John Aitchison 5 broad street, eyemouth once money is available.


SIGNAGE Agreement for signage to be taken over by ETCC with john Aitchison taking the lead.

Signage along A1 for Eyemouth has been historically bad with many wanting better signage. Eyemouth needs a bigger presence on the A1 as a working town and Harbor and helps promote the town as a tourist attraction to help turnover for local businesses.

John Aitchison has also been working on new signage for around the town and would like to have a slot on the next agenda to talk over ideas being looked at with other groups in the town.



Review of the web site and online interaction with the public to be completed for next meeting. Carol Mcgeoghegan will be in charge of Web site and online interactions.


Small schemes are coming in September. EEG have been working hard to put forward ideas, The following have been talked over with SBC officers but some need approval from ETCC.

9 New planters for various places along the high street and manse road have been agreed and will be put to the area forum in september ETCC agreed with this.

Stone welcome planter at both entrances (coldingham and A1 entrance) with planter, similar to Coldingham and Reston. Any design would be in keeping with Eyemouth as a fishing port. This was agreed with ETCC members to move forward and make it possible for 2018.


The next month will be full off events, Toon tidy on Tuesday 12th at 4pm meeting in kirk square.

Sponsor a daffodil for £5 to raise money for the Margaret Kerr Unit. Eyemouth Rotary and Eyemouth High School will help with the planting and a plaque placed near the bulbs with a list of names the bulbs are dedicated too.

Celebration cherry tree planting. EEG have been working for two years back and forth with SBC officers on the grassy area across from the high school. This is now beginning with the planting of Cherry trees which are sponsored by families or groups to celebrate a happy occasion, family event like a wedding or birth and to celebrate the life of someone who has passed. Tree dedication costs £75 and can be organized through the enhancement group.  


Clearance of the loaning and memorial paths needs to start as soon as signatories are in place at the bank. Prices should be obtained from local buisnessess and anyone giving a quote must show valid public liability insurance.

Cemetery, James Anderson is to meet with Daren Silcock and Stuart Lidstone on site to discuss issues.

Cllr Fullerton made the council aware of the new increase in the school clothing allowance and the majority of the funds last year went unclaimed. He encouraged people to apply for this funding as it is there to be used.  

Grant money is now available from SBC to all constituted groups in the town and anyone interested in available grants should contact a local Councilor to get full details until the web site is running again.

Church Street, A full review of past interactions between SBC Scottish Water and other involved bodies will be undertaken with the inclusion of residents and in particular Stuart Lidstone who has a large number of historical records. Church street will be an agenda item at the next meeting.



Next Meeting Monday 25th September 2017 7pm Eyemouth Community Center.







Should you require minutes prior to the above date, please email Eyemouth Town Community Council (see tab) and we shall endeavour to assist you with your request.


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