03 November 2017
EWCC Update

The Community Council have been very busy since our last meeting and on behalf of our community we have engaged in the following:


Six members attended an ERC Planning Department training session led by Graham Shankland and Julie Nicol (Principal Planners), held at Eastwood House, Giffnock - presentation can be found here. There are currently planning proposals for eight sites within our CC area, and these will need scrutinised on every application.

We are currently focused on the Waterfoot Gladman application which is 1st in the planning queue. The CC will let you know when we receive a date for the Planning Application Committee meeting. This is the next stage of this application where the CC will have the opportunity to present the submitted objections in person.


Several new sub-committees have been established and meetings held with CC members who are subject matter experts, being either experienced, qualified, employed, or formerly employed in the area. 

Please see below for direct contact details to the members leading them. Kindly note these sub committees are only for community council related business where issues may need elevated or for guidance and support on how to seek help. All matters will be treated in the strictest confidence.

a. Policing - ewccpolicing@gmail.com 
b. Health and Families - ewcchealthandfamilies@gmail.com
c. Social Care and Housing - ewccsocialcare@gmail.com
d. Veterans – ewccchairperson@gmail.com

ERC Budget Consultation

The Community Council has been invited to attend an ERC led Budget Consultation meeting on the proposals by the Corporate and Community Services Dept on the 15th November 2017.  This will be discussed at the next Community Council meeting with any questions being noted and asked on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us if you have ay questions you would like us to ask on your behalf.


Community Council website is up and running:


Please remember our mission statement:

"To work in partnership to create a more informed, supported and connected community for everyone"


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