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Eyemouth Town Community Council


At its meeting of 30th January 2017, Eyemouth Town Community Council resolved to dissolve itself on account of the number of nominated councillors having dropped beneath the minimum number required.
As recently as the end of last year, the Community Council had sought nominations to increase its numbers, but received a single valid nomination.  In the circumstances, the Community Council concluded that it should not continue, but hoped that a break would see a rejuvenated Community Council ready and willing to serve the interests of the people of Eyemouth.
From the end of April 2017, 20 or more electors may petition Scottish Borders Council to request the establishment of a new Community Council.  Within 6 weeks of receiving such a request, SBC must invite nominations for the Community Council.  If the list of valid nominations is still less than the requisite 6, then at least a further 6 months must pass before a further petition for a community council might be considered.
The Community Council is grateful for the support it has received over recent years.  Much has been achieved.  The Resilience Team and enhancement activity have been among notable successes.  Shortly, at the request of the Community Council, new play park equipment should be installed at Haymon’s Cove. Retiring members of the Community Council look forward to there being a new Community Council in the near future.  

Contact details of the Scottish Borders Councillors for East Berwickshire can be found using the link below and they will endeavour to assist with any issues you may have.



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